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Greeting Vice President Pence

After recognizing Jerusalem, America’s next move should be banishing the EU from regional diplomacy.

“Islamophobia” Gets the Headlines Despite Trailing Anti-Semitic Violence

While much media focus has been on anti-Muslim violence and so-called "Islamophobia" in recent years, less attention is given to attacks against Jews which have been particularly high and significantly more violent – and the situation is only getting worse.

The Mainstream Media’s Misdirection on Jerusalem

Leading media outlet (i.e. New York Times) have asserted that Jews never cared about Jerusalem until a few decades ago.

Abbas and Jerusalem

If Abbas is the only, indeed best possible, Palestinian partner for peace and these are his views, what chance is there for a successful negotiation? None, I would think

If Israel Were a Normal Country

Given the cry raised by Israel’s enemies – and some purported friends like Britain and France – you might think that Trump had ordered bombs dropped on civilians. But the objections were not for any loss of life, but for the intent to move a building and treat Israel normally.
Israel Uncensored: Jerusalem Will Always Be in Israel's Hands

Long History of Hypocrisy about Jerusalem

It is time for us Muslims to show remorse, to stop playing the victim because, other than the likes of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, no one is listening.

Will Defeat In The Jerusalem Passport Case Turn Into Victory?

The Passport Office should immediately withdraw and repeal the special regulations in the Foreign Affairs Manual that instruct how to designate “country of birth” for citizens born in Jerusalem. A renewed passport for any U.S. citizen whose current passport specifies “Jerusalem” should automatically say “Israel.”

Jerusalem, Israel’s Capital: Watch the Masks Fall

Mainstream media (MSM) shows the oppressor to be Israel and the oppressed to be the Palestinians, facts tell a different story. The US Department of State is no less culpable than MSM in failing to reveal these truths

Miracles: They Spin And Spin All Around

Dreidel Rabbi? Two years ago, CBS’s “Sunday Morning” came to our home to showcase my dreidels. Countless dreidels seen by millions of people! Yes, that’s me. I can walk most anywhere only to have a stranger approach me and ask, “Aren’t you the Dreidel Rabbi?”

Biased Pollster Gets Biased Results

America overwhelmingly opposes US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, a new poll claims. Cause for concern? Not when you realize the poll was carried out by an anti-Israel professor who crafted the question so the results would be slanted in that direction.

Will We Still Light The Menorah In The Window?

One wonders if other religions ever had to take into consideration frequent swells of persecution and literal danger to life and limb and encode it into religious law. In too many times and places, being Jewish has been and still is an act of courage.

Open Your Eyes

Look into the darkness, to search for the source of faithful illumination that can guide us along the path of spiritual integrity.  The flames of the Chanukah menorah shine bright out of the deepest darkness, when the days are shortest and the cold of winter has descended.

Hanukah: Celebrating Hebrew Sovereignty Over Eretz Yisrael

The Maccabean revolt was not merely a struggle to revoke harsh decrees or secure freedom of worship. HaShem’s Divine blueprint for mankind demands Hebrew sovereignty over Eretz Yisrael

Palestinians, Beware Jewish Days of Rage, Hanukkah is Coming to Israel!

The Palestinians should beware. The world should beware. Push the Jews too far and you might just get a Jewish backlash, “Jewish Days of Rage,” today’s Maccabees in action.

Media Report Card: Week 1 After Jerusalem Announcement

Apparently, the media bias against Trump, the already existing anti-Israel bias and the ignorance of some in the media has resulted in a perfect storm of horrendously inaccurate stories.

Newsflash: Jerusalem Not on Fire!

Newsflash for journalists: There's nothing new on the Palestinian street. Threats of violence and walking out of any "peace process" is old, old news. Jerusalem is not on fire. Jerusalem is tense, and has long been so, because the Palestinians have not yet managed to come to terms with Israel's right to exist. That is the real story.

Violence Should Not Determine Policy

Pres. Trump's decision merely restores the balance that was undone by Pres. Obama's decision to engineer a one-sided Security Council Resolution that changed the status quo.

Jerusalem: Stating the Obvious

Is acknowledging a basic fact of history--Jerusalem is the capital of Israel-- suddenly "earth-shattering news"?

President of Turkey: “Israel is a state of occupation”

While Erdogan labels Israel an “occupier” it is Turkey that exceeds most countries in the world in that category, currently occupying half of Cyprus, Northern Kurdistan with its 20 million Kurds, and West Armenia.

The Obvious

The decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital should be perceived as a reaffirmation of the victory of Chanukah, which, after all, celebrated the liberation by Jews from the Hellenists of the city of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple that radical Arabs and haters of Israel today (including Arafat and his followers, and UNESCO and their fellow travelers) deny ever had any connection to the Jewish people.

Moore Or Less? The Crucial Question For Alabama Voters

I say to Alabamans: vote for Judge Moore. The Lord will not hold you responsible for his possible wrongdoing forty years ago, but will probably look unkindly at your ignoring the liberal, pro-partial birth abortion policies of Doug Jones.

Four Things We Know By Now About Jews And Israel

Jews now live either in our sovereign homeland of Israel or in ethnic communities abroad. Only in our homeland, do we Jews constitute a distinct people with its own land, language, culture, and ethos, with a flourishing national life.

Jealous for Jerusalem: Trump’s Semi-Recognition (Judean Rose)

All the talk of security needs, of finding a suitable physical plant, etc., is nonsense. Moving the embassy technically requires only changing a sign. The American Consulate is already in Jerusalem. Just change the sign from "consulate" to "embassy"

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