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Hebrew-speaking ISIS terrorist, possibly an Israeli Arab "defector."

An Israeli Arab citizen who completed service in the IDF Givati Brigade has traveled to Syria and joined Da’esh, the ISIS terror organization, Israeli security officials confirmed Sunday.

The report was first made public by the Hebrew-language Walla! news site. The man, a resident of a village in northern Israel, was not named and there was no information on when he left for Syria.


He was discharged from the IDF in January 2014 and was not in contact with his family, according to the report, which added that he was Muslim.

Israeli officials confirmed to Reuters, “We are familiar with this case,” but gave no details.

Dozens of Israeli Arab citizens have traveled illegally to join the terrorist group. In October, Da’esh released two videos in which self-identified members narrated in Hebrew with Arabic accents, threatening to attack Israel.



  1. How much does he worth if that’s to believed about those silly attention seekers? He can’t be Army alone but another volunteer who’ll have to strive to accomodate himself first then, he’ll be at the frontline since those morons won’t believe him as a fighter but a spy!

  2. Not even our strenous background checks are fool proof. His elite training provided him with an opportunity to betray himself, his village and the country he was a part of. We must be on guard especially that he knows the inner workings of the military and the language. Eliminating his capabilities, if laready not done so, should be a priority.

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