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November 28, 2014 / 6 Kislev, 5775
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Intifada Spills into Northern Israel after Police Kill Attacker

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Arab rage spilled over into the Galilee in Northern Israel Saturday, one day after police killed an armed Arab who attacked their vehicle but who is shown in a video running away from police when an officer shot him in the back and killed him.

The mayor of the city accused police of “murder in cold blood,” but the police said their officers were in a life-threatening situation because the attacker was armed with a knife. He was identified as 22-year-old Kheir Hamdan

Former and current Knesset Members as well as current Arab MKs joined thousands of protesters Saturday afternoon in a protest that turned into a full-scale riot, complete with rock-throwing and firebombs aimed at police as well as burning tires in the streets.

MK Ahmed Tibi demanded the arrest of the police officer who shot and killed Hamdan.

The police version of the incident is that Hamdan tried to stab officer when they attempted to arrest him at his house for allegedly having thrown a stun grenade. Police official said that officers fired warning shots in the air and then shot and killed him when he ignored the warning.

The video, as seen below and probably edited, only shows that Hamdan banged on a police vehicle and then ran away when officers got out of their vehicle and shot him in the back as he fled.

The Justice Ministry said it will investigate police behavior.

Even if the video turns out to be a “Pallywood” edit of an obvious life-threatening attack on police, history has shown that rioters will believe what they want to believe.

This does not automatically acquit the police, whose behavior in protests has often proved to be totally unprofessional.

Kfar Kanna was quiet Saturday night as Hamdan’s funeral took place, but more violence is expected later in the night or tomorrow.

Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett commented, “A crazed and Arab terrorist, armed with a knife, attempted to murder police officers who were in their vehicle. The reaction of the police was exactly what should be expected by security officers. It is necessary to investigate, but this was not a cold-blooded murder, and there is no room to abandon police officers who are deployed to defend us.

“If we do not support them, we will see more and more murders with knives, firecrackers and hit-and-run terrorists.”

Israel Gambles on Future War and Lets Egypt Send More Troops to Sinai

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has agreed to an Egyptian request to deploy two infantry battalions and helicopters in the terror-plagued Sinai, another relaxation of the allowed number of Egyptian troops permitted in the Sinai under the 1979 treaty.

Th peace treaty stipulates that Israel must agree to additional troops.

For the time being, Israel is happy that President Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi is fighting Hamas and jihad terror in the Sinai, immediately south of Gaza, where a jihad attack last week killed 31 Egyptian soldiers. Cairo has charged that Hamas was involved in coordinating and carrying out the murders.

This is not the first time Israel has agreed to Egypt’s sending in more armed soldiers into the Sinai, which was used by the Egyptian regime in 1973 to start the Yom Kippur War. The issue rose after the fall of the Mubarak regime, and Knesset Members unsuccessfully argued that legislative approval was necessary before Egypt could beef up its presence in the Sinai, a move which also would give it an opportunity in the future to turns its guns on Israel in the future.

In 2012, Egypt moved in tanks without Israel approval.

“It is clear to everyone that the Egyptians — whether they succeed in dealing with the terror in Sinai or don’t — at some point are going to ask to open the military appendix,” Yediot Acharonot journalist Alex Fishman wrote at the time.. “The meaning of this is that the demilitarization of Sinai will be eroded, which is one of the most important anchors of the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt.”

The recent approval to deploy additional soldiers is conditioned on Egypt’s fighting “terrorist organizations,” Army Radio reported.

In the past four years, Egypt has gone through the Mubarak regime, a temporary military regime, the openly anti-Israel and anti-American Muslim Brotherhood government, another temporary military regime and now the government headed by al-Sisi.

What happens if the Islamists take over again, or if Abbas takes over Gaza and convinces Al-Sisi to oppose Israel until” Jerusalem is liberated”?

The Egyptian government will be armed to the teeth in the Sinai with Israel conveniently in range of its tanks.

Proposed Law Revokes Citizenship from Convicted Terrorists

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Lawmakers are set to vote today (Thursday, Nov. 6) on a new law to revoke Israeli citizenship of a convicted terrorist, anyone who helped him or her, and any of their relatives.

The bill, submitted by Yisrael Beytenu Knesset member Shimon Ohayon, allows but does not require the Interior Minister to make the final decision about who will lose their citizenship.

Those who stand to lose their citizenship will have the right to offer a defense before their rights are revoked.

“The fight against terrorism must be comprehensive and extensive,” Ohayon told journalists.

Benefits of citizenship in Israel include monthly stipends for children’s support from the National Insurance Institute, for instance, as well as other government financial support.

Taking away such benefits, said Ohayon, would be one way to create an alternative to the current situation in which terrorists enjoy the privileges granted to citizens by the State of Israel.

