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Data Plan: Who Decides – You Or Your iPhone?

His point is that people cannot merely float, and to swim is to be actively engaged, to willfully employ skill to counter the physics of the water, of their environment.

After Charlottesville, What’s Next?

In 2017 America, the image of Jews quietly sneaking out of synagogue to avoid persecution is, for the moment, appropriately shocking.

Bernie Sanders’ Jewish Problem

Sanders has a very ugly track record vis à vis Israel and the Jewish people and considers Israeli intransigence to be the principal cause of disharmony and violence in the Middle East.

Want Diversity And Tolerance? Stop Demonizing Conservatives

If you think Dennis Prager must be boycotted or believe Morton Klein is as much of a threat to American Jewry as Islamist terrorists, then don’t blame Trump for how bad things have gotten.

The Anti-Semitic Jewish Media

Politicians continue to recite the mantra "Muslims are today's Jews," even though in Europe today Muslims are the tormentors rather than the tormented, and Jews lead the list of victims of public abuse.

Is The Torah Against Women’s Pictures?

Print media may publish modest pictures of men and women; they may not publish immodest pictures or pictures of modestly dressed people posed in a provocative manner. The underlying question remains, "Who defines standards of modesty? Who determines what is considered provocative?"

North Korea: The Israeli Connection

"There’s never been a military conflict between Israel and North Korea"Guess again, during the Yom Kippur War of 1973, North Korea sent 20 pilots and 19 non-combat military advisors to Egypt.

The Real Lessons from Charlottesville

A Palestinian who uses his car as a deadly weapon is viewed by his peers and rulers as a hero. Physical violence is officially sanctioned and rewarded. An American who commits violence is demonized by everyone other than a handful of hard-core bigots.

Left Tries To Blame Trump For Charlottesville Terror. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

Obama wasn’t responsible for Dallas; Sanders wasn’t responsible for the Congressional softball shotting; Trump isn’t responsible for Charlottesville. But they are all responsible for their rhetoric

Is Incitement Behind the Recent Jerusalem Terror Attack?

Counter-terror expert Dr. Nancy Kobrin claims that when the terrorist is a woman, while nationalism and incitement is a factor in their terror attacks it is a secondary reason. The abuse these women experienced in their society is the primary. cause

ZOA’s Klein Agrees to Amb. Friedman’s Request: Listen to Concerns About ZOA Opposition to...

It’s revealing that many extreme anti-Israel, pro-Iran Deal leftists defend McMaster while many who are strongly pro-Israel, anti-Iran Deal criticize him.

The Capital Importance of E-1

Building 50,000 homes on Jerusalem’s eastern edge is critical for the future of the city and for Israel’s security. E-1 must be developed to revitalize Jerusalem and secure Israel.

There they Go Again: The Left’s War On Jews Continues

Conspicuously complacent about the demonization of Israel and the ongoing attempts to eject Jews from their own progressive movement, the Left continues to rail against such dastardly “anti-Semites” as Mort Klein and Steve Bannon

The Latest Anti-Trump Weapon: Accusing Their Critics of “Racism”

The civil liberties of all Americans are at stake. I will not be silenced by false and unethical charges of racism from people who are deliberately distorting my views for partisan political purposes.

Hypocritical Palestinian Leaders (and Their Families) Not Only Palestinians To Use Israeli Hospitals

The medical help that Palestinian leaders get from Israeli hospitals is an open ironic secret because these Arab leaders accuse Israelstate of all manner of war crimes and apartheid -- all while availing themselves of those medical facilities.

Dershowitz Calls Forward Article the “Most Despicable Ever in Jewish Media”

Eminent Harvard Law professor and prominent liberal Alan Dershowitz wrote “[the] Forward published the most despicable article ever in Jewish media. Lists Mort Klein, President of ZOA, along w/ David Duke and Farrakhan…”
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leads the weekly cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister Netanyahu's office in Jerusalem on January 25, 2015. Photo by Marc Israel Sellem/POOL

Reflections On A Disastrous Month

Netanyahu hopes never to revisit a 30days like the month that just concluded.

Want Peace? Use Taylor Force To Call Palestinian Bluff

The PA has created a set of financial incentives that not only gives Palestinians a reason to commit terror, but convinces them that only by committing a truly serious offense involving bloodshed will they ensure their families are provided with enough to live comfortably.

Media Yawn As California Imams Say ‘Annihilate’ The Jews

It must be noted that these anti-Semitic imams have been presented in some media circles as victims, not persecutors.

Can A Conservative Conduct An Orchestra?

Invited to conduct a superb orchestra at the Disney Hall was a great honor of my life. However, a few members of the orchestra, supported by some city officials, decided to lead a campaign to have me disinvited solely because of my political views

On Not Responding To Trolls

Regardless of the format employed, 'Trolls' often hide their real identity and write and speak aggressively. Regardless of the format employed, 'Trolls' often hide their real identity and write and speak aggressively.

Response to Donny Fuchs ‘Snakes in the Vineyard’

I challenge Fuchs to find one Jew who has been converted or influenced by HaYovel. I believe Fuchs has redefined a 'missionary' as any person who comes close to Judaism but who does not want to convert

The Ongoing Drama of Palestinian Lies

When Israel does not comply with Palestinian demands they will accuse Israel of "destroying" the peace process. Worse, they will use this charge as an excuse to redouble their terror against Israelis.

Has the Trump Administration been Arabized?

Will Tillerson and McMaster win out? That depends on the coordination between Greenblatt and Israeli officials who are being very careful to point out the Arabs true reasons for normalizing relations with Israel.

Al Jazeera: The Terrorist Propaganda Network

Networks have biases but none comes close to Al Jazeera's persistent role as the biggest promoter of terrorist propaganda next to social media.

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