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One way to escape anti-Semitism in Europe: Orthodox family packs up in Antwerp on their way to moving to Israel.

An armed man in Antwerp stabbed a local rabbi in his throat and seriously wounded him while he and a companion were walking to synagogue Saturday morning.

The rabbi reportedly is no in a life-threatening condition.


The attacker fled after stabbing the 31-year-old rabbi and police are searching for him. The man walking with the rabbi was not harmed.

Anti-Semitism has become routine throughout Europe, especially since Hamas launched a missile war on Israel this past summer, angering Muslims after Israel decided to hit back instead of behaving like insecure Jews in a ghetto.

“There were Jews in Holland before and after the Holocaust, but what is happening today reminds many of them of the situation before World War II. I am very careful not to make such comparisons, but on the other hand, I am against turning a blind eye,” the Chief Rabbi of Netherlands, Rabbi Binyamin Jacobs, told the Yediot Acharonot newspaper on Friday, before the stabbing of the rabbi.

He added, ”Anti-Semitic incidents occur on a daily basis.”

Observant Jews also have been advised not to wear a kippa in the streets of Europe so they won’t be targets for anti-Semites.

Will the same sages now suggest that Jew should stop walking to synagogue?



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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. Well if Israel cant hold all of them, I hope they come to the USA. The more, the better. Did you know they imimmigrated before the
    American revolution along with all others. They are as much a fabric of this nation as
    any of us. No other country can say that. Europe needs to stop this nonsense. I cant
    believe its happening.Too much Muslim growth and hatred.

  2. I have been posting the same thing over and over and over again. There is no future for European Jewry. Nostalgia is no reason to stay. My grandparents – all four of them – fled the pale of Jewish Settlement in Odessa and thank g-d they did. They escaped pogroms, poverty, denial of citizenship, force conscription of Jewish males for 25 years (that means certain death/murder), rape, denial of education, the denial of the vote, etc. All four came to the Lower East Side of NYC with no money, possessions or friends. They were illiterate. They lived through sweatshops, the depression and WWII. In two generations, every single one of their grandchildren were college graduates and 90% of us, including me, have masters or better (I'm a J.D./PhD). Jews have been expelled from every European Country, chased out of ancient communities in the middle east. There is no shame in running for your lives. Jews of Europe, run for your lives. To stay were you are reviled, it insane. Take your educated selves and bring your intellect and success to Israel. Let Europe enjoy their beloved Muslim population that does nothing but collect welfare, live off the dole, populate public housing and brings nothing to the culture of their host countries – they bring only hate, rioting and terror and Jihad. Europe deserves Muslims and does not deserve Jews.

  3. With antisemitism on the rise in the USA and the virulent Jew hatred in the main stream and left media and on college campuses, it won't be long before Jews are not safe in the USA. No they are much better off in Israel. I would not be surprised if I have to leave with my family and I live in the NYC metro area. It would be a great privilege to make alliyah. I'm very bad with foreign languages so that would be my big fear. I tried,but never mastered Hebrew and I have a J.D./PhD.

  4. A post below is worth repeating. The govenment is advising Jews to hide their religious affiliation, not asking Muslims to stop attacking Jews. The government is antisemetic – institutionalized antisemitism is very dangerous. Jews, run for your lives. The Diaspora must come to an end for you so that your children will be safe and you can be Jews without fear of being murdered. Belgium does not deserve the Jewish intellectual life that enriches every country Jews are found. They deserve Muslim barbarism, darkness and ignorance.

  5. Jews get out of Europe! Take notice: July , 2014 in Paris two synagogues were attacked. At one, 200 Jews were trapped in the shul, while outside a mob with baseball bats tried to get in. Roger Cukierman, head of the French Jewish Kehila said"We've never see anything like that. It resembled Kristallnacht in 1938 in Germany'! In England, the CST Jewish Community security agency said,that "July 2014,had the highest number of reported anti-Semitic incidents in any one month since it began keeping records three decades ago."

  6. You don't think that this is going to encourage all Jews to migrate to Israel, do you? They will not! They want to live where they live! And seeing what is going on between the religious Jews and the non-religious Jews in Israel does not encourage them to move there!

  7. Perhaps the Muslims should stop wearing their clothing to stop being profiled as terrorists? Wait….that would not change their behaviour….as we witness daily. Deport them all. Nazi religion called Islam.

  8. I read this morning that the Russians arrested an "Orthodox Catholic Priest" in the Ukraine. Now what the hell is this? I have never seen this term before! It is a new invention of the Church of Rome! They have been trying for nearly 2000 years to bring the Eastern Orthodox Christians back under their yoke and now they are trying to do this in the Ukraine! This is what it is all about!