“It is absurd that someone can continue to benefit from the rights of an Israeli citizen while they want to harm or kill us. Nothing gets in their way because they are free to move around anywhere in the country – and this leads Israeli citizens to lose their basic sense of security,” Ohayon observed.

Haneen Zoabi Instigates on Temple Mount – Invokes Holocaust [video]

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

MK Haneen Zoabi (Balad) continued her tirades against Israel, this time, on a video captured on the Temple Mount. Zoabi is apparently trying to instigate a reaction from some Border Police – who are clearly very well disciplined to not react.

Not getting a reaction from the first part of her bleating tirade, Zoabi then moves onto the Holocaust and says, “They killed 6 million of you, why?”, implying Israel is racist and didn’t learn the lessons of the Holocaust.

One can possibly consider it a step up that Zoabi actually acknowledges there was a Shoah.

In July, Zoabi was suspended from participating in Knesset debates by the Knesset Ethics Committee after she stated that the terrorists who killed Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Fraenkel were not terrorists. She is also under investigation for accosting a policeman in Nazareth.

In 2010, Zoabi participated on the Mavi Marmara flotilla to Gaza, in which IHH terrorists injured IDF soldiers legally boarding the boat.

Zoabi is a member of the Balad party in the Knesset. It’s founder, former MK Azmi Bashara, is on the lam in an Arab country, following a police investigation into his foreign contacts, and accusations of allegedly aiding the enemy (Hezbollah) during wartime, passing information on to the enemy and contacts with a foreign agent, as well as laundering money received from foreign sources.

Text courtesy of a reader:

הרי יש מי שעשה בכם את זה לפני עשרות שנים. יש מי ששלט בכם ודפק אותכם, לפני עשרות שנים.
לא למדתם את הלקח.
מה הלקח מההולוקוסט?
אל תרצח ואל תהיה גזען.
נרצחו לכם 6 מיליון.
ולאחרים גם מיליונים שאתם שוכחים

There’s someone who did this to you 10s of years ago. There someone who ruled of you and destroyed you.
You haven’t learned the lesson. What’s the lesson to be learnt from the Holocaust?
Don’t kill and don’t be racist.
They killed 6 million of you.
And also millions of other that you’ve forgotten about.

MK Moshe Feiglin to Receive Permanent Security Detail

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, MK Moshe Feiglin, will be receiving a permanent security detail as of today.

Moshe Feiglin was standing next to Yehudah Glick, when the terrorist shot Glick 4 times on Wednesday night, at the Begin Center.

One can presume that the terrorist didn’t recognize Feiglin, otherwise the outcome would have been different.

Knesset Eco-Terrorism Bill Hurts Shoppers, Hurts Environment and Hurts Pocketbook

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

I know it sounds so pedestrian compared to the more serious problems Israel faces, but the Knesset’s new eco-terrorism “bag tax” bill annoys me. It will make our country a dirtier place, and add a needless expense (tax) onto an already heavily taxed consumer.

The Knesset just passed the first of three votes to try and kill the plastic shopping bag.

It will require that supermarkets charge you 30 agurot per plastic shopping bag you take. Every household will be given (somehow) 7 permanent cloth bags instead. Maybe they’ll hand them out with the gas masks.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when we go shopping for my family, we require far more than 7 bags (and we have to be able to lift them, so we aren’t going to overload them either). And when we get home, we don’t throw those plastic shopping bags away.

We recycle them.

Some bags line the garbage bins in the bathrooms.

Other bags are used for dirty diapers.

Another sits in my car for collecting garbage there.

Hareidim use them to protect their hats from the rain.

My neighbor (thankfully) uses his to pick up his dog’s poo, so the rest of us don’t have to step in it.

In fact, most Israelis I know recycle their plastic bags.

But now, a bunch of Knesset members (many I suspect don’t do their own shopping, clean their own houses, have large families, or pick up after their dogs) want to destroy this incredibly useful, recyclable and reusable tool.

Did you know that in 2002, in Ireland, when they imposed a shopping bag tax, shopping bag usage dropped 90%, just like their government wanted.

Instead, it had the unintended consequence of packaged plastic bags sales rising 400% in response. In fact, there was a  net gain in plastic bag usage. People were simply forced to buy them instead, and they even bought more.

Maybe some of our Knesset Members should read this fact sheet before the next vote.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

“The Scottish Environment and Rural Development Committee concluded that a plastic bag tax in Scotland would increase waste arisings by 13,742 tonnes.”

Here’s another interesting tidbit, the amount of tax money collected as a result of the Irish bag tax went up, which makes one wonder about the true motivation behind the Knesset’s bag tax.

