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AMCHA Launches Anti-Academic Boycott Education Campaign

The implementation of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) will directly violate the rights of, and harm, students and faculty on US campuses.

Northern Shield Enters Day 2, Will Last ‘As Long As Needed’

So far, IDF forces appear to have stuck to the Israeli side of the blue line, but it is conceivable that they'd be cutting in and out of Lebanese territory in their pursuit of Hezbollah tunnels.

Israel Warns UN Security Council: Hezbollah Using Lebanon to Launch Iranian Attacks Against Israel

"The Lebanese government must abide by its international commitments and fully implement the ... Security Council resolutions."

IDF Chief of Staff: Operation Northern Shield to Last Several Weeks

The IDF Chief of Staff called on Israelis to "feel safe, continue their daily routines and continue traveling to the north."

Almost As If She Were Alive

Yaakov Meir put every penny they had into Chava Strauss's medical treatments, praying they would save her life. But Chava didn't make it.

US Supports Israeli Effort to Defend Itself Against Iranian-backed Hezbollah Aggression

"We ... call upon Iran and its proxies to stop their provocative and dangerous actions." added US envoy Jason Greenblatt.

Watch: Netanyahu Says IDF Stymied Hezbollah’s Attempt to Conquer Galilee

The prime minister added that Operation Northern Shield "will continue until the outcome is achieved."

Watch: Hezbollah Attack Tunnel Exposed in Northern Israel

The IDF has begun a limited call up of reserve forces in preparation for potential retaliation by Hezbollah.

Chess Federation Disqualifies Saudis for Banning Israeli Players

The FIDE "has agreed to strip Saudi Arabia from the right to host a forthcoming chess tournament, after a lawyers' letter was sent by two Israeli nationals."

IDF Operation Located Terror Tunnel Outside Metula

The tunnel was discovered as part of the IDF Northern Shield operation launched Monday morning to expose and neutralize terrorist tunnels dug by the Hezbollah terror organization into Israeli territory.

Spokesman: IDF May Expand Operation to Demolish Hezbollah Precision Missiles

The IDF believes Hezbollah has 120,000 short-range missiles and that Iran has been equipping them with GPS guides to improve accuracy.

Reports: Northern Shield Was in Background of Liberman’s Resignation, Bennett’s Ultimatum, Pompeo Meeting

Liberman, who was eager to make good on his public announcements about getting even with Gaza, felt that Netanyahu was making him look bad, manipulating his position to make it untenable.

IDF Launches Northern Shield Operation to Destroy Hezbollah Tunnels Crossing into Israel

"The digging of tunnels that were located by the IDF in advance, before there was an immediate threat to Israeli citizens, constitutes a blatant violation of Israeli sovereignty."

Paris Wracked by Worst Riots in Decades

A list of demands for the government includes the cancellation of next month's tax hike on gasoline and diesel.

Swiss Chabad Synagogue Attacked in Anti-Semitic Incident

"We will still be holding the Hanukkah celebration in the market square. The attackers want to intimidate us, but they won't succeed."

Hungarian Parliamentarian Resigns Party Leadership After Anti-Semitism Revealed

Szavay is a parliamentary notary, member of Hungary's extremist Jobbik party and its deputy group leader.

European Jewish Outrage Over Anti-Semitic Imagery Aimed at Hungarian Jewish Leader

“There is absolutely no excuse for using such vile anti-Semitic imagery, which has a long and sordid past.”

Israeli Epigenetic Map May Lead to New Therapeutic Solutions to Hearing Loss

Israeli researchers say understanding the expression of and controlling the genes involved in hearing are milestone discoveries.

Rivlins Meet with Heads of Women’s Groups to Mark Int’l Day for Elimination of...

“Violence against women hurts all of us, the whole of Israeli society, and so this is an issue for all of us."

Mission Accomplished: US Presidential Service Dog Remains Loyal to the End

Now that his mission is complete, Sully's next mission will be at Walter Reed Medical Center, where he is to help veterans as a professional facility dog.

Netanyahu and Pompeo Meet in Brussels on Iran Amid Hanukkah Cheer

Netanyahu and Pompeo focused on Iran . . . and Iran . . . and Iran in all its permutations.

Hamas Sentences Six Gazans To Death for Collaborating With Israel

Seven additional individuals were given life sentences which include intense physical labor.


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