Right-Wing NGO Demands Twitter, Facebook ‘Remove Anti-Semitic Accounts’

'These are accounts that support financial terror against the State of Israel.'

Black State Senator: Academic Boycott of Israel Antisemitic

State Senator Anthony Williams introduced a Resolution into the Pennsylvania legislature condemning the ASA boycott of Israel as antisemitic.

Weekend Heat Wave in Israel

A heatwave has hit Israel, and will go through the weekend.

Ma’ale Adumim Sovereignty Legislation Debated Tuesday

The debate was postponed last week, to allow discussion with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Israeli Concern Grows Over Russia’s Mideast Muscle Flexing

For Israel, Russia’s buildup in neighboring Syria is a major concern.

British Labour MP Naz Shah Suspended Over Anti-Semitic Posts

British Labour MP Naz Shah has been suspended "pending investigation" over anti-Semitic posts on Facebook, but it's not clear for how long.

ISIS Launches Cyber Jihad Fundraiser to Arm PA Arabs in Attacks on Israeli Jews

ISIS launches a cyber jihad fundraiser to arm Palestinian Authority terrorists in their efforts to kill Israeli Jews.

More Light Rail Train Windows Shattered by Arab Stone Throwers

Arab stone throwers broke more windows on the Jerusalem Light Rail.

YU Announces LGBTQ Inclusive Policies While Banning LGBTQ Club

It remains to be seen whether YU will manage to escape state and federal rebuke for banning the LGBTQ club with the force of all the loving and acceptance being poured on the heads of its gay students.

Israel Examines Replacements for UNRWA

Jerusalem may redirect aid through the World Food Programme.

Lost Tribe of Bnei Menashe Sample their First Gefilte Fish

Some loved the dish, while others politely declared it to be “an acquired taste.”

Ismail Haniyeh’s Relatives Receive Life Saving Treatment in Israeli Hospitals

Can someone alert the Hague judges to count this in their narrative of an Israeli genocide?

Only 15 Minutes in and Hamas Breaks Ceasefire

Everyone expects Israel to look away and ignore the breach.

IDF to Demolish Home of Terrorist from Deadly Twin Bombings in Jerusalem

The terrorist’s family has been notified, and now has the option of petitioning the High Court of Justice against the move, according to the Israeli military.

700 IDF Reservists Call on Liberman to Remove Violent Leftwing Activists from Judea, Samaria

"Permanent activists of Israeli anarchist organizations arrive every week to confront and clash with security forces in Judea and Samaria, inciting the populace and participating in setting up roadblocks and in violent disturbances."

Smotrich Clashing with Bank Governor, Thinks Banks’ Profits Way Too High

Smotrich and Yaron will meet on Wednesday to discuss the bill forcing fat cat bankers to share with the mice.

Rabbi Yehuda Glick Arrested for Temple Mount Contraband

Whether on or off the Temple Mount, the police just seem to love to arrest Rabbi Yehuda Glick.

NY Ultra-Orthodox Schools to Go Under Magnifying Glass over Secular Subjects — Or Norman...

Former New York Civil Liberties Union executive director Norman Siegel has joined the ranks of advocates for better secular studies for Haredi children, and he now represents YAFFED, threatening to sue the city if its current investigation does not yield reliable results.

IDF Finds Comprehensive Terror Training Center in Jabalya Mosque

Some of the weapons, bombs and ammunition found in the mosque as elsewhere in Gaza, such as schools and clinics, were stored inside bags from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

El Al to Launch Direct Flights from Las Vegas to Israel

“In recent years, Las Vegas has become attractive for the Israeli leisure travelers and among the business sector due to the many conferences and exhibitions held in the city,” said El Al CEO Gonen Usishkin.

Be’er Sheva Police Arrest Arabs Impersonating Religious Jews

One of the brothers was wearing a yarmulke and tzitzis (fringes).

One-Third of Plane of ‘Olim’ to Enlist in IDF

The good news is that 338 more American Jews are moving to Israel. The and news is that 5 million are not.

Modern-Day Miracle? Williamsburg Anti-Religion Billboard Doesn’t Hang on Purim

David Silverman, president of American Atheists, responds angrily: “The Jews have stopped the billboard. It’s really ugly bigotry. As a former Jew, it’s repugnant to see Jews act like this.”

IDF Launches Northern Shield Operation to Destroy Hezbollah Tunnels Crossing into Israel

"The digging of tunnels that were located by the IDF in advance, before there was an immediate threat to Israeli citizens, constitutes a blatant violation of Israeli sovereignty."

18 Dead, 13 Missing in Texas Flash Floods

Flash floods and more rain in Texas means a rising death toll and desperate people searching in kayaks.

Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in Home Confinement after 252 Days in Prison

President Donald Trump was rumored to consider pardoning Silver but decided not to do so on his last day in office.

Haifa Selected ‘Smartest’ City in The Middle East

Haifa was crowned the ‘smartest’ city in the Middle East by the IESE Business School at the University of Navarra in Barcelona.

Sick Children from Gaza Being Abandoned at Erez Crossing

"I don’t understand how a parent abandons his child and leaves him in the hands of a stranger."


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