Biden Tells Youth Culture Interviewer He Is a Zionist Who Did More than Anyone...

Speedy Morman asked why a Muslim or an Arab American would vote for him, given his Zionist status.

Israel Rejects Norwegian FM’s Request to Visit, Cites Recognition of Palestinian State

Norway not only recognized a Palestinian state but refused to recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Trump’s Shooter: Quiet, Withdrawn, Three Names

Some students speculated that he might one day become a school shooter. Boy were they wrong.

After 6 Years of Deliberations the State Indicts Michael Ben Ari for Incitement to...

You realize that none of this nonsense could take place in a democracy where freedom of speech is respected.

Peace Now: Israel on the Way to Complete Annexation of Judea and Samaria

They describe violent Arab harassment of Evyatar’s Jews as “a significant security burden on the security forces.”

Will Trump Benefit in the Polls from Saturday’s Shooting?

10% of survey respondents believed forceful action was warranted to prevent Donald Trump from assuming the presidency.

Gen. Fox and Jewish Settlers Clash for the Last Time (We Hope)

"The conceptzia that the IDF needs to preserve the Palestinian Authority in order to maintain Israel's security is what turned Jenin and Shechem into Gaza."

Labour’s Muslim Justice Secretary Shabana Mahmood Is BDS Supporter but Also Condemned Hamas

The MP for Birmingham Ladywood since 2010 is a long-time supporter of BDS against Israel, and a regular at anti-Israel rallies.

Netanyahu’s Confidante Meyer Habib Lost his Assembly Seat to Macron’s Candidate

Habib has been considered PM Benjamin Netanyahu's confidant for years and was involved in various aspects of the relationship between Israel and France during Netanyahu's tenure.

Dems Fight GOP Bill Requiring Voters’ Proof of Citizenship

The most likely cause for noncitizens registering to vote are State DMV officials who are trained to inquire if while renewing their motor vehicle licenses.

Manchester Mosque Apologizes for Calling Invited Rabbi ‘Child killer’

“We regret what has happened,” said the Masjid Bilal Islamic Center.

White Men Suing Northwestern Law School over Bias in Hiring

The lead lawyer for the plaintiffs, Jonathan F. Mitchell, a renowned conservative attorney from Texas, said in a statement on Tuesday, “We’re just getting started.”

Labour Targets 24 Muslim Districts Where Pro-Hamas Vote Will Go to George Galloway’s Socialists

Labour's position has angered many of Britain's 3.9 million Muslims, who constitute 6.5% of the country's population.

Labor and Meretz Unite as ‘The Democrats’ under Yair Golan, Hoping to Salvage Israel’s...

The deal also includes the unification of the parties' institutions, so it is not merely a technical block ahead of the next election, but the creation of a new party.

Nationalist Right Dominates France’s First Round of Snap Elections

The composition of the upcoming legislature hinges significantly on how Macron and left-wing parties guide their supporters in the next vote.

Noisy Pro-Hamas Mob Ruins Shabbat for Jewish Dem’s Family and his Chicago Neighbors

A statement from Rep. Schneider's office reported that a red substance, suspected to be animal blood, was spilled on the sidewalk during the protest.

What King Solomon Had to Say about Biden’s Quandary

Oh, how the mighty have fallen – in the ditch of their own digging.

Oklahoma Orders Every Teacher to Keep a Bible in Class and Teach from It

I agree with Oklahoma because of the founder of Hasidism, Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer the Ba’al Shem Tov.

Retired Fighter Pilot Declares War on the Anarchists

“The people of Israel have suffered enough years from a lordly tyranny."

Bar Ilan Survey: 72% of Israelis Say Internal Strife Rushed the October 7 Attack

“The majority of Israeli society is willing to reach a consensus, recognizing that societal divisions were a significant factor leading to the October 7 events."

Sen. Cotton Demands DOJ Action Against LA Pro-Hamas Rioters

"Was federal law enforcement requested to protect the Jewish community?"

Israeli Churches Accuse Tel Aviv, Ramla, Nazareth and Jerusalem of Daring to Demand Property...

The churches, who are among the largest landowners in Israel, insist that they should not pay property taxes, citing a “longstanding tradition.”

NY Times Gets It Right for Once about Smotrich’s Plan, If You Can Ignore...

It was such a pleasure to read Talia Sasson’s hound’s baying at the undoing of her cruelty

Mark your Calendars: Bibi to Speak to Congress on July 24 (Kramer’s Birthday)

Conclusion: Bibi should fly on July 23, and take a car. Also, isn’t it time to chuck Schumer?

Smotrich: IDF Command Caused October 7, Fears Hezbollah

If Netanyahu continues to promote the outline of the deal as presented by Biden, Smotrich could retire from the government prematurely.

Brigadier General (Ret.) Ofir Winter on Chief Halevi’s War: ‘Hamas Is an Enemy? They’re...

Should Netanyahu win the next election (whether soon or in 2026), he could do worse than appoint Ofer Winter as his Defense Minister.

6 House Committees to Probe 10 Major Universities on Campus Antisemitism

"The House of Representatives will not countenance the use of federal funds to indoctrinate students into hateful, antisemitic, anti-American supporters of terrorism.”


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