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In The Shadow Of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz: An Interview with Rabbi Menachem Even-Israel

I’m not the Rebbe, and anything from the Rebbe we don’t explain. The main theory is that my father had just gone through a very hard time, and perhaps the Rebbe wanted to give him a new beginning.

A World With Few Words

We connect to others by communicating with them. When the ability to communicate is lost, we lose that connection.

The Jewish Boy Who Trained With Palestinian Guerillas: An Interview with a Radical 1960s...

I remember in first grade a kid called me a dirty Jew and punched me in the mouth. When I got home, my mother said, “You know what your problem is? You didn’t defend your people. When somebody calls you a dirty Jew, you make ‘em pay for it.”

Singer, Songwriter Odelya Berlin – Celebrating Ten Years Of Bringing Honor

A room of thousands of women singing and crying out in prayer is an incredible experience.

Brooklyn-Born Pol Tops Candidate List for Efrat City Council

Avraham Ben-Tzvi still believes the Eitam hill, Efrat’s only remaining land reserve, must be developed urgently, or the town will lose it for good.

Hijack Plane, Escape To Israel: An Interview with Filmmaker Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov

Had the Soviets only given them a one- or two-year prison sentence, I don’t think the world response would’ve been that big.

Best. Souvenir. Ever.

All I could think of was that my daughter was having a baby on a Caribbean island, where they don’t even speak English, and she was completely and entirely alone.

Gerda Valentiner Of Denmark

The country of Denmark has the rare distinction of being the only occupied country in Europe to defy the Nazi regime’s attempt to deport its Jewish citizens, and, in fact, saved 99% of them.

PragerU Takes On Tech Censorship: An Interview with Radio Talk Show Host Dennis Prager

Facebook claimed PragerU’s videos were deleted or blocked by mistake and apologized. But Prager has faced tech censorship before. YouTube, for example. After reading the article, whom do you believe?

Daughter Of A Schneerson, Wife Of A Carlebach: An Interview with Mrs. Hadassa Carlebach

Did you know that Shlomo Carlebach had a twin brother, Eli Chaim? And that this brother was married to Hadassah, a scion of the Lubavitch Schneerson family? Read this engaging interview with this nonagenarian, Hadassah Carlebach

My Friend, Ari Fuld

On one hand - tough as nails. Like a super hero. On the other - he laughed easily, was everyone's friend and LOVED to learn Torah. Rare is it that the Karate Man, the Army Hero, Mr. Macho is also a gentle, caring, friendly person, who gets a super geshmak from learning Torah. That was R' Ari.

This Remarkable Woman Stood Up To Feminism – And Won: An Interview with Andrew...

Schlafly organized a grassroots movement against the ERA, arguing that it would harm women, not help them. She was right.

Big Impact

I didn't include my height in my CV, because my family had always taught me that dwarfism is a non-issue. Some people are short; others are tall.

Q&A: Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt Details the Thinking Behind the Mideast Peace Plan

Ahead of Rosh Hashanah, he speaks about current bonds with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel, the rocky relationship with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, other regional powers at play, and the complex and uncertain prospects for peace.

On Annexation, Trump’s Peace Deal, And The Sin Of The Spies: An Exclusive Interview...

Our job is not to dictate solutions to Israel. Our job is to support it in finding solutions to its very longstanding serious challenges.

Spotlight On Women Artists: Kolot From Nachlaot

After a while, performing for women only became exciting. It’s also amazing to play with other women in a band. The energy is great!

Senator John McCain: Death of a Hero

John McCain embodied heroism--an intangible that American culture has lost.

Hashem Just Kept Putting Me On Stage

I thought to myself, ‘I know I have music inside. I’ll just give it a try.’

The Unstoppable Yehudit Abrams

Yehudit Abrams, the hi-tech maverick who recently won $360,000 for her early detection breast cancer device is also a convert to Judaism. This is her amazing story.

A Nurse In Israel

Together with her husband, she helped found the first hospital in Beersheva, which was then just a desert.

There’s Hardly Any Anti-Semitism In Russia – Thanks To Putin? – An Interview with...

It’s very much in style and cool to be Jewish in Russia today. In the past, people were afraid to let others know they were Jewish; today, they are very proud – and many non-Jews want to be part of it too.

Spreading Joy Despite The Pain

We're powered by a mixture of inner joy and adrenaline and the audience is able to tap into these positive feelings.

Could Schmaltz Really Be Good For You? An Interview with Science Journalist Nina Teicholz

We've been living with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and cancer for so long that we assume they've always been present. But that's not the case.

When You Sing, You’re Sharing Your Neshama

Popper’s maiden name is Gott, which is German for God. “The name felt like a mismatch with my upbringing,” she relayed.


Three years ago, I wrote about the Alon Hesder unit that had lost seven soldiers in the battle for Beirut during the Peace for...


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