Sullivan Pushing Biden’s Panacea: Defeat Hamas, Establish Palestinian State, Live Happily Ever After

Biden admitted to his audience, "This is one of the hardest, most complicated problems in the world."

Committed to Studying 5 Religions in 6 Months, Content Creator Nas Daily Loves Judaism

In his latest video, Nuseir, who has upwards of 60 million followers around the globe, talks about Judaism.

Smotrich Levies 100% Tarif on Turkish Imports As Long As Erdogan Is President

The resolution to be submitted for the government's approval next week will remain in effect until Erdogan leaves office.

Israeli Envoy Erdan Calls UN a ‘Terror Organization’

Erdan accused the UN of becoming "a collaborator with Hamas... maybe even more than that – a terror organization unto itself."

Jewish Group Demands Lawmakers Intervene in Sonoma State’s Academic Boycott of Israel

AMCHA Initiative’s studies have consistently found a strong correlation between BDS activity and acts of antisemitic assault, harassment, and vandalism on campuses nationwide.

Police Detain Man Who Raised Israeli Flag on Temple Mount on Independence Day

He reflected the national mood today, the saddest Yom Ha’Atzmaut ever.

Greta Abandons Fight for Planet’s Future to Join Hamas Protests

Planet Earth’s savior Greta Thunberg, 21, diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, OCD, and selective mutism, is no longer into saving the planet, she now wants...

4,000 Participate in Memorial Day Ceremony for Fallen Haredim

This year, for the first time, the ceremony had to be held in Binyenei Ha'Uma to meet the high demand of Haredim to participate.

An Open Letter from Retired US Military Leaders in Support of Israel

Against these barbaric enemies, Israel stands on the front lines of the fight for civilization, the lone stable, democratic American ally.

On Israel’s 76th Birthday: 7.427 Million Jews, 2.089 Million Arabs, Half a Million ‘Others’

On the eve of Israel's 76th Independence Day, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics stated that the country’s population was 9.900 million, broken down into these three main sectors:  7.427 million...

It’s 5708-09 All Over Again: KKL Archive Releases Images from Israel’s Formative Years

The KKK-JNF archive offered a collection of rare archival photos from Israel's formative years.

New Specialized IDF Units and Pre-Military Schools Meet Greatly Increased Haredi Recruitment

"More Haredim can be recruited into the IDF, the state just has to decide that it wants to."

London Mayor Khan Says There Must Be Equally Strong Criticism of Hamas and Netanyahu

Khan suggested the Chief Rabbi's criticisms of him had an Islamophobic motive.

Jerusalem College Offers Safe Haven Programs for US Students Fearing Antisemitism

JCT is offering accelerated enrollment for transfer students completing the current semester and those applying for admission in the Fall, as well as staff opportunities for faculty members.

Israel No Longer Trusts Biden to Broker an Honest Hostage Deal

Israel incorporated some language from a previous Hamas proposal in March to call Hamas's bluff.

With So Much Flagrant Hate Around Why Don’t Jews Read the Signs?

As anti-sematic lunatics burn America to the ground, what should be the response of a God-fearing Jew?

200 Lawyers Urge Biden to Protect Israeli Officials Against ICC Arrest Warrants

“Today they are trying to hobble Israel, using blood libels and claims of war crimes, tomorrow they’ll be targeting American soldiers too."

Hamas Health Ministry Can’t Find 10,000 Names of Those it Claims Died

"This is the first admission that it lacks an essential data point necessary to establish these deaths have even taken place."

On Eve of Holocaust Remembrance 7.1 out of 15.7 Million World Jews Live in...

In 1939, on the eve of World War 2, the number of Jews in the world was 16.6 million, of which 449,000 (3%) lived in Israel.

Smotrich Excited as Trump No Longer Supports 2-State for Now

History and vengeance are so fungible when you’re Donald J. trump.

Radiocarbon Study Determines Dates of City of David Buildings, Matching Them to Biblical Events

The researchers accurately dated the walls built in Jerusalem during the First Temple period and identified areas of extensive construction during the reign of the kings of Judah.

Trump: Few Hostages Are Still Alive

Hamas could commit to releasing 40 hostages in total, all of whom may or may not be alive.

Netanyahu: Israel Will Reject Hague Court’s Attack on Its Right to Self Defense

Meanwhile, the political and legal echelons in Israel are preparing for the Hague court possibly issuing arrest warrants against Israeli senior officials.

Smotrich: Failed Chief of Staff Must Not Appoint Successor to Failed Military Intelligence Chief

Finance Minister and Religious Zionism Chairman Bezalel Smotrich on Wednesday declared that “the current Chief of Staff cannot appoint Haliva's successor. He (Chief Herzi Halevi) is part...

London-Based Arab Newspaper: Sinwar Walked the Streets of Rafah and Lived

The notion that the fate of around 100 hostages would impede Israel's war for its survival is bizarre.

The Claims Against Netzah Yehuda

Blinken is expected to announce sanctions against the Netzah Yehuda battalion for human rights violations in Judea and Samaria.

Israeli Rampage Supersonic Missiles Destroyed Isfahan Base Air Defense

Israel’s F-35s are able to fire the Rampage away from Iran’s border, over the horizon.

US Renews Effort to Forge Israeli-Saudi Peace Deal in Exchange for ‘Palestinian’ State

The White House is offering the Saudis a formal defense treaty, civilian nuclear plants, and a chance to boast that they got Israel to agree to a “Palestinian” State.

S&P Demotes Israel’s Rating from A-Plus to AA-Minus Citing Prolonged War, Iranian Attack

S&P predicts that Israel’s 2024 economic growth will not be above 0.5%, compared with 2% in 2023.


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