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A Psychologist’s Solution to the Israeli Problem of “Dumb” Elections

A novel way to keep the PM from letting power take him out of control-Think R.Gamliel & R. Yehoshua.

Enhanced Jewish-Arab Coexistence in Defiance of Odds

Top priorities of Israeli Arabs: employment, education, healthcare, crime, and women's rights,

The Media and Islam

Islam and Christianity are “universal churches” believing THEIR truth to the exclusion of all faiths

If it’s March, They Must Be Honoring Terrorists

It’s March, that means PA will be honoring gruesome Palestinian massacres of Israelis & Americans

Whom Can You Trust?

When influential people subvert and supplant the truth it destroys the fundamental value of trust

Shidduchim: It’s Not What We See But How We See It

Shidduchim options have grown-the question “Why should I settle for this one?” has become widespread

Post-Purim miracle

The media, academia and entertainment joined to unseat their nemesis, in a "just not Bibi" campaign

Elections, Israel Style

Bibi: "Standing Alone is not something that we want to do, but it may be what we are destined to do”

New York’s Proposed Education Investment Tax Credit And What It Means For Yeshiva Parents

Under the current proposal, an Educational Scholarship Organization must be a not-for-profit organization that distributes at least 90% of the scholarship contributions it receives.

Nothing Helped the Left-But can you smell the napalm this morning?

No matter what rick or contrivance the Left tried, it didn't help. And tried they did!

Los Angeles Conference Confronts BDS Financing and Tactics

Today the BDS Movement is the vanguard of growing anti-Semitic agitation and anti-Israel activity

Former President Clinton Consultant & Former Netanyahu Chief Of Staff Say New Israel Fund...

Political debate is welcome-within limits. Boycotting Israel is unacceptable for "friends" of Israel

CUFI calls HuffPo Writer’s Attack on Pastor Hagee “Deeply Offensive”

How dare Wilson use Jewish history's greatest tragedy to slander Hagee, a great of the Jewish people

An Economic Primer for the “Occupiers”

- When income becomes too equitable, there are no incentives to work hard and take risks and innovate.

VOTE, Vote, Vote…VOTE!

Only Bibi has the sort of leadership qualities we need to get us through this perilous time.

Obama Backs Tehran’s Push for Hegemony

Iran's location, arsenal and energy resources make it potentially the region's dominant power

New Israel Fund Is Not a Pro-Israel Organization

NIF's main goal is undermining the IDF with $ for leftist NGOs charging IDF soldiers with war crimes

US Congress Members Compromising Israel’s Security?

Jordan needs weapons to fight ISIS without making it stronger than US Mid-East allies, Israel&Egypt

Jewish DNA

Despite all evidence to the contrary you yet claim that "As a Jew, support for Israel is in my DNA.”

President Obama, please tune in to Saudi Arabia

Riyadh supports Israel's role against their mutual enemy-A nuclear/apocalyptic/ imperialistic Iran

University Of Washington’s Simpson Center Puts Israel In The Dock

Allegations by academic BDS'ers are countless and make Israel guilty of EVERY evil on the planet

Who’s Insulting Our Intelligence?

I laughed when I heard Pelosi’s remarks that she was “near tears” from Bibi's "condescending" speech

Name It To Tame It

A message can be manipulated for and targeted to an audience without the awareness of the listener

Anti-Semitism Alive And Well On New York’s College Campuses

BDS leaders failing to offer condolences after the Paris terrorist attacks prove their anti-Semitism

Shmuel Sackett’s Election Predictions

Even if his predictions are completely wrong he can still be called an expert!

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