‘Human Rights’ Groups Boycott ICC Prosecutor for Meeting with Families of Hamas Massacre Victims

The Hague court said the visit "represents an important opportunity to express sympathy for all victims and engage in dialogue."

Chief Rabbi Rules: Some of the Hostages in Hamas Captivity Are Dead

This halachic pronouncement carries significant implications for the families of the victims.

Immoral Pope Francis Rebukes President Herzog over Israeli ‘Terrorism’

There’s no difference between Pope Francis I and Pope Pius XII. Let’s stop with the phone calls.

IDF Soldiers Ordered to Whitewash their Graffiti from Gaza’s Ruins

One presumes that when there was a conflict between the order to kill the enemies and redecorate the walls, the killing took priority.

Henry Kissinger Dead at 100, Was Among Most Influential Jews of the 20th Century

In his later years, he was unable to travel to several countries for fear of being prosecuted for war crimes.

White House Warns Israel: IDF Op in South Gaza Must be ‘Different’ than in...

The Biden administration has “reinforced in very clear language” that renewed fighting must not “produce significant further displacement of persons.”

IDF Soldiers Rescue Protected Birds during Operation in Shechem

Poachers often resort to disabling the finches by breaking their wings or legs, transforming them into bait to attract their companions.

JFNA Poll: US Jews Fear for their Safety, Happy to Donate to Israel’s Security

70% of American Jews express feeling less safe since October 7, with none reporting an increased sense of safety since that date.

Jamaica Queens High School Kids Wilding for Palestine, Pro-Israel Teacher Hides in Locked Office

“Hundreds of kids flooded into hallways and ran amok, chanting, jumping, shouting, and waving Palestinian flags or banners.”

Is Sky News’s Kay Burley a Complete Idiot? You Be the Judge

Here’s the part of the interview that convinced yours truly that Kay is not the fastest hamster on the wheel.

Minister Cameron: Winston Churchill Who Fought Hitlerism Had No Illusions about Islam

Churchill witnessed a fervent zeal in the Muslims' approach to warfare.

Anti-Islam Pro-Israel Freedom Party Wins Dutch Elections, Faces Difficulty Forging Coalition

Geert Wilders’ is yet another victory for the right in western Europe, complementing the rising right in eastern Europe and Germany.

US Warns Israel Against Next Phase of War in Southern Gaza

John Kirby said the United States won’t support Israel “moving forward with operations in the south..."

Archaeologists Uncover Earliest Evidence of Organized Warfare in Israel and the Levant

The research revealed that the hundreds of sling stones were almost identical.

Not for the Faint of Heart: Israeli-Run Hamas.com Shares Uncensored Images of October 7...

Most of the tweets responding to the new website believe it’s genuine Hamas propaganda.

Israel Confirms Lashkar-e-Taiba as Terrorist Group, Says It’s High Time India Did the Same...

Yojna Patel, India's deputy permanent representative to the UN, said the Hamas massacre in Israel was “shocking and deserves condemnation."

Watch: Ehud Barak Destroys IDF Claims of Hamas Headquarters under Shifa Hospital

We could say that you’re beneath contempt, but we don’t wish to insult all the people who are beneath contempt.

Gaza Envelope Children’s Updated ‘Friendship’ Song Deleted by State TV

On Sunday, they posted an updated version of Gouri’s masterpiece, sung by children ages 6 to 12, all of whom have been evacuated from the Gaza envelope settlements.

Iron Swords Day 44: IDF Fighting in Gaza and South Lebanon

A Nahal Brigade combat team directed a warplane from a distance to eliminate terrorists who tried to fire on them from a rooftop.

Shekel Getting Stronger Despite Prospects for Long War

The longer the war lasts, the less likely the Bank of Israel would be able to compensate for inflationary trends.

Jewish Congressman Who Condemned ‘Settler Violence’ Gets a Taste of ‘Pro-Palestine’ at Home

Why is Dan Goldman spreading vicious lies that he borrows from extreme anti-Israel groups?

Hear Blood Curdling Prophecy During Gush Katif Expulsion

Dr. Sudi Namir yelled to high heaven prophetic text that predicted predicted in detail the October 7, 2023 massacre.

Yes, But Is It Antisemitic? Humorous Mural Offends Australian Jews

What wasn’t antisemitic before October 7 may be antisemitic today.

Meet Ashager Araro, Israel’s Secret Weapon Against Woke Antisemitism

As a Black Jewish Zionist woman, she had many surprises in store for the Western Woke hordes.

Arabs Continue to Flee to Southern Gaza Despite Rainstorm (Video Clips)

Gazans waded through the rain in the ruined streets, waving a white flag of surrender.

Survey: PA Arabs More Frightened of Jewish Settlers than Anyone Else, Believe in Armed...

Nearly half of the PA Arab public said that forming armed groups is the most effective option.

Satmar Rebbe Condemns Neturei Karta for Supporting Hamas Murders

“They are walking around the world together with the Arabs, with those who shout without any shame and support the murders."

Senior Business Executives Mobilizing to Save Israeli Farmers

The collaborative spirit demonstrated by these CEOs and their respective companies reflects a beacon of hope amid tumultuous times.

Hamas Operatives Beat Civilians Off Humanitarian Aid Trucks and Steal their Food

And so, once more, Hamas proves that inhumanity and unimaginable cruelty pays. Good going, President Joe!


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