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Burka-clad Muslim women who harassed a group of Jews visiting the Temple Mount. One of them viciously punched a Jewish woman in the ribs. No arrest was made.

Israel Police have arrested a Jewish teen for allegedly pepper-spraying a group of Arabs who he said attacked his family on Rehov Shalshelet in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The incident took place late this morning (Tuesday, Sept. 29), when the teen and his family was passing the Shalshelet Gate.


The youth allegedly released the spray after a group of screaming and cursing Arabs harassed his family near the Gate.

Family members told the Honenu organization they had come to the Old City to celebrate the Sukkot holiday. It was only after they arrived in the city and heard the Arabs screaming and the invectives they yelled, however, that they began to realize the danger they were in, they said.

Honenu Attorney Rehavia Pilz traveled to the police station in an attempt to sort out the situation for the youth who tried to defend his family from screaming and cursing Arabs in Jerusalem.

Last month an older Jewish woman who immigrated to Israel on aliyah from the United States almost a year ago was punched in the ribs by a screaming burka-clad Muslim Arab woman while touring the Temple Mount grounds.

The problem with Muslim Arab harassment here in Israel is that it is impossible to predict when the shrieking “Allahu Akbar!” howls will transform themselves from war cries into true, active jihad (Islamic holy war). It is precisely this dilemma that daily faces Israel’s military, its police force, its government and worse, its civilian population.

The Israeli government has stiffened the penalties for perpetrators of terror, including those of younger ages, their parents, and those who throw stones.

But the government has yet to contend with the perpetrators within its own midst who nurture, incite and encourage terrorism aimed at our own population.

These are the Israeli Arab Knesset members who have traveled to hostile enemy governments in order to promote new forms of attacks on the country they purport to represent, or who have joined hostile, illegal flotillas aimed at breaching Israel’s maritime blockade that exists to prevent terrorists from smuggling weapons to each other.

Some, like MK Jamal Zahalka, joined rioters on the Temple Mount Tuesday morning (Sept. 29) in order to curse and malign the very security forces that are there to protect their lives and those of Israeli citizens who come to visit the site.



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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. They are protected outside of Arab sections and this one is just now being freed from their insanity. Now it’s about going to show our numbers. I’m proud of this teen for protecting his family when the guard are still afraid to. Sad no Muslim ever seem to be indicted for their antics!

  2. Yes Lizabeth Dana Rafaeli your wright, but unfortunately Pepperspray is against the Law in Israel the same as in many western Countries. Only Police and Military have it in case of Riot. And yes if you being bothered by someone then that’s where you have to report that to the Police like here in Canada.

  3. Good point Barbara why go their if the police on the mount wont protect us . I think this is why many American Jews wont move to Israel all that fighting and rockets and chatting death to Jews . Plus Isreal letting all them prisoners out on trade deals after they murder Jews not a good thing they go right back to killing more Jews .

  4. I’m sick and tired of reading stories about violent, abusive Arabs who attack Jews on their holiest sites. I’m tired of the political correctness that protects Arabs and Muslims at the expense of Jewish people. An award for this Jewish teen who pepper sprayed the Muslim Arabs!

  5. Why you arresting a teen but not Arabs who were harassing the family . This is a problem with Israel get rid of all Arabs from Israel . Revoke their citizenship . Arab are really stupid ,they live or come to the countries were the can live in peace no car bombing in sharia law but no they have bring their crappy life style to our civilize society . So stay home don’t come to us .

  6. Jordan and its lousy king is paying these hags to harrass Jews! He's provoking this unrest and then he goes to the world and complains about how Israel is handling the "problem" that he has been helping to foment! I agree…EXPELL THESE TERRORISTS AND WOULD-BE TERRORISTS and those who sit in the Knesset.

  7. Just wait till Gabriel comes down and destroys all that you thought was good. You will wonder who he is because he can’t be the same Angel that entered the house that Mohammed was in because he is 100 ft tall. You will wonder why he can’t be killed by the blessings you give Allah. You will wonder why even the ones not attacking him are dying. In that moment as your turn comes, then ,and only then will you know that there is. No Allah. He will trodden the city and clean the evil from its borders before His return. To the Hebrews pray that you will not be found here on earth that day for the time is near for you to climb on your rooftop.

  8. I had a similar experience in the US, a group of Black Jew-haters attacked me, left me bleeding. I managed to spray them, and they ran away. A racist Black cop arrested me, not the attackers. Everybody knows that leftist secular Jews are just as dangerous as antisemites.

  9. A jewish person fighting back…are you all mad. It's a well known fact that Jews never fight back. Millions of Jews marched right into the gas chambers without fighting back. Here in Israel that same mentality remains the same. Jewish lives are cheap, just ask any Israeli. Rockets come in, suicide bombing occur, Palestinians kidnap Israelis, and stone anything that moves, Pizza parlors and schools are blown up, what does Israel do? It captures the terrorists, then lets them go. Jewish People acting like they really give a damn…you must be dreaming, or high on drugs.

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