  9. And I repeat for the Rabbis in Israel: You don't think that this is going to encourage all Jews to migrate to Israel, do you? They will not! They want to live where they live! And seeing what is going on between the religious Jews and the non-religious Jews in Israel does not encourage them to move there!

  10. The Church of Rome has come up with a new category, 'The Orthodox Catholic'! Now this is really funny! They have been trying to bring the Orthodox Christians (Greek, Russian) back under their fold for 1700 years and they are succeeding with this today in the Ukraine!

  11. I said, but it has been deleted, that our Christian countries could care less for the existence of Israel and would rather that you stay within their own populations for you are definitely an asset for them. (Now why would they delete this?)

  12. I may be stepping on someones toes but I am a proud American from California and America is a great country but part of this stems from our European roots which considers themselves as the the greatest when in fact it was the big man, if he exists, that chose the Jews as his chosen people and not the Europeans!

  13. we're right back to when hittler was running his pie hole
    we know he had no plans to stop with germany.
    we know he had plans of going to the arab nations
    as well.
    ssdd nothings changed except the date.
    untill Israel decides to put her foot down and
    clean house this will keep happening.
    once thats done then other countries will follow suit
    and clean house as well.
    we all know theres no living in peace with them
    history has shown this

  14. Sad, is true for the world today! Sad for many in so many personal ways but also for our modern nations that seem not to have any great leaders as of old. It is especially sad for the Israelis for their future looks very glum and no one cares.
    Money and greed dominate our Western Civilization.

  15. These Arab Muslims have their own agenda and don't need any reason bar their own reverence for Death and Martyrdom .

    Our reverence for Life and Liberty is in direct contradiction to the Muslim ethos and never the twain shall meet but on the Field of War.

    I am concerned that with weapons of Mass Destruction available. Having all the Jews in one small area, Israel. Is a very bad strategic move !!!

  16. I know, everyone is saying "Jews out of Europe" and that is true. Jews out of the US too. All Jews need to return home to E"Y. We are stronger when we are together, and we are always at our best in E"Y.

    That being said, the Israeli government is not managing the crisis in Israel well either. When the Jews of the world come home, they need to make up their minds to help those of us here in Israel to change how this dhimmi government operates. They are bringing us to ruin, and if to ruin Israel goes, so goes world Jewry, and as world Jewry goes, so all the world will sink into another Dark Ages, perhaps not to recover for hundreds of years.

    For us to survive and to prevail in this war, perpetrated by Muslims against us, it's going to take going to the streets. Muslims take over streets, the Temple Mount etc. all the time. That is a political act and it is effective. It is one reason they are winning.

    We discuss things on the internet. While the internet is an excellent venue for information, if we don't use our information to act, politically, by demonstrating in public, in the streets, we are not being weak politically. We are refusing to act politically. That is one large reason the Muslims are currently winning. A community taking their grievances to the streets is one of the strongest political moves that community can make, and it takes courage. Taking to the streets and demonstrating, peacefully of course,

  17. My apologies. This is long, but I think it's worth the time it takes. It is written out of a sense of urgency.

    Jews need to come home to Israel, not only from Europe — from all over the world. We are stronger when we are all together. We are at our best here in E"Y. Of course, we all need to take seriously what the Torah tells us, to observe HKB"H's mitzvot, for if we do, our enemies can't touch us.
    That being said, let us not fool ourselves. Our troubles will not end once we are all together, nor once we are all on our way to Torah observance. Those are base line requirements. Our work begins at that moment. Our dhimmi government here in Israel is causing the Jews of Israel and the Jews of the world immeasurable harm. How do we wake them up? Is it even possible? Is the Israeli government the Erev Rav? Regardless of your answer to this question, the number one way I see in changing how the Israeli government operates vis-a-vis this war of the Muslim world against us is to do one thing our Muslim enemies do.

    We must take to the streets.

    We, being a peaceful and intellectual people, have a tendency to study, absorb, and analyze information in all matters, including our political predicament. Again, being a peaceful people, the idea of even a peaceful demonstration tends to tie most of us in knots. We have our political process. Why do we need to demonstrate? We are a responsible people. We have our children to educate, our businesses to run or our jobs to go to, kollel to attend, Shabbos to prepare for, our sick to visit. Funerals to attend. So many funerals. How can we fit demonstrations into our hectic schedules?

    I am talking to myself as much as anyone else.

