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IDF – We Believe the Boys are Alive

A senior IDF officer said the IDF believes the boys are alive and in the Hebron area.

Jonathan Pollard Praying for the Boys

Jonathan Pollard is praying for the safe return of the kidnapped boys, and has asked that Jews around the world do the same, according...

IDF Soldiers and Iron Dome Redeploying

The IDF has begun redeploying soldiers and even entire combat platoons for the purpose of finding the children kidnapped by Hamas in Gush Etzion

Operation “Shuvu Achim”

The IDF search operation to find the kidnapped boys has been called "Shuvu Achim" - "Return Brothers"

Netanyahu: Hamas Carried Out the Kidnapping

Netanyahu - "Hamas kidnapped the children and there will be serious consequences."

Police Investigating Reporting Mess-up in Kidnapping

The police announced they will form an investigation as to how and why the initial report of the kidnapping was ignored for 4 hours.

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon Equates Kidnapping to Israeli Defense

Ban Ki-moon couldn't mouth a simple condemnation, like he did for kidnappings in other countries.

Conrad Morris, BDE

Conrad Morris, a philanthropist and businessman, passed away on Saturday night.

IDF Arrests 80 Terrorists as Search Continues

The IDF arrested 80 wanted terrorists overnight as the search continues for the kidnapped boys. Almost all those who were arrested are members of Hamas in Judea and Samaria, and some are from Islamic Jihad.

Canada Condemns PA Terror Kidnapping, But Obama’s Silent

Canada firmly condemned last week's PA terror kidnapping of 3 teenage boys but the U.S. is still silent, though one hostage is American.

Cabinet Meeting Moved to Tel Aviv

The Cabinet will hold its weekly meeting in Tel Aviv on Sunday to be close to the Kirya IDF headquarters.

Overnight Prayers for Kidnapped Boys at Western Wall

Israel's chief rabbis led prayers Saturday night at the Western Wall for the safe return of boys kidnapped by terrorists.

Attempted Attack at Paris Synagogue

2 men on a scooter, armed with Kalashnikov rifles and handguns approached a Paris shul on Shabbat afternoon.

Jerusalem Arabs Stone Light Rail

Arabs in Jerusalem stoned 2 trains on the Jerusalem light rail on Saturday night.

IDF Strikes Gaza Following Rocket Launch

Two Hamas sites and two Islamic Jihad sites were hit in southern Gaza. Two Hamas sites were hit near Gaza city.

Arabs Celebrating Kidnapping of Jewish Children

Palestinian Authority Arabs are celebrating the kidnapping of the 3 Jewish boys. Sick people. Sick society.

Palestinian Authority (Fatah) Calls For Obstructing IDF Search for Children

The Palestinian Authority calls on its citizens to obstruct the search for the kidnapped children.

UPDATED: No Arab Workers in Settlements on Sunday

Settlements throughout Judea and Samaria have announced that no Palestinian Unity Government Arabs will be permitted in to work on Sunday.

UPDATED Prayer Sessions and Vigils

Prayer sessions, vigils, and even protests are being held all around Israel, in hope the IDF will find the three kidnapped boys, Eyal Yifrach...

Facebook Page Launched: Kill a Terrorist Every Hour Until Kidnapped Children are Returned

A Facebook page has been launched demanding that Israel kill a terrorist every hour until the kidnapped children are returned.

Israeli Prime Minster Responds to Terror Abduction of Israeli Teens

“We feel just how much the state is doing their maximum to find our boys and the prayers of everyone as well as the knowledge that we live in Israel is what comforts me,” Gilad’s grandfather told the press.

Netanyahu: Our Boys Were Kidnapped by a Terrorist Organization

PM Netanyahu has confirmed that the 3 boys have been kidnapped.

Hamas Unity Government Rockets Hit Israel

Rockets launched again from PUG controlled Gaza.

Update: IDF Still Searching for 3 Boys Believed to have been Kidnapped

The missing boys, believed to have been kidnapped, have still not been found.

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