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IDF reservists training on the Golan Heights, October 20, 2023.

The National Emergency Authority in the Defense Ministry and the IDF on Sunday morning announced additional settlements to be evacuated from northern Israel, with temporary lodgings provided by the state.

The move to add 14 settlements to the evacuation plan was approved by Defense Minister Yoav Galant. The Northern Command informed the heads of the local councils earlier on Sunday. The evacuation and lodging are managed by the local municipalities and the tourism and defense ministries.


The 14 new settlements slated for evacuation are Snir, Dan, Beit Hillel, She’ar Yeshuv, Hagoshrim, Liman, Matzuva, Eilon, Goren, Granot HaGalil, Even Menachem, Sassa, Tsivon, and Ramot Naftali.

A terrorist squad was spotted Sunday morning trying to launch anti-tank missiles toward Israeli territory in the Avivim area on the Lebanese border. The IDF attacked the squad before the launch was carried out.

Earlier on Sunday, a missile was launched at an IDF unmanned aerial vehicle in the Lebanese border area. The air defense fighters intercepted the missile, and the aircraft completed its mission successfully. It was not harmed. In response, another IDF aircraft attacked the Hezbollah military compound from which the surface-to-air missile had been launched.

In a joint operation of the IDF and the Shin Bet, an IDF aircraft early Sunday morning attacked an underground terrorist tunnel in the Al Anasri mosque in Jenin, which sheltered a Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist cell responsible for a series of attacks that were carried out in recent months and were planning to carry out another attack in the immediate future.

Among other things, the squad carried out an attack on October 14 in the area of the separation fence, in which an explosive charge was detonated by a mobile device when a military force arrived there. There were no casualties. Intelligence information was recently received according to which the terrorists were planning to carry out a heinous attack. The mosque was used by the terrorists as an operational headquarters for planning attacks and as a base from which to carry them out. During Operation Home and Garden, IDF forces found a terrorist infrastructure and weapons in the mosque.

Meanwhile, fighter jets attacked dozens of Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip, some of which were located in high-rise buildings. Throughout the day Saturday, dozens of tunnel shafts, munitions warehouses, headquarters, and operational military bases were destroyed. Among the terrorist targets that were attacked, were mosques that were used by the operatives of the terrorist organization Hamas.

Over the past 24 hours, the IDF destroyed Hamas infrastructure and terrorists in the Gaza Strip, dropping more than 300 bombs. The IDF eliminated two Hamas terrorists near the fence, as well as terrorists from the Najaba force.


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