    Taking to the streets is a powerful political act. Muslims regularly commandeer the streets and the Temple Mount on a regular basis. To be sure, they have an advantage over us. They are often paid generously (obscenely) by the likes of Turkey and Qatar to harass us, to murder us. Our government is not going to pay us to demonstrate, and they just might toss a few of us in jail for doing so.

    If we do not figure out how to overcome the obstacles which prevent us from taking back our streets, and our Temple Mount, we will find ourselves as dhimmis (or worse, kufrs) in our own Land. And so another Dark Ages will begin, the bloody veil of which, may not lift for hundreds of years.

    Am I being overly dramatic? Perhaps if you think so, you are underestimating the danger.

  18. For sure Jews need to come home to Eretz Y'Isroel. But for those of us who are bound (at least for right now) by the logistics of family, etc. here in the Diaspora, we at least must wake up. Now. The Existential Beast of Jew Hating is awakening around the globe. Holland or even New York. Yes, it can happen again. We have no excuse not to be ready. Organizing watch groups. Learning self-defense with and without fire-arms. We must join together, send the message NEVER AGAIN, and yes, sooner than later get back Home to Israel. But first, let's make it so any would be terrorist/assailant on the street will have second and third thoughts about attacking.
    kol tov
    rabbi moshe mones

  19. Very good idea, Rabbi,
    If all the Jews moved out of Europe, then the Jew haters will have the Muslims at their throats.
    Then they will attack the Christians who have been so anti Jew and anti Israel.
    They will then have a taste of Islamic terror, unless they convert to Islam.
    Do they not realise that this is the agenda of Islam? To create a world caliphate, convert all the world to islam or face the sword.
    It wont take long for those Jew haters to ask the Jews to return to help them fight against the spread of Islam,

  20. I have heard our enemies gloat that when we all gather to E"Y, then, chas v'shalom, they will wipe us out.

    We know that when we are together, and when we have bitachon and emunah, our enemies can't realize their evil dreams. How can a nation be effective when half of us are scattered all over the globe, and that half in the diaspora is dependent on the goyim's tolerance?

    The Torah teaches us that we are the best Jews we can be only when we are in E"Y. We can't realize our full potential in the diaspora. We can't allow our enemies goading us to control our behavior by refusing to come home.

  21. I'm so sad. Even in greater NY, thinks are getting bad for Jews, so what hope do you have were your a miniscule minority. Is it feasible for you to emigrate to israel? I don't know the language – Hebrew and am terrible with foreign languages so when it is time for American Jews to flee, and that time is coming with the likes of Obama in the White House, I will be lost like my grandparent who case from the Jewish Pale of Settlement. How does one get employment in Israel if you can't speak the language. Its hard to move from all you know, but in Europe, your lives are in imminent danger. For your childrens and grandchildrens sake, I hope you are able to flee the Netherlands (that is what we call Holland in the USA) for Israel, Canada of the USA.

  22. How is the hell is it possible that Europeans kiss the asses of those who practice Islam and abuse the Jew? Can't they read? The Jews are " God's chosen people" One day God will strike these dumb people and I hope I can stand on the sidelines and cheer as He sends them
    to the fate that they deserve.

  23. Typical how they leave out the most important thing: the race of the attacker. But the implications are that White people are always "evil" even though the demographics of the Netherlands has changed heaps.

    I find it offensive that pre WW2 Netherlands is brought up. What about now huh? No….. Let's still try to blame native White Dutch!

  24. Ice67b what i was trying to say – is the rise in antisemitism due to the Muslims who live in Europe or is it due to the native non Muslim Europeans or is it from but non-muslims and muslims alike. I ask because I understand that radical Muslims have been causing trouble in most countries even against the native population, although not as yet to the extent shown against Jews.

  25. Harold Stein I hope so. I have a J.D. and PhD and could not even learn Spanish! My bubbie was here from the age of 10 to 100 and never mastered English (well she did live on the Lower East Side most of her life where she did not need to speak English and all four of her children and son and daughters in law were fluent in Yiddish and friends so I can see why she spoke yinglish at the best). I tried to learn Hebrew when my son started Hebrew class in preschool and couldn't and he has totally forgotten the Hebrew he was taught. You know what, if I have to take a step back to ensure my children's future, just like my grandparents did, so be it. I won't give up being Jewish because of antisemites. Every insult hurled at a Jew, just serves to make me a prouder Jew.

  26. Yes, I was thinking about that one said to me in her last note: Abraham was a spiritual leader but had nothing to do with politics and this is what we all seem to be doing today – mixing politics into our religions and that is wrong. God does not play politics!

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