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Ceasefire with Hamas

IDF Central Command announced that Israeli residents along the Gaza border can leave their bomb shelters and return to life as normal.

Israeli Fighter Jets Pound Hamas Terror Targets in Gaza

"The [Hamas] battalion command’s entire infrastructure has been destroyed, vaporized, turned into a giant hole."

IDF: Strike Knocks Out High-Rise Building Used As Hamas Training Facility

Below the building was a terror tunnel used for practicing underground combat.

IDF Strikes Hamas Tunnels Following Grenade Attack That Injures Officer

IDF jets hit several targets in the Gaza Strip including two terror tunnels and Hamas military infrastructure.

Three Injured As Mortar Hits Sderot Home

Two mortars had hit the town, one scoring a direct hit on a house, the other hit the courtyard of a synagogue.

Israel Under Fire

Today, the IDF carried out the largest wave of daytime strikes since Operation Protective Edge in summer 2014.

IDF Officer Seriously Wounded in Gaza Border Attack

A Gaza terrorist threw a live grenade at the officer while trying to cross the security fence into Israeli territory, the IDF said.

Rocket Fire Rains Down on Southern Israel on Sabbath After Midnight

The Code Red incoming rocket alert siren was triggered dozens of times in southern Israel more than an hour after midnight on Friday night.

PA Protesting Israeli Refusal to Renew Visas for Hostile Foreign Academics

In March 2017, the Knesset passed a law prohibiting the granting of entry visas or permits to stay in Israel to foreign citizens who called for a boycott of Israel.

‘Unprecedented Acts of Terror’ Burn More Than 7,400 Acres of Israeli Land

Hamas terrorists have set more than 1,000 fires since the start of this latest new campaign of terror, which began in March 2018.

IED Balloon Lands in Sderot

Israel Police immediately closed down the area and summoned the bomb squad.

Jerusalem Mufti Issues ‘Fatwa’ Forbidding Muslims to Sell Land to Jews

Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, the "Palestinian" mufti of Jerusalem, issued an edict on Tuesday calling the “land of Palestine” an inalienable religious endowment forbidden to sell to “the enemies.”

Netanyahus Attend World Cup Semi-Final

Back in June, President Putin invited both PM Netanyahu and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to attend the July 15 final in Moscow.

IDF Strikes ‘Near’ Gaza Firebomb Terror Squad

An armed terrorist was also captured while infiltrating through the border fence. He was turned over for interrogation.

Gaza Terrorist Fire Attacks Escalating, Moshav Barn, Forest Lands Destroyed

A dozen firefighter teams, 30 firefighters, four firefighting aircraft and four steam shovels were still in the field at 6 pm.

IDF Foils Infiltration from Gaza

It's not clear how many terrorists were attempting to infiltrate into Israeli territory.

Gaza Trade War: Hamas, Israel, Exchange Economic Blows

"Hamas' goal is to punish Israeli farmers, and the fact that the Gazans would be deprived of fruits as a result is not its concern, let them not eat fruit."

The Great Escape from Hamas-Ruled Gaza, by Anyone Who Can

It's unclear whether Gazans who are bright, educated, qualified and still have money, will also have enough faith left in the process to wait it out, or will take their chances and try to make it out anyway while they still can.

Kerem Shalom Crossing ‘Closed’ But Not Inactive

The border crossing saw 18,154 tons of goods delivered to various sites in the enclave in 200 trucks on Sunday alone.

Hamas: Closing Kerem Shalom Crossing a ‘Crime Against Humanity’

Hamas has so far started 678 fires, which burned down 2,250 acres of Israeli forests, 1,500 acres of Israeli agricultural land, and hundred of acres of open space in Israel.

Hamas Has Invested USD $45 Million in Gaza Border Riots

More than 4000 acres of Israeli land have been burned down.

Hamas-Linked Al Quds TV Declared a Terror Organization

Israel's defense establishment called the channel "a propaganda arm of Hamas" and "central platform for disseminating the messages of the terrorist organization."

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