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The United Nations Applauds Abbas’ Narrative

Abbas again used the UN to attack Israel, distort history, and undermine prospects for peace.

A Eulogy for Corporal David Menachem Gordon, (Z”L)

David transcended adversity to become a leader; Who are we to make excuses for a lack of greatness?

Sympathy, Empathy, And Mercy

sympathy: Feeling sorrow or pity for another's tribulations; Empathy:sharing an emotional experience

An Alternate 4-point Strategy For The President

Last week the president announced a four-point plan. Unfortunately, there’s little buy-in from our European and Middle Eastern allies. Here’s my own four-point plan that may be more palatable to our allies.

The Deeper Dimension Of Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah has an obvious connection to God’s Kingship. We constantly refer to Him during the Asseres Yemei Teshuvah as Melech/King. The nusach of...

The Uniqueness Of The Prophet Jonah: Modern-Day Barbarians Can’t Destroy His Message

Yes, God judges, but His judgment is that of a loving father who longs for his child’s quick return.

Connecting The Dots Between Euro Anti-Zionism And Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism has returned to the mainstream of European society and Israel has become its focus.

What to Pray for this Rosh HaShanah

"I pray that fellow Jews open their eyes & connect themselves to the national side of being a Jew"

Rosh HaShanah Guide for the Perplexed, 2014 (5775)

Rosh Hashanah is a universal, stock-taking, renewal and hopeful holiday,

Double-Edged Sword

Research shows that high doses of marijuana can produce acute psychotic reactions, lower IQ in teens

Spiritual War in Samaria

The current missionary problem in Samaria is still relatively unknown throughout Israel&to most Jews

Reading Roduren: “Unrest by Palestinians”

No mutual clash between parties, it was Jews repeatedly attacked by Arabs, not the other way around.


Why has his death been treated by some as an invitation for an emotional “autopsy”?

Teshuvah And Strategic Planning: Seeing The Forest For The Trees

SWOT analysis: Assessing resources, internal Strengths&Weaknesses; external Opportunities&Threats.

No Strategy, No Clue

Strategy? For the longest time Obama couldn’t be bothered to have one against a sworn enemy.

Why Can’t Racheli Read?

Seventeen visual skills are needed for success in school, sports, and everyday life.

Arnie Fine: Master Storyteller, Dear Friend

We started The Jewish Press. Arnie was an integral part of the paper.

Fear And Beauty

Fear alone is substantial; without fusing it to beauty, fear doesn’t reach its highest potential.

National Lawyers Guild seeks to indict Obama for helping Israel build Iron Dome

National Lawyers Guild:Sworn enemy of Israel & the legal arm of Palestinian terrorism since the '70s

Some Thoughts On The Sept. 9 Primary Results

A little less than 10 percent of eligible Democratic voters came out on primary day, which translates into Mr. Cuomo having received the support of 6.2 percent of registered Democrats.

The State Department’s Calumny

The reality, though, is that the Israeli “war crimes” scenario will likely be played out among highly partisan UN agencies, NGOs, and perhaps even the International Criminal Court.

Defending David Gordon

We talked about the responsibility that comes with the pen, its potential to influence and inspire.

Miracle in Gaza: Power Plant the Guardian Declared “Destroyed” Comes Back to Life

Amnesty International:The crippling of the power station was “collective punishment of Palestinians”

Anti-Missionary Conference

Originally scheduled to be held elsewhere, the hotel canceled, pressured by local missionary groups

ISIS Promptly Outflanks Obama’s New Strategy, Neutralizes Syrian Opposition

It’s likely that some of the rebel factions, including US clients, have indeed made pacts with ISIS

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