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Israel-basher and Haaretz journalist Amira Hass was kicked out of a PA university conference for being a Jewish Israeli.

The Birzeit University near Ramallah threw out Haaretz’s left-wing journalist Amira Hass from a conference on “occupied Palestine” because she is Jewish.

The daughter of two Holocaust survivors, she has become over the past few years the most pro-Palestinian Authority journalist in Israel, has lived in Gaza and Ramallah and has written in Haaretz that Arab rock-throwing is a “birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule.”


Her credentials as an enemy of a Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria are impeccable except for the fact that she is Jewish.

That is why the organizers of the conference on “Alternatives to Neo-Liberal Development in the Occupied Palestinian Territories – Critical Perspectives” told her she could not cover the event.

The organizers were The German Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and The Center for Development Studies (CDS) at Birzeit University.

Hass wrote in Haaretz on Sunday, “During the first presentation on Tuesday, two lecturers from the CDS approached me within ten minutes of each other, asking me to step outside…. ‘Am I not allowed to be here?’ I asked, half-kidding, but one of the lecturers answered that there was a problem.

“When I registered at the entrance of the conference I wrote next to my name the institution I belong to, Haaretz. For the past two decades, the lecturer said, there has been a law at Birzeit stipulating that Israelis (Jewish Israelis, that is) are not allowed on the university grounds. The students manning the conference registration desk saw that I had written ‘Haaretz,’ realized I was an Israeli, and ran to tell the university authorities. The security department in turn went to the conference organizers, the lecturer said. She and her colleagues were afraid, she told me, that students would break into the conference hall in protest over my presence.”

Hass added that she did not see anyone protesting, but a rumor spread that students had attacked her. Rumors often become self-fulfilling expectations, and one faculty member whom Hass said has known for 40 years “walked past and said, ‘This is for your own protection.’”

Her ouster was a classic example of a non-Arab leftist, in this case a Jew, embracing an Arab or Islamic cause only to get stabbed in the back.

Most leftists eventually see the light or simply are brainwashed so much that they forever blame the Zionists and the West for their fate.

Hass’ article included a hint of some enlightenment. When realizing she had to leave, “I was at that moment reminded of the image that Israelis commonly have of Palestinians: irrational hotheads,” she wrote.

But before coming to her senses completely, she comforted herself by hearing the protests by her colleagues and supporters in the Rosa Foundation who said they would not have agreed to allow the conference to take place at Birzeit without her being allowed to attend.

“In the past twenty years, I have entered Birzeit University dozens of times, and have been an audience member at various academic conferences there,” Hass wrote. “I have also interviewed faculty members both on and off campus. A year ago, an economics lecturer refused an interview, telling me, “It’s not personal. But you know what the rules are.”

It is nothing personal?

Wake up, Amira, you are Jewish. You were kicked out not because you are a journalist and not because you are from Haaretz. You were kicked out because you are a Jew, like it or not.

To your credit, your remain Jewish.

But you don’t take it personally that you are now allowed to do your job, which you think is to promote the Palestinian Authority campaign against Israel, because you are Jewish?


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. well, well… she gets what she have to get to wake up… Anyway this foundation should be notified about this behavior, more than that should scream a lot of media about this, how jew friendly are the “boor balestinians”…. and this suppose to be the intelectuals, the foam of the society(what society….)

  2. non basta il lavaggio del cervello e la perdita di onore e rispetto per non essere sbattuta fuori perche’ ebrea Avrebbe dovuto imparare dai genitori quale e’! il prezzo di essere nata ebrea!Forse haarez fara’ convertire i prossimi corrispondenti e potra’ mandarli a Birzet o al mercato ad incoraggiarli nel loro odio e intransigenza.

  3. They say that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. How many Jews tried to save themselves from death during the Holocaust by being the best Germans they knew how to be, even turning on their fellow Jews in favor of the Fatherland. And in the end they went to the same horrific end as those they helped to incinerate before them. And now, the daughter of two Holocaust survivors turns her back on her people and ingratiates herself to those who would seek to kill them and then she wonders why she is treated just like the other Jews? How quickly we forget…..

    This would be funny if it were not so very sickening.

  4. Amira hass believes that "rock-throwing is a “birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule.” But she is a Communist and we have to wonder whether the Germans when occupied by French, British, Americans, and Soviet Russian Communists, had the right to throw rocks at their occupiers.

  5. I would have thrown her out right on her big ass. This really sums up the State of the Jews today. An entire society that hates themselves so much, they are willing to let others destroy them. Left wing Judaism….a true definition of insanity

  6. It's not appalling that Amira Hass was treated like a dog at Bir Zeit – although she had confessed in a lot of articles her Israel-hatred. But for me the main problem is, that a German organization like the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (a foundation of DIE LINKE) did accept such racist behaviour. Germany should stop funding this organization which is supporting racism.

