Israeli Police Find Stolen Army Tank in Junkyard

The tank was stolen from an IDF training base near the Elyakim Interchange in northern Israel.

Report: Info on Hillary’s Private Email Server Could Do Serious Harm to National Security

Emails on Hillary Clinton's personal servers were more highly classified even than "top secret."

2 Bomb Attacks in the Shomron; No Injuries

The IDF also discovered weapons and money in counter-terrorism operations.

Poles Angry at California Billboard Star Who Hid Being Tamar Goldberg from Chmilenik

It’s difficult for Poles to understand that most people would rather not be recognized as being Polish

Watch: Arava Rivulet Turns into a Dangerous River Flood in Minutes

On its way, the hour-old river sweeps everything in its path.

Arab Team Sued Over Fans’ Booing Shimon Peres’ Minute of Silence [video]

The charge will likely be fan misconduct, an item that was added to the association's rule book in 2007, when fans of Beitar Jerusalem booed during a minute of silence in memory of the late Yitzhak Rabin.

Welcome to Jerusalem Ground Zero Week, Get Your Helmets This Way

Tens of thousands of Jews are expected to participate in various events in honor of Jerusalem Day on Sunday, marking the 51st anniversary of the liberation and unification of the city.

Israeli Radiation Vest Mounted on Manikin for Upcoming Artemis I Moon Mission

If the experiment succeeds, chances are high that astronauts will be wearing AstroRad vests during the space mission planned for the next decade.

FBI Probes Jersey City Shooting as ‘Domestic Terrorism’

Jersey City Mayor Fulop: “Not only [was] this a hate crime but ... the perpetrators had hoped to kill many more people than four."

EU Agrees to $72 Million Financing of UNRWA

UN agency created to assist, protect, and advocate for 'some 5 million Palestine refugees,' pending a solution to their plight.

Israel Launches Project to Protect Children on the Internet

The program will serve as a protective shield for Israel’s youth against bullying and sex offenses on the web.

Kerry Says Talks Are in Difficult Security Phase

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said talks between Israelis and Palestinians entered a difficult phase over security guarantees. Speaking in Tel Aviv before returning...

Al Jazeera Sued over Executive’s Anti-Woman, Anti-Jewish, Anti-American Conduct

Luke is seeking $15 million from Al Jazeera and his boss, one Osman Mahmud.

BREAKING: Kiryat Gat Terrorist Caught

Some 250 policemen were involved in the search that lasted over 4 hours.

South America Recalls Ambassadors

Diplomatic protest over civilian casualties in Gaza; Foreign Ministry 'disappointed' over one-sided move

US Envoy Warns Iran Can Make a Nuclear Bomb ‘Within Weeks’

If Iran begins production on a nuclear bomb, special envoy Robert Malley said the US would know, would see, and would “react quite forcefully, as you could imagine.”

US to Spend $750,000 Conserving Ancient Jewish Site as ‘Palestinian Heritage’

Eroding the Jewish heritage of Solomon's pools much like the Arabs have neglected and permitted the erosion of the pools and their distribution system since the pools were handed over to them by the Oslo Accords, is a slap in the face of the Jewish nation.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Arrive Monday in Israel

Following his visit Pompeo is expected to head to the United Arab Emirates.

Rocket Stats for Operation Protective Edge

Hamas and other Gazan terrorists fired 4,594 rockets and mortars at Israel...

Moscow Delivers Warning to Israel: Be ‘Objective’ on Ukraine

"We expect that our Israeli partners will take a more balanced and objective position regarding the developments in Ukraine."

Abbas Sent Condolence Letter to Family of Glick’s Attempted Assassin

Abbas sent condolence letter to family of man who attempted to assassinate Yehuda Glick.

OECD: Israeli Economy’s Performance ‘Remarkable,’ But Reforms Needed to Curb Inequality, Raise Living Standards

“The Israeli economy has grown faster and more consistently than nearly any other in the OECD for the past 15 years.”

Ari Fuld Lion of Zion Prize — a New ATV! — Awarded to Arugot...

The Ari Fuld Project partnered with the One Israel Fund and Eve Harow to make it all possible.

Kulanu’s Leftwing Trend Continues: Housing Minister Supports Settlements Freeze

Kulanu's vagaries in the coming weeks should be viewed in the context of a party on its way to extinction attempting to soar once more by flapping its arms with great vigor.

Update: Manchester Suicide Bombing Kills 22, Wounds 59

Most of the terror victims are young teenagers attending a concert.

Samaria Regional Council Head Demands Government ‘Change Response’ to Terror

"This government, whether we elected it or not, is responsible for the security of every citizen in the State of Israel."

Crohn’s Disease Clinical Research Study Seeking Volunteers

New York Hospital Queens (NYHQ) is seeking individuals to take part in a Phase 2 clinical research study of adults with active Crohn’s disease,...

Netanyahu, Gantz, at Least Trying to Project Hope, Rivlin Not Assigning Either

Should Netanyahu not give up on any of his partners in the 55-MK bloc on the right, and Gantz also remains loyal to his own natural partners – their unity government would reach 99 MKs.

Destined to Be First Muslim Congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib Breaks with J Street

Fooled us once, shame on us. There won't be a second fooling.

Rivlin Passes Mandate to the Knesset for 21 Days, Then Fourth Election

Over the next 21 days, Knesset members will try to form a majority that will recommend to the president an agreed candidate for prime minister.


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