Photo Credit: Gil Cohen, MDA
MDA mobile unit for coronavirus samples

A mobile coronavirus swab samples station was installed on Sunday in the Haredi neighborhood of Geula in Jerusalem. The station, built in a container, was developed by the IDF and MDA, and is designated to swab civilians who aren’t symptomatic who are able reach the facility on foot.

The station, dubbed Keren Or (ray of light) features 6 windows that enable team members to take hundreds of samples a day. So far, 3,166 people have been sampled.

MDA mobile unit for coronavirus samples / Gil Cohen, MDA

Due to its unique design, the Keren Or station can be relocated on the back of a truck, and maintain the public order and social distancing procedures during operations. MDA team members are operating the station and the technical aspects are the responsibility of the soldiers and officers IDF’s Technology Brigade.

The new, innovative station was positioned at the Shneller compound, located in Jerusalem’s Geula neighborhood, and it is being guarded and monitored by ushers in order to maintain social distancing. The MDA sampling teams sitting inside the container are protected by a high pressure air system that pushes out the air and maintains a fully sterile environment inside.

MDA mobile unit for coronavirus samples / Gil Cohen, MDA

Brigadier General Tal Aharon, head of the IDF Technology & Logistics Brigade, said: “The mobile lab was developed by the technology division who worked day and night in order to quickly find an innovative solution and assist in the battle against the Coronavirus outbreak. The mobile station is able to conduct multiple swab samples in a relatively short amount time and by doing so assisted in reducing the rate of infection and maintaining the safety of the medical teams. The Technology and Logistics Brigade as well as all the IDF will continue to assist in the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak.”

MDA Director General Eli Bin said: “The Keren Or station is an amazing development by the IDF Technology & Logistics Brigade, that placed the public health at the front and utilized their knowledge and expertise for the Israeli citizens. This development, like the DriveThru compounds, has a crucial role in the struggle against the Coronavirus outbreak, and make it possible to increase the number of swab samples taken throughout the country, while maintaining the safety of the Israeli public and the MDA teams. MDA will continue to be at the forefront of the struggle against the Coronavirus outbreak, with hope for better days soon.”


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