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Bomb May Have Blown Up Russian Airbus Flight over Sinai

20 Heshvan 5776 – November 2, 2015
Russian statements that the plane disintegrated after taking off, a rare occurrence, prompts suspicions that terrorists planted a bomb on board.

Russian Officials Says Plane Broke in Mid-Air Raising Speculation of a Bomb On Board

“The [ISIS] statement does not say they shot it down, but that they destroyed it,” Trotignon said. “You could imagine explosives on board, or sabotage.”

Egypt Floods Hamas Terror and Smuggling Tunnels with Seawater

19 Heshvan 5776 – November 1, 2015
Egypt built pipelines in September to destroy the underground network used by Hamas to transfer terror and collect heavy taxes on smuggled merchandise.

Egyptian TV: The Only Solution for Jews Is Burning

19 Heshvan 5776 – October 31, 2015
Al Rahma is an Islamitic religious TV channel, specializing in “the science to explain the Quran in a correct manner.”

Rocket Launched from Sinai (and Gaza) at Israel

29 Tishri 5776 – October 12, 2015
A few rockets fell short this morning...

Abbas Dials Back Arab Rage: ‘We Do Not Want Escalation’

24 Tishri 5776 – October 6, 2015
Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas has suddenly begun to dial back his anti-Israel inflammatory attitude and remarks.

El-Sisi Walks Back Statement to AP about Israeli-Arab Peace

16 Tishri 5776 – September 29, 2015
El-Sisi realized he delinked "Palestine" from Mideast peace. Now he walked back his statement.

Egyptian President: Time to Include More Arab Countries in Egypt’s Peace with Israel

14 Tishri 5776 – September 27, 2015
(JNi.media) Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said in an interview with the Associated Press Saturday night that Egypt’s 40-year-peace with Israel should be expanded to...

Hamas Officials, Saudi Arabian Firm Hit by US Sanctions

27 Elul 5775 – September 10, 2015
Four Hamas officials and a Saudi Arabian finance firm are hit by US Treasury sanctions.

After 4 Years, Israel’s Cairo Embassy Reopens in Ambassador’s Home

Koren's residence will be used as the headquarters of the Israeli Embassy until a new building is constructed to host the mission.

US Raises Protection for Its Sinai Multinational Peacekeeper Forces

The U.S. is beefing up its force in the Sinai Peninsula after four American soldiers were wounded in the line of duty last week.

Israel’s Cairo Embassy Officially Reopens for Business

Four years after its abrupt closure in the face of a savage mob, Israel’s embassy in Cairo reopens for business.

Record-Breaking Haze to Stay the Week in Israel

25 Elul 5775 – September 9, 2015
Severe toxic haze conditions with intense heat continued in Israel Wednesday, with more in the forecast ahead.

‘Mega” Gas Field Discovered off Egyptian Coast

16 Elul 5775 – August 30, 2015
The gas field is far larger than those discovered off Israel's coast and will supply Egypt with gas for decades.

Egypt Re-Imposes Blockade on Gaza Crossing

9 Elul 5775 – August 23, 2015
Cairo shut down the Rafah crossing. Israel continues to allow shipment through Kerem Shalom crossing but refuses passage for Haniyeh's sisters.

ISIS Bombs Egyptian National Security Building

6 Elul 5775 – August 20, 2015
ISIS has claimed responsibility for a massive car bomb that injured 29 and ripped apart a building in Cairo early Thursday.

Fish Farming May Secure the Egypt-Gaza Border

3 Elul 5775 – August 18, 2015
Egypt may be securing its border with Gaza by fish farming in a moat along the security buffer zone.

Egypt Establishes Anti-Terror Criminal Justice System

2 Elul 5775 – August 17, 2015
The Egyptian government is creating an entire wraparound system to deal with local terrorism from the grassroots level to the courts.

Israeli Officials in Cairo

27 Av 5775 – August 11, 2015
Israeli officials are in Cairo for a meeting with top Egyptian authorities. No details were made available to media.

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