Australian State Banning ‘Disgraceful and Cowardly’ Nazi Salute

I wonder if the fact that her politics attract neo-Nazis means her message is wrong.

Ben Gvir Shuts Down Voice of Palestine Radio

On October 12, 2000, the Israeli Air Force bombed the station.

Netanyahu: I Expect IDF Chief of Staff to Deal with Mass Insubordination

"There needs to be a genuine, substantive, and fair discussion of the judicial reform."

Survey: 68% of PA and Gaza Arabs Support More Terrorism

PA Arabs' attitudes become more militant, support for two-state solution drops.

Ancient Mosaic Floor with Colorful Floral Designs Re-Uncovered after 40 Years

"Working surrounded by the blooming flowers of the region, one can imagine the artist of the floral mosaic being inspired by this view.”

German Tourists Mistaken for Jews Attacked in Shechem

They drove into Shechem with a rental car from Tel Aviv

175 Runners Race to Save Lives in Jerusalem Marathon

Combined, Team Avraham and Team United Hatzalah raised more than $100K in support of lifesaving efforts.

Conservative Rabbis’ Cancel Culture Infects Prayer for Israel

Kalmanofsky stated that he does not want Israeli leader's efforts to succeed.

Dershowitz vs. Kontorovitch on Judicial Reform: A Surprising Agreement, Not a Debate

Dershowitz warns that these reforms might make Israel into a more democratic country like Canada, New Zealand, or Australia.

Book of Judges Explains Why the Left Continues to Rule Israel

We are now engaged in a historic rebellion against the powers that be.

Legal Counsel Forbids Govt. Videos Explaining Judicial Reform; Protest Movement Spent $30 Million

The Hasbara Ministry is only allowed to do hasbara about the Hasbara Ministry.

Ram Calves Born in Arava Nature Preserve Experience their First Rain

To the brand-new ram calves who until this week had known only sunshine and dry sands, the rain was a wonderful surprise.

Leftist Hooligans Storm Aliyah Event in Paris

Hani Zubida from Reichman University gloated at the attack.

Ben-Gvir Tells High Court: ‘Permit Me to Represent Myself’

"I no longer trust the attorney general," the national security minister, himself a lawyer, tells the judges.

Wall Street Journal: ‘Sow Chaos, then Shout, Look How Chaotic Israel Has Become’

The nice and very educated editors of the WSJ live in a country where there are major media alternatives to the leftist cacophony.

Tel Aviv Chef Restaurant Shuts Down: 10 Weeks of Demonstrations Killed the Business

Messa is located a short walk away from Kaplan Street near Ayalon highway.

Was Former AG Mandelblit Lying or Just Ignorant About Israel’s Declaration of Independence?

Sovereignty, and not liberal democracy, is the central value of Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

Ben Gvir Disengaging from Hostile AG, Will Get Own Representation

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time that you have been making decisions in matters related to me and my office without talking to me."

Karma Everywhere: Now Moody’s Is Hit

Just imagine it’s your $80 billion you are trusting to Moody’s ability to predict the market.

Survey: Only 12% of Hi-Tech Employees Want their Company to Protest Judicial Reform

“The absolute majority of hi-tech employees in Israel want quiet, and to put the split behind us.”

Terrorist Infiltration & Bus Bomb in Beitar Illit

A terrorist infiltration alert has gone off in Beitar Illit, in Gush Etzion.

Chaim Topol Who Gave Us Sallah Shabati and Tevye Dead at 87

Topol’s artistic career was launched in the early 1950s, when he joined the IDF's Nahal entertainment band.

Karma: Riskified Shares in the Dumpster

Riskified’s share has fallen to a lower value than its initial IPO

Smotrich’s Lengthy Apology Can’t Undo What an Ounce of Shut Up Would Have Prevented

Smotrich has hoof and mouth disease that no amount of sincere explanations, certainly not apologies, can cure.

Nefesh B’Nefesh ‘MedEx’ Streamlines Aliyah Logistics for Medical Professionals

On March 19-20, Medical professionals can take major steps toward transferring their licenses before making Aliyah.

Iran Claims It Captured Suspects in Schoolgirl Poisoning

Teenage girls throughout Iran have been at the forefront of Iran’s recent protests after Mahsa Amini’s death in chastity police custody.

Lapid Shuts Down Gantz’s Behind-the-Scenes Discussions on Judicial Reform

Members of Gantz's party have reportedly been holding secret discussions on judicial reform with the coalition.

Jewish Man Discovers his Mom’s Home in Krakow Starred on ‘Schindler’s List’

The courtyard of the house at 12 Jozefa was called, "the most beautiful courtyard in Kazimierz."

Former Finance Ministry Director: Judicial Reform Will Benefit Israel’s Economy

Investors would be criminally stupid to keep their money out of Israel because it is changing the composition of its committee to elect judges.

Keep your Children Safe this Purim

You are the grownup, so don't let your children do on Purim things you won't let them do any other day of the year.


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