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Israeli Source: Obama No Longer Committed to Iran Attack Option

30 Av 5773 – August 6, 2013
Direct talks begin with "confidence building measures," and the Netanyahu government must be worried that it would be picking up the tab on the new couple's honeymoon.

NYC Mayoral Candidates Heavily Courting Orthodox Jewish Voters

29 Nisan 5773 – April 9, 2013
Approximately 25 percent of the New York City electorate is Jewish, and a growing number are Orthodox.

No More Likud Primaries

12 Shevat 5773 – January 23, 2013
Bibi want to block democracy within the Likud.

I’m Not Voting for Obama, that’s for Sure

11 Shevat 5773 – January 21, 2013
“How can we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?” King David asks. The answer is that we can’t.

A Big-Time Pollster In The Making?

15 Kislev 5773 – November 28, 2012
I come across Yair Michaeli standing amid the bustle of an Israeli shopping mall, a clipboard in his hand. He appears to be a serious-minded Israeli haredi. What is he doing in a place like this?

Republicans, Don’t Give Up!

13 Kislev 5773 – November 26, 2012
The difference between victory and defeat often comes down to morale.

Likud Primaries a Mess as Members Wait Hours to Vote

12 Kislev 5773 – November 25, 2012
Voting got off to a sluggish start with technical difficulties.

The Jewish Vote: Same Old, Same Old

8 Kislev 5773 – November 21, 2012
In the wake of the presidential election, American Jews must once again ask a fundamental question that seems to defy both societal trends and a clear resolution: why do Jews overwhelmingly support the Democratic candidate, year after year, election after election?

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

27 Heshvan 5773 – November 11, 2012
The notion of the “Reagan Democrat” is one cliché that should be permanently retired.

What We Lost in This Election

24 Heshvan 5773 – November 8, 2012
Now that we have lost the election of 2012, where our champion, a third-rate imitation of Ronald Reagan, without either his charm or his principles, who believed in absolutely nothing except being the best salesman he could be; let's pause to reflect on all the things we lost out on through his defeat. When we lose something, a relationship or a job, the grief comes from what we thought we had and what we imagined it was, not from what it truly was. Perspective means getting a true sense of what we had and what we never had to begin with. So let's look at what we might have had with President Mitt Romney.

Obama Wins Close National Vote, Mandate Denied, US Future Dim

22 Heshvan 5773 – November 7, 2012
The Democrats have retained control over the Senate, with 51 seats plus two independents. Not the kind of numbers that can break a filibuster. The Republicans will keep the House, with a net loss in the single digits. This means Obama had no coat tails whatsoever in this election. He barely got over the hedge himself. He has won better than 300 delegates to the Electoral College, but that does not mean that he received a mandate from the people. He won by a squeak.

PM Netanyahu Congratulates US President-Elect Obama

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu congratulated re-elected President Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Pic Flies Across Social Media

President Barack Obama, who has won a second term as President of the United States, tweeted a victory photo which has garnered over 440,000 retweets across Twitter and over 1.6 million Likes on Facebook

Even After Sandy – It’s Still Romney for President

20 Heshvan 5773 – November 4, 2012
One thing this storm has done is to give the President an advantage in the election this coming Tuesday. If there are no glitches, the President gets to look Presidential. This is something Romney can’t do. He is only a candidate. This will surely tip the close race in the President’s favor. But I hope it doesn’t. Although I don’t think Obama is a bad President, I don’t think he is the best President for the country right now.

European Jewish Association Calls for Protection of Ukrainian Jews

15 Heshvan 5773 – October 31, 2012
The head of the European Jewish Association has called on the Ukrainian government to ensure the safety of the country's Jews in the wake...

The Storm that United a Divided Nation

Just yesterday I was fully engaged in my campaign for the United States Congress. Winning, elections, and victory were on my mind. Boy, what a difference a day can make. Today, I just want my family and the 50 million people in the storm’s path to be safe.

Negotiations with Iran: Obama’s ‘October Surprise’ to Help Win Election?

7 Heshvan 5773 – October 22, 2012
Are supposed negotiations with Iran the “October Surprise” intended to win the election for President Barack Obama, an Iranian trick for buying time, or both? The answer is both. It’s an incredibly transparent ploy though with the cooperation of the mass media such a gimmick might well have some effect.

January Elections Budget Approved in Israel

The Central Elections Commission approved a budget for the upcoming elections on Sunday.

Some Palestinians Hold Local Elections

5 Heshvan 5773 – October 20, 2012
Palestinians held local elections in 93 communities in Judea and Samaria. This is the first time since 2005 that elections have been held in...

Israel’s State Prosecutor to Appeal Olmert Acquittals

1 Heshvan 5773 – October 17, 2012
Israel's state prosecutor will appeal the acquittals of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in two of three cases decided earlier this year.

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