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May 2, 2016 / 24 Nisan, 5776

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Arabs Flip Over Arab Taxi on Gush Etzion Road

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

Arabs piled up stones across the road approximately one kilometer west of the T-junction in Gush Etzion.

As a result, an Arab taxi-van driving on the road hit the stone roadblock and flipped over.

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Two Terrorists Killed Attacking IDF Soldiers

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

Two Arab terrorists were killed attacking IDF soldiers in the Jordan Valley. The two attempted to stab the soldiers near Beka’ot.

No IDF soldiers were injured in the attack.

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Man Stabbed in Jerusalem

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

A man was stabbed in the Armon HaNatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem just after 4 PM. The terrorist waited for a victim at a bus stop on Barzani street, according to a TPS report.

The victim was lightly injured with a wound to his shoulder. He refused to be taken for treatment.

Border Police have entered the nearby Jabal Muckaber neighborhood looking for the attacker.

A suspect has been arrested by the police.

Knife from Attack

Correction: The initial report said the victim was a woman.

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Ramming Attack Foiled Near Qalandiya

Friday, December 18th, 2015

An Arab (30) from Qalandiya, near Jerusalem, tried to ram his car into a group of soldiers and security personnel at the Kalandiya checkpoint, according to a TPS report.

The terrorist crashed his car into a concrete security block, and then got out and began to run towards the security personnel on site.

One of the security men opened fire directly at the terrorist and neutralized him with a shot in the leg.

The terrorist was arrested.

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Israeli Medical Association: Doctors Must Treat the Worst Injury First, Including Terrorists

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

(JNi.media) An appeal of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) has led to a dramatic change in the guidelines of Israel’s Medical Association, imposed by its Ethics Bureau: from now on, medical teams must provide medical care to victims at the scene of a terrorist attack, including the terrorist perpetrators, according to the severity of their injury.

To date, EMTs were instructed to treat all the victims of an attack first, before the attacker, in line with the rule of “The poor of your city come first” (the rabbinic version of “charity begins at home”); but from now on, according to the dramatic resolution, reported by Israel Hayom, the medics must triage only according to the severity of the injury.

The IMA Ethics Bureau is the only entity in Israel in charge of setting the standards of medical ethics for all doctors and medical teams. Its instructions have a profound influence on all the emergency medical professionals, including paramedics, medics, nurses and administrators. However, the change in the existing triage procedure that was decided earlier this week was not publicized, but was merely entered in the guidelines published on the IMA website, for fear of “political and public criticism of the decision during the widespread wave of terror,” Israel Hayom reported.

The dramatic decision was made after a long discussion that took place at the Ethics Bureau last week, at the request of Physicians for Human Rights, a not-for-profit NGO whose stated view is that “Israel’s prolonged occupation over Palestinian territory is the basis of human rights violations. For this reason we oppose the occupation and endeavor to put an end to it. PHR-Israel stands at the forefront of the struggle for human rights – the right to health particularly – in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.”

Between 2008-2014, the anti-Zionist New Israel Fund (NIF) authorized grants worth $1,275,815 to PHR-Israel, according to NGO Monitor. The Israel PHR has received additional donations from the Human Rights and International Law Secretariat (Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands), Diakonia (Sweden), Medico International (Germany), Bread for the World (Germany), the European Union, HEKS-EPER (Switzerland), Germany, Norway, Switzerland, and UNHCR. Its operating budget is assessed at between $1 and $2 million annually. It buys a lot of ethics.

PHR-Israel addressed the IMA Ethics Bureau, saying that the former directive seriously contradicts the principles of internationally accepted medical ethics and international humanitarian law. Chairman of the IMA Ethics Bureau, Dr. Tammy Karni, told Israel Hayom that the reason for changing the rule is that “doctors are not judges. The meaning of keeping the directive intact was to tell the doctor to investigate who is to blame and punish them by denying care. In a multiple-injury event it’s very easy to make mistakes in identification, and the treating physician clearly can’t do a precise identification of the victims. The doctor must be focused on saving the lives of as many people as possible. It isn’t decent to add to the doctor’s triage task criteria that are unrelated to the health of the casualties.”

The principle of “The poor of your city come first” at the scene of an attack was part of the guidelines of the Ethics Bureau that were written in 2008. The earlier directives were formulated by a group of doctors, including Prof. Pinchas Halpern, director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, and a leading expert in emergency medicine in Israel. According to Halpern, removing the former directive was a mistake, and instead there needed to be a hearing on the issue which in the end would specify the guiding principles for treatment of an enemy.


IDF Discovers Knives, Bullets, Axes and Incitement Material in Overnight Raid

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

By Alexander J. Apfel/TPS

The IDF discovered a large weapons cache last night during an operation to arrest two wanted terrorists from the Qalandiya refugee camp adjacent to Jerusalem.

The wide scale operation was conducted by the Binyamin brigade in cooperation with the police, border police and civilian administration. As IDF forces scoured the area and conducted the arrests however, they were forced to contend with dozens of rioting Palestinians and armed terrorists who began firing at Israeli personnel.

Nobody was injured in the riots. However, as IDF forces searched a number of houses in the camp, the elite units of duvduvan and Shaked discovered a cache of weapons which included protective vests, thousands of bullets for a variety of firearms, magazines, incitement material, knives and axes.

An operation by the Givati brigade last night was also interrupted after a man attempted to run over a group of soldiers in the same refugee camp.

The soldiers fired on and successfully neutralized the assailant, who Palestinian media identified as 21-year-old Ahmed Hassan Jehajeh from Qalandiya. However, three were injured from what appeared to be friendly fire. All three were evacuated to hospital, one in moderate condition and two remaining in light condition.

During a separate incident, another car ramming was attempted but none was injured. The terrorist, Hihmat Hamdan from al-Bireh was also killed.

TPS / Tazpit News Agency

Gun Shots Fired At Tulkaram Checkpoint Leaving Two Injured

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

By Alexander J. Apfel / TPS

In a terrorist attack on Wednesday evening, gun shots were fired from a travelling vehicle this evening at Ha’orot junction near the Tulkaram which is located east of Netanyah in northern Samaria.

Shortly after 7:20PM, Magen David Adom (MDA) received a call that two individuals were injured at Avnei Hefetz junction. Initial reports indicated that paramedics were providing medical assistance to the victims upon their arrival at the scene.

One of whom is said to be in his 70s and in serious condition having received gun shots in his hand and leg. Additionally, a young girl is said to be in light condition.

According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the IDF is currently conducting security searches in pursuit of the vehicle from which the guns were shot after it managed to flee the scene.

TPS / Tazpit News Agency

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