It’s also a myth that plastic bags kill masses of fish and wildlife like some eco-terrorists claim.

I wonder if our MKs even know what percent of landfill garbage plastic shopping bags make up. Maybe the MKs would like us to stop throwing away garbage completely, then our landfills would never fill up at all.

The Knesset doesn’t even wants us to switch to the more expensive, dual-use, biodegradable paper bags (which require more resources and energy to make, and take up more space per bag, but at least you can pick up dog poo with them).

By the way, in 2008, a 16 year old discovered how to biodegrade plastic bags in only 3 months.

And don’t think those 7 cloth bags are so eco-friendly in the long term. They get dirty and moldy, and you need to use up (expensive) water to wash them, otherwise bacteria builds up.

For health reasons, let me repeat that, you MUST wash these bags.

A 2010 joint University of Arizona and Limo Loma University study found that “Reusable grocery bags can be a breeding ground for dangerous foodborne bacteria and pose a serious risk to public health”. The study found that 97% of users did not wash them and that greater than 50% of the 84 bags contained coliform (a bacteria found in fecal material), while E. coli was found in 12% of the bags.

There’s a cost to making them too. And don’t get me started about what happens when the milk container leaks. And you’re obviously going to have to buy more than 7 of them if you plan to take your shopping home, especially if you want to be able to lift the bag. And when they start to rip, you’ll be throwing them away too.

A United Kingdom Environment Agency unpublished study in 2005 found that the average cotton bag is used only 51 times before being thrown away.

The problem is, a cotton bag actually needs to be used 131 times before it becomes better for the environment.

How many plastic shopping bags do you need, to take up the same amount of landfill space as one discarded cloth bag?

My guess (just a guess, I haven’t checked) is around 50. So if my guess is right, your 7 (initial) cloth bags will take up the space of 350 plastic shopping bags when you throw them away. And don’t forget, the average family will need to buy a few more each year to handle a normal weekly shopping.

And let’s not even talk about the inconvenience of having to take them with you everywhere in case you want to go shopping.

If our MKs want to really help our environment, they would stop the Arabs from wantonly burning their garbage everywhere in every open field they have.

Our MKs have an obligation to review this controversial bill before passing it, to determine what the real impact to our convenience, environment and pocketbook will be.

If they find that there is a clear, unequivocal benefit and the (clearly) predictable unintended consequences don’t negate its supposed benefits, then I won’t stand in their way.

But even if the sources I found are slanted, it is clear that the benefits are not as clear cut as the eco-terrorists would have you believe.

As I see it, this law, if it passes, amounts to nothing more than a new tax on households with babies, dogs, hats, and most everyone else.

We need plastic shopping bags to keep Israel clean.

Israel’s Knesset Battles with High Court of Justice

Monday, October 27th, 2014

A power struggle is taking place between the Knesset and the High Court of Justice, sparked by the issue of how to deal with illegal African migrants.

This week the Knesset is considering a bill that will enable lawmakers to retake their legislative authority from the High Court of Justice, and again consider a law to deal with the issue.

Dubbed the “High Court Bypass” measure, the bill proposed by Bayit Yehudi MK Ayelet Shaked would enable the Knesset to reconsider a measure struck down by the High Court as a violation of the Basic Law for Human Dignity and Liberty.

If Shaked’s law passes, the Knesset could re-vote on the bill to crack down on illegal emigrants from Africa. Such a crackdown could include detaining infiltrators in holding facilities for up to a year.

The law was passed for the first time last year – and then promptly struck down by the High Court this September. The Court ruled that the practice of holding African infiltrators in facilities such as the Holot center in southern Israel was illegal. The state was ordered to close the facility within 90 days.

A panel of nine judges handed down a 6-3 decision to limit the detention of the migrants to 60 days – rolling it back to a previous ‘infiltrator law’ — rather than 90 days. A second decision, to close Holot, came in a 7-2 ruling.

Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar was incensed, and told journalists he could “not accept the verdict of the High Court…. We won’t have a Jewish democratic state because our borders will be overrun… with illegal infiltrators,” he warned.

Sa’ar added that the Knesset would have to approve new legislation to undo the damage caused by the Court – and Shaked has since put those words into action.

That effort is now being opposed by Hatnuah party chairman and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni.

In fact, three of eight members of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation voted against the measure. The other two were Health Minister Yael German and Science and Technology Minister Yaakov Peri.

However, laws approved by the Ministerial Committee generally have a good chance of making through their first reading in the Knesset plenum. They must still make it through a second and third reading, however, in order to be written into law.

As did Sa’ar, Shaked also has pledged to revise the Basic Law on human dignity. This would end the debate altogether as it would eliminate the Court’s jurisdiction over the issue.

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