Supreme Court President Hayut Retires Today, Will Devote More Time to Spreading Strife at...

It’s been a trip. I, for one, am delighted to see her go, and will not miss her.

With Justice Baron’s Retirement Israel Is Rid of a Supreme Court Hardcore Leftist

Baron was part of the High Court’s effort to thwart Haredi men’s aspirations for higher education.

53 Former Agunot Celebrate a New Year of Freedom

There's nothing like the joy shared by women who have finally gained their freedom after a long struggle."

Justice Minister to High Court: Judicial Appointments Committee Is Strictly My Purview

Levin listed three reasons why he cannot be compelled to assemble the committee.

Judges Heckled Rothman’s Arguments? Want to Read What He Wanted to Say? No problem

"Public trust in the court is waning as a result of the court's extensive involvement in social, economic, and political matters."

ADL, Brandeis, AJC Sue to Stop Antisemitic Content in Santa Ana Public Schools

“The Santa Ana School Board has allowed ethnic studies courses with substantial antisemitic content to slide through the approval process."

Beyadenu Petitions High Court Against Garbage Dumping on Temple Mount

This constitutes a serious violation of religious sanctity and the profound emotional connection of Jews to the site of the Holy of Holies.

Justice Elron Throws Hat in Ring for Supreme Court President Defying Traditional Seniority System

President Hayut was not amused, and announced Elron’s punishment on the same day he made his announcement.

Nahariya Undertaker Suspended for Grave Dancing, Singing, Cooking & Posting It Online

The disciplinary court ruled that it is hard to believe that this was done by a sane civil servant.

Israeli High Court Issues Temporary Injunction Against Coalition’s Incapacitation Basic Law

This will be the first time the Supreme Court is interfering with a Basic Law, which they've described as having constitutional authority.

State to Pay Right-Wing Reporter $1375.25 for Harassment in the Police Killing of Ahuvia...

Groner was summoned to a police interrogation, where his statement that he was a reporter was ignored.

AG Tells Court There’s No Grounds to Sack Netanyahu

On March 23 the Knesset rewrote the law to emphasize that only the government and the Knesset are empowered to declare a serving PM incapacitated.

Ambassador Nides Goes Off the Rails Attacking Netanyahu’s Government

Ambassador Nides has been giving a bad name to colonialism since his appointment in 2021.

Jerusalem Post Capitulates before MK Rothman’s Libel Suit

And now, you too can enjoy the JPost apology, free of charge.

Gafni Attacks Netanyahu: He Can’t Drop the Override Clause on his Own

Gafni made it clear that after he had spoken with Netanyahu, the override clause was not removed from the agenda.

AOC Assaults the Supreme Court for Ruling Against her Views

Is anyone in the Democratic party interested in a constitutional crisis on the eve of the 2024 election?

Rebbetzin Michal Nagen Petitioned High Court Against Women Serving in IDF Special Forces

Many young women suffered serious disabling injuries in combat service, some of them long-term.

Watch: Leftwing MKs Rage Against Yair Lapid, Because That’s Just What They Do

The more Rothman read from the statement critical of the Supreme Court, the more the Leftwing MK screamed and yelled.

Coalition Tells Gantz They Prefer His Judicial Appointments Candidate Over Lapid’s

In the end, it’s all up to Netanyahu, whose Chess pieces move in mysterious ways.

Rabbinical Court: False Police Complaints Used Routinely in Divorce Disputes

"One cannot say too much about the humiliation involved in actually removing one of the spouses from his home."

Economic Competition Czar: Banks Supervision in Israel Is Regulatory Spaghetti

"The supervision of the non-banking entities should be reduced and adapted to international standards.”

Opposition Party’s Judicial Reform Matches Levin/Rothman and then Some

If the coalition submitted the above Saar plan as is, and the National Camp would vote in favor, this reporter would be deliriously happy.

Legal Counsel Forbids Govt. Videos Explaining Judicial Reform; Protest Movement Spent $30 Million

The Hasbara Ministry is only allowed to do hasbara about the Hasbara Ministry.

Ben-Gvir Tells High Court: ‘Permit Me to Represent Myself’

"I no longer trust the attorney general," the national security minister, himself a lawyer, tells the judges.

Survey: Only 12% of Hi-Tech Employees Want their Company to Protest Judicial Reform

“The absolute majority of hi-tech employees in Israel want quiet, and to put the split behind us.”


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