Two IDF Soldiers were Killed Protecting US’s Dysfunctional Aid Pier to Gaza

Two Israeli soldiers were killed protecting US soldiers from Hamas last month.

Republicans and a Democrat Demand Resignation of Woke Secret Service Chief Kimberly Cheatle

Here are a few anecdotes that could explain, perhaps, why Cheatle’s agency did not measure up to the task of protecting one of the two most important persons in the country.

Report: Biden Administration Mulls Sanctions Against Israeli Ministers Ben-Gvir, Smotrich

The president allegedly . . . believed the US should not impose sanctions on elected officials in other sovereign democratic nations.

DNC Publishes Biden’s Plan for Israel and Its Neighbors with Palestinian State and Punishing...

President Biden and Vice President Harris oppose any unilateral steps by either side — including annexation — that undermine prospects for two states.

Biden Tells Youth Culture Interviewer He Is a Zionist Who Did More than Anyone...

Speedy Morman asked why a Muslim or an Arab American would vote for him, given his Zionist status.

Trump’s Shooter: Quiet, Withdrawn, Three Names

Some students speculated that he might one day become a school shooter. Boy were they wrong.

Would-be Trump Assassin Eliminated; 1 Bystander Killed, 2 Wounded

A Secret Service sharpshooter shot and killed Crooks as he lay on a building rooftop about 400 to 500 feet away.

Will Trump Benefit in the Polls from Saturday’s Shooting?

10% of survey respondents believed forceful action was warranted to prevent Donald Trump from assuming the presidency.

Dems Fight GOP Bill Requiring Voters’ Proof of Citizenship

The most likely cause for noncitizens registering to vote are State DMV officials who are trained to inquire if while renewing their motor vehicle licenses.

White Men Suing Northwestern Law School over Bias in Hiring

The lead lawyer for the plaintiffs, Jonathan F. Mitchell, a renowned conservative attorney from Texas, said in a statement on Tuesday, “We’re just getting started.”

NYT: Biden Must Have Some Bibi to Keep Lucid

Biden warned Netanyahu not to retaliate against Iran or he would be on his own.

Andrew Cuomo Group Launches Ad Ridiculing Pro-Hamas Protesters

“We’re at a crucial moment in history where antisemitism is spreading unchecked and support for Israel in this country is waning."

Prelude to a Holocaust in SC: Watch Elderly Jew Maligned by Antisemitic Mob

Bob Campbell, an 80-year-old Army veteran who suffers from cancer was stomped on, assaulted, and pushed to the ground, which left a footprint clearly visible on his shorts.

Noisy Pro-Hamas Mob Ruins Shabbat for Jewish Dem’s Family and his Chicago Neighbors

A statement from Rep. Schneider's office reported that a red substance, suspected to be animal blood, was spilled on the sidewalk during the protest.

What King Solomon Had to Say about Biden’s Quandary

Oh, how the mighty have fallen – in the ditch of their own digging.

Oklahoma Orders Every Teacher to Keep a Bible in Class and Teach from It

I agree with Oklahoma because of the founder of Hasidism, Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer the Ba’al Shem Tov.

Sen. Cotton Demands DOJ Action Against LA Pro-Hamas Rioters

"Was federal law enforcement requested to protect the Jewish community?"

DOE’s Latest Title VI Resolution Puts Lafayette College under Magnifying Glass for Unchecked Antisemitism

The investigation covered 11 complaints of antisemitic attacks against Jewish students between October 21 and November 29, 2023.

NY Times Gets It Right for Once about Smotrich’s Plan, If You Can Ignore...

It was such a pleasure to read Talia Sasson’s hound’s baying at the undoing of her cruelty

Catholics Don’t Support Israel, Evangelicals Do in Wake of Gaza War, Survey Reveals

Catholics show the least support for Jewish interests and the highest acceptance of antisemitic tropes, the survey finds.

Mark your Calendars: Bibi to Speak to Congress on July 24 (Kramer’s Birthday)

Conclusion: Bibi should fly on July 23, and take a car. Also, isn’t it time to chuck Schumer?

Board Takes Down Columbia Law Review Website over Article Accusing Israel of Genocide

The board condemned the unusual secrecy surrounding the handling of the article, deeming such practices as "unacceptable."

6 House Committees to Probe 10 Major Universities on Campus Antisemitism

"The House of Representatives will not countenance the use of federal funds to indoctrinate students into hateful, antisemitic, anti-American supporters of terrorism.”

US Asking UN Security Council to Help Enforce Ceasefire Deal Letting Hamas Fight Another...

And then let’s sit back and watch joyously as Netanyahu’s government falls apart, new elections are declared in Israel, and the extreme left retakes government.

DePaul U Fires Professor over Course Assignment on Gaza ‘Genocide’ and ‘Ethnic Cleansing’

Did it occur to Dr. D'Aquino that by pre-suggesting an intent to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing she was skewing her assignment?

San José U Suspends Faculty Adviser to ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’

She "engaged in behavior that disrupted the university's business operations and encouraged students to do the same."

Man Indicted for Threatening Michigan Jewish Officials Is Too Crazy to Stand Trial

Carpenter claimed to have established a new sovereign nation called "New Israel."

Iranian Official Condemns Nikki Haley’s Writing on Shells Intended for Hamas

"As Nikki Haley tours occupied Palestinian territories and inscribes messages on bombs belonging to the Zionist regime, that same regime has cut off internet access in Rafah."

Neturei Karta Anti-Israel Demonstration Drowned Out by the Entire Haredi Community of Monsey

A small protest by Neturei Karta outside Bais Medrash Ohr Chaim (Scheiner’s Shul) on Forshay Road in Monsey Monday night sparked a massive counterprotest,...


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