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Airbnb Faces U.S. Lawsuit Over Its Boycott of Judea, Samaria

“Airbnb has made a religion- and nationality-based decision about who can list.”

Terrorist’s Attorney Resigns After Cursing Out Victim’s Family in Court

The victim's father, Boaz Kokia, called on the Israeli public to refrain from employing Mustafa.

Elor Azaria Accusing Police of Habitual Leaking of His Personal Information

Elor’s father, Charlie Azaria, filed a complaint with the Police Investigation Unit regarding the false leak to the press.

Prosecutor to Appeal Court’s Refusal to Convict Terrorist of Murder

The court ruled that the terrorist was responsible for Gelman's death, since the shooting resulted from his actions, but found it could not assign to him a murder conviction.

Haaretz: Shaked Completed Her Supreme Court Revolution

Haaretz commentator Nir Hasson on Thursday suggested that "today's Supreme Court is at best a rubber stamp with a legal and moral flexibility regarding...

Israeli Couple May Divorce Over Children’s Vaccinations

The wife, equipped with medical articles she had picked up on Google, vehemently refused to vaccinate.

Moving Right, High Court Backs Rabbinic Ruling Cutting Unfaithful Wife from Community Property

Justice Stein expressed a conservative approach according to which the High Court must refrain from intervening as much as possible in the decisions of lower courts.

Yair Netanyahu Sues Driver Over Recording

His remarks reflected his sense of entitlement, but were clearly intended to be private and not shared with the entire world.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized

Ginsberg, 85, is the second female justice of four to be confirmed to the Court.

Christian Democrat Rejects Polish Demands for German WW2 Reparations

Material compensation incurred by Germany has been estimated as approximately $1.755 billion in 2006 exchange values, allowing for inflation.

Knesset Gives Preliminary Approval to Denying Security Prisoners Early Release

"Any intelligent person understands that security prisoners should not enjoy the privilege of having a third of their sentence commuted."

Terrorist Finally Convicted of Murder in 2016 Gush Etzion Attack

Eliav Gelman was killed during the exchange of fire at the terrorist.

Shaked to Discipline Deputy AG Dina Zilber for Sabotaging Government Policy

Zilber's appearance was a "slap in the face" to Justice Minister Shaked, who initiated the bill with government approval.

Agunah Asks Rabbinic Court to Release Get-Refusing Husband after 17 Years in Prison

Meir Gorodetsky is the most stubborn get refuser in Israel, and has been behind bars since the turn of the millennium.

Prosecution Lost ‘Hate Wedding’ Video, Chain of Evidence Compromised

The Honenu attorneys who represent the defendants suggested the loss of the recordings cast a heavy shadow on the trial's continuation and on the state's ability to convict their clients.

Iran’s Supreme Court Confirms Execution of Gold Trader Blamed for Economic Decline

Tehran police and the courts would have to find new scapegoats for the falling rial.

Judge in ‘Hate Wedding’ Trial Makes State Present Similar Cases Not Prosecuted in Arab...

The defense argued that while the state prosecution indicted their clients, it regularly opts not to indict in similar cases in the Arab sector.

Family of Terror Victim Who Died 7 Years After the Attack Demands Reopening Killers’...

The explosion damaged her brain stem in 2011 and she remained in a vegetative state for six years.

Supremes: BDS Leader Stays; Smotrich: We’re Schmatahs Asking to Be Stepped On

"Somehow, these interventions always favor one side only – against the national and Zionist interests of the state," MK Smotrich said.

High Court to Consider Zionist Group’s Arguments Regarding BDS Student’s Threat

Lara Alqasem served as the president and primary contact of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of Florida.

AG Approves Discriminatory Treatment of Jailed Terrorists Vs. Ordinary Criminals

Minister Erdan also seeks to degrade the current prison conditions of the security inmates.

Im Tirtzu Urging Donors to Challenge Hebrew U. Support for BDS Student

Alqasem's supported Rasmea Odeh, a convicted terrorist who murdered two Hebrew University students in 1969.

Arab Terrorists Attacked Supreme Court Justice David Mintz

Despite the attempted assault on his life, the justice arrived in court Monday morning and is expected to deal with his caseload as usual.

American BDS Students Gets Another Chance: Deportation Frozen by High Court

Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan contends that state funds should not be used to permit a student who supports the BDS movement to attend classes in Israel.

Jerusalem Butcher Shop Fined $5,500 for Selling Shark Meat

Police and Border Police officers seized a suspicious hand truck that was pushed through the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem with four dead sharks in it.


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