  7. perhaps Amiable Amira will wake up from her Jew-hating coma and realize that no matter what her loony leftist antics and beliefs
    are, she has been duped and used and now sent to the trash bin of arab foes. Perhaps like the ugly duckling, she finally sees that she is not an arab nor should she be an arab apologist/propagandist, and she should wake up and realize that the arabs hate is totally consistent- against rightwing and left wing jews! Let's now hear her lovely justifications and excuses for arab insanity!

  8. Amira Hass’ example is emblematic, but the libtards can’t or won’t see facts. Lefties in other countries act in exactly the same way not realizing that the day the violent muzzies get the upper hand they will be the first to suffer beheadings. Will the fat ass ever realize that she is working for the destruction of her country?

  9. Amira Hass, the quintessential self-hating Jew and Israel basher finally found out she is just another Jew relegated to the arab list of infidels.. Perhaps she will learn that what you sow you reap

  10. Its too bad that the Arabs did not lynch her! She is to ugly to sexually assaualt her! Her parents should have aborted this self hating Jew! If the parents are of the same ilk, they should not have survived the holocaust and two good Jews should have! There is a a much more deranged HaAratz reporter Gideon Levi who has the face of a German Nazi he or his parents came from Germany(he should have been aborted and if his parents are of the same craziness should not have survived) too bad that good Jews were not saved from the holocaust then these self hating JINO(J-Jewish I-In N-Name-O-Only)!!!

  11. This miserable piece of work, is lucky they didn’t finish her off, like the Gazans did with Vittirio Arrigoni, the Italian journalist who moved to Gaza to be one of them, got a Palestinian passport, and THEY the people whom he loved and cared for soo much, are the same ones who murdered him.

  12. “Across the Middle East, in the last ten years, one hundred thousand Christians have been murdered each year. That means that every five minutes a Christian is killed because of his faith. Those who can escape persecution at the hands of Muslim extremists have fled. Those who remain exist as second if not third class citizens to their Muslim rulers,” Father Naddaf pointed out.
    “In the Middle East today, there is one country where Christianity is not only not persecuted, but affectionately granted freedom of expression, freedom of worship and security. It is Israel, the Jewish State. Israel is the only place where Christians in the Middle East are safe,” stated Father Naddaf. “It is time the world woke up to the fact that those who want to destroy the Jewish State are signing the death warrant on the last free Christians in the Holy Land.”
    Father Naddaf was born in Nazareth in 1973 and belongs to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem, Israel’s second largest Christian community.

  13. Interesting how Israelis hide behind Judaism whenever they are criticized. According to the article , the university kicked her out because she was Israeli . Yet, the article puts between brackets that she was kicked out because she was Jewish.
    Israelis are mentally damaged because of their education that they are continuous victims of the Holocaust.

    They want Palestinian to continue dealing with Israelis after Israelis committed war crimes in Gaza.

  14. Jane Berg what? saying that she is too ugly to sexually assault is the truth? saying her family should have died in the holocaust is the truth? saying she should have been murdered by arabs? what is wrong with you people– seriously. she may be a self hating jew but she is a jew. wishing harm to our own people will be our demise.

  15. This woman and her ilk make my blood boil. How dare she live in Israel, take advantage of the luxury and freedom that country gives her as a jew and as a woman, and then spend her life denigrating it.This is the height of hypocrisy. As the daugther of holocaust survivors, she ought to be ashamed of herself. How quickly she forgets that without Israel there is no reason why jews would be safe anywhere in the entire world.Grow up lady, you cant make the world love a jew.. no matter how much you self loathe and try to show how much you can be like those who would have us all killed if they could.When push comes to shove… just like in Germany, you would be deemed as being no different to any other jew. To jew haters a jew is a jew is a jew… no matter what.

  16. I think Christians who live in the Middle East (a rapidly declining number), should drop the world "Arab" from their appellation. "Middle Eastern Christian" or in Israel, "Israeli Christian" would be much more descriptive. And not lend verbal support to the mutual enemy in the rest of the world.

  17. I went to school with this woman. She was inteligent and serious and I am not surprised that she grew up to be a gifted journalist. I am sorry however, that her beautiful mind went astray and she has identifyied with the scum of the earth instead of her own people. Her parents, whom I knew as well, would be disgusted.

  18. The refusal to let Hass participate in the conference simply for the fact of being Jewish is despicable. Contrary, to the author's statement, however, that does *not* "prove that in the end, [Arabs] cannot make peace with Jew[s]". Just as gross generalisations and distortions about Jews should be rejected, so should such statements about Arabs.

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