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HarperCollins’s Inexcusable Attempt To Erase Israel

HarperCollins bills is a storied brand with a list of top-notch authors going back some 200 years

Recognizing The Creator Of The Cosmos As The God Of History

Foreshadowing modern science, rabbis spoke of an Intelligent Designer who created a unique universe

Open Letter to the French President

Abbas participating in the march is an insult to the memory of the slain journalists

Aliyah is Not an Escape: A Response to the Call for French Aliyah

Much aliyah being discussed resembles emigration-fleeing from a fear rather than running to Israel

France and the Dilemma of Aliyah

From G-d's pledging the land of Israel to the Patriarchs it's been the focus of Jewish consciousness

India Must Act as a Nation of Resolve

Like Jerusalem, New Delhi must defend itself against Islamist terror threatening its core values

The French Enlightenment is About to End

Napoleon inviting Jews to engage the Enlightenment was the Serpent’s venom in its modern incarnation

Will the next Coalition make any Difference?

Surely the time has come to stand up to President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry

The War Between the Jews

Most Jews dismiss and deny the wave of "pure" Jew hatred that is about to engulf them.

Activism through Speech: Jewish Response to the Recent Tragedies in France

What does it mean "to fight as a Jew"? Fighting with the power of voice, the “voice of Jacob.”

Response to the Charlie Hebdo Tragedy

Meditation is a possible and potent answer to an almost ADHD driven lifestyle taking hold around us

World War One at the Beginning of 1915: One Century later

Expulsions perpetrated by the Russians during WWI were the worst against the Jews since Roman times.

The Hidden Inner Compass

The midwifes rejecting Pharoah's command is the first recorded incident of civil disobedience

Netanyahu Rained on France’s Parade (Thank God)

France allegedly snubbed Israel and didn't want Netanyahu at the rally, but it was important that Netanyahu pushed his way to the front of the line.

Reflecting on “Moment of Silence” in Schools

San Francisco schools transformed by power of daily meditation,successfully reducing school violence

“Je Suis Them”

We will not hate, we will not hide, We will persist and we will thrive.

Come To Israel For Love

Come live in Israel-make us stronger and live unashamedly JEWISH in our God-given land. We need you.

Offering the French Land for Peace

Proposals for France to achieve a full, lasting, and just peace with their historic opponents

An Issue of Leadership

In history of warfare only Israel gives warnings to the enemy with insane “Purity of Arms” doctrine

Israel’s Splendid Isolation

Despite claims that Israel is "isolated," 2014 was a record year for foreign investment in Hi-Tech

Has a “New King” Risen in Europe?

In just a few months one country after another in Europe has recognized a Palestine state

Bland Fare–The Forward’s New Column Violates Ancient Taboo: It’s Uninteresting

There's a tendency to imbue everything Jews do with some Jewish significance, but sometimes it's just plain old boring unJewish.

Statement on the Elections

Ideally, the balance between love and fear would occur by unifying the God-fearing political parties

Charlie Hebdo; My 2 Cents

There is nothing totalitarians like less than mockery.

Eulogy to an inspiration, Joan Peters

Peter's predicted UNRWA as an integral part of efforts to undermine Israel's standing in the world

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