Islamic Jihad Leader Eliminated

An Air Force strike took out an Islamic Jihad leader...

IfNotNow Sends ‘Ransom Note’ to Camp Ramah Leaders

Why, of all the ills plaguing the planet, from climate change to measles, is she so dedicated to get half a million Jews to leave their homes in favor of people she never met.

Deadly Fuel Canister Bomb Dismantled at Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron

Israeli Border Guard Police summoned sappers who neutralized the explosive, composed of two small fuel canisters.

Arab Workers From Husan Blocked From Jobs in Beitar Illit Over Stoning Attacks

Arab attacks have become so frequent on the Husan bypass road that the artery is referred to as "Terror Road."

IDF Rejects PA’s Biased Inquiry into Death of Al Jazeera Reporter

The round was designed and manufactured in the US. Both the IDF and the Arab terrorists use M4 rifles and even the same caliber bullets.

Syrian State TV: Israeli Air Force Attacked Scientific Research Center

“Masyaf area is an important military area . . . as it contains a scientific research center and Fajr 5 missile depots, in addition to an Iranian missile development center.”

WATCH: Israeli Cabinet Officially Establishes ‘Ramat Trump’ in Golan Heights

The government named the new town in an afternoon ceremony on the Golan Heights in the presence of the U.S. mission to Israel.

Israel Shows Off $2 Billion in Precious Gems at Exhibition

The Israel Diamond Exchange hosted a four-day event this week, exhibiting $2 billion worth of diamonds and executing sales in the hundreds of millions...

Revolutionary Guards Deputy: If Europe Becomes a Threat, Iran Will Increase Its Missile Range

"If we have kept the range of our missiles to 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles) and haven’t increased it yet, it’s not due to lack of technology."

Gaza Sealed Off

Israel and Egypt are responding to the terror emanating from Gaza.

Caesarstone Leads ‘Consumer Reports’ Kitchen Countertops Survey

The Consumer Reports magazine rates the synthetic quartz countertops made by Israel’s kibbutz-based Caesarstone Sdot Yam Ltd. the best of 14 materials that were...

One of Largest Ever Ancient Oil Lamp Workshops Discovered in Beit Shemesh

The oil lamps were produced 1700 years ago and were first discovered in a cistern 1934. Since the initial discovery the cistern was sealed off and its location remained a mystery.

Watch: Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller Explains Return to Eretz Israel is about Personal Self-Discovery, National...

"You may say, 'I don’t know. Are people doing this?' There’s an organization called “Bring Them Home.” Contact them and you will find out how you can do it."

IDF Chief of Staff to Visit Morocco, First-Ever Visit by Israeli Military Head

Morocco is a partner in the iconic 2020 Abraham Accords, along with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan.

Students Dedicate Gush Etztion Outdoor Rest Area in Memory of Dvir Sorek, z’l, Arab...

“The concept developed by our students was to breathe a sense of life and living into this place where Dvir’s life came to its tragic end.”

Quiet Returned to Temple Mount after Day of Clashes [video]

Dozens of Arab youths rioted i on the Temple Mount, throwing Molotov cocktails, fireworks and stones at police officers, and barricaded themselves inside the mosque overnight,

Shalit Says Knesset Run Won’t Involve Gilad

Noam Shalit, fresh off his successful campaign to have his son, Gilad, freed in exchange for over a thousand Arab security prisoners, will attempt to win a Knesset seat with the Labor party.

Making History: Four Female Soldiers Become Tank Commanders

According to the IDF, no unusual injuries were observed during the training, and no medical abnormalities were identified.

Ban ‘Mooned’ at Park East Synagogue

Ban ki-moon challenged at NYC synagogue for justifying terrorism against Israelis.

Russia: Ilyushin Il-20 Disappeared in Israeli F-16 Attack on Latakia

A spokesman for the Pentagon told CNN that the Russian aircraft was shot down by an anti-aircraft system the Russians sold Syria several years ago.

Massive Stone Throwing Near Ofra

No one has been injured, but cars and buses have been damaged.

Video: IDF Searches for the Dead ISIS Terrorists

The IDF released a short video after the ISIS terrorists were eliminated.

Leftist Activist: PA Arabs Using NGOs in Entry Permits Industry

PA businessmen set up tourism companies and organize groups to enter Israel.

Congratulations! Paraguay Opens Embassy in Jerusalem

This is the third foreign embassy to open in Jerusalem in a week.

Reports: Truck Murderer Was Released Security Prisoner

Perhaps it's time for the IDF to adopt the Russian Army's rules of engagement.

Recruits Must Renounce Dual Citizenship to Join Elite IDF Troops

Israel's submarine fleet joined a number of elite combat units requiring their new recruits to give up ties to their former homelands to qualify for security clearance.

Livni Using ‘Peace Talks’ to Get Rid of Bennett

Tzipi Livni, Israel's senior negotiator in talks with the Palestinian Authority and head of her own tiny six-Knesset Member “Tnuah” party, is sniping at...

Court Paves Way to Make Cave of the Patriarchs Accessible to Disabled

The Palestinian Authority objects to making Cave of the Patriarchs accessible to people with disabilities.

Israel to End COVID-19 Tests at Ben-Gurion Airport

The number of coronavirus cases in Israel continues to drop with 497 patients hospitalized.

Israeli African Strategy Gaining More Allies

“There are 50 countries in Africa,” Netanyahu said during his African tour. “Just about all of them, could be allies of Israel."


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