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$50 Israeli ‘Lishtot’ Device Tells You If It’s Safe to Drink the Water

Clean water emits a different field than contaminated water: if there are chemicals, bacteria, oils or metals in the water, its magnetic field won't match the clean emission.

Former IAF Senior Officer: ‘As Soon As the S-300 System Decides to Attack, We...

"Throughout my life, new missiles have entered the scene and we found a solution."

Contact Lenses for the Nose that May Help You Lose Weight

Revolutionary drug-free, soft silicone device called NozNoz mechanically diverts smells from olfactory receptors in the nose, which can help curb appetite and change metabolism.

At 96, Arthur Ashkin Wins Nobel Prize for Inventing Optical Tweezers

The Nobel committee said optical tweezers “created entirely new opportunities for observing and controlling the machinery of life.”

Israeli Scientists Have Bad News for Users of Artificial Sweeteners

The bacteria found in the digestive system (e.g. E. coli) had a toxic response when exposed to concentrations of only one mg./ml. of the artificial sweeteners.

Facebook Breach Affects Nearly 50M Users

“I Think this underscores the attack that our community and our service face,” Zuckerberg said, “and the need to keep on investing heavily in security and being more proactive about protecting our community.”

Elbit Gets $173 Million Contract for Naval Weapon Stations to Unnamed Asia-Pacific Country

Under the contract, Elbit Systems will provide lightweight, fully stabilized dual-axis Naval RCWS to be installed onboard a wide range of vessels.

Israel’s All-Terrain EZRaiders Latest Law Enforcement Rage

Israel Police this year has been purchasing the four-wheel tactical electric vehicles to carry fighters and equipment in difficult terrain.

Israel’s Volcani Center, NRGene, Deliver World’s First Complete Sweet Basil Genome

The results provide for the first time the basic infrastructure for improving the productivity of this important herb.

Defense Ministry, IAI, Declassify Video of First Satellite Launch, Sept. 19, 1988

"The quality of the images generated by the different satellites is excellent and they provide us with invaluable intelligence information, proving that the sky is not the limit."

The Latest Scientific Field, Quantum Metamaterials, Discovered in Israel

Researchers demonstrated for the first time that it is plausible to apply the field of quantum information and computing to metamaterials, allowing for multiple practical uses such as the development of unbreakable encryption, in addition to fresh ways for quantum information systems stored on a chip.

Report: Saudi Arabia Buys ‘Iron Dome’ from Israel

The transaction's value, if the report is true, is estimated at tens of millions of dollars, and the parties allegedly signed a commitment that the system would not pose a danger to Israel and its allies in the near or distant future.

Weizmann Scientists Design ‘Personalized Approach’ to Improve Immune System Ability to Kill Cancer

"This would be the ultimate “personalized” cancer therapy – a new drug is created for every patient.”

Israel Aerospace Industries, Effective Space, Announce Technological and Financial Cooperation

Effective Space is developing a unique, small spacecraft to extend the life of satellites in orbit, based on the vision to provide logistics services in the rapidly growing space economy.

Canisters for Israeli Anti-Ballistic ARROW-3 Now Produced in Mississippi

Arrow 3 can be launched before it is known where the target missile is going, and be redirected using its thrust-vectoring nozzle to close the gap and conduct a "body-to-body" interception.

$29M Private Financing Secured for Developer of New Radiation Cancer Therapy

"The funding will be invaluable to explore the full potential of the Alpha DaRT as a cancer treatment for clinical trials worldwide."

Tel Aviv University #8 in the World for Most Venture Capital-Backed Entrepreneurs

The new ranking is one spot up from last year, while TAU remains the only non-American university in PitchBook's top ten.

Rafael Unveils Fire-and-Forget Spike-ER2 Missile with 10-Mile Strike Range

This new, fifth-generation version of the Spike-ER multipurpose precision-guided missile system, will equip attack helicopters, combat vehicles, and small boats.

North American Students in Israel for Postdoctoral Research via STEM Scholarship Program

The Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program sends 5 postdoctoral students to Haifa U’s Marine Science and Mathematics departments, emblematic of the school’s distinguished record.

Enviromental Protection Forces Deploy to Contail Oil Leak at Eilat

The environmentalists siphoned off the oil, containing the leak and preventing it from reaching beyond the port to the open sea.

Netanyahu: Whoever Tries to Hurt Us – We Hurt Them

"Whoever threatens us with destruction puts himself in similar danger and in any case will not achieve his goal," Netanyahu vowed.

Israeli Defense Ministry Purchases Hundreds of Millions Worth of Pinpoint-Accurate Rockets

The new rockets come with advanced technologies that meet the demands of the modern battlefield.

Hebrew U. Drug Trials Show 50% Cure Rate in Lab Mice Acute Leukemia

BioTheryX recently bought the rights to this promising drug from HU’s technology transfer company Yissum.

Google Removes 39 Iranian YouTube Channels for False Information, Political Meddling

A number of Iranian state accounts disguised their identity while sharing English-language political content in the U.S.

Israeli Scientists Say Smartphones May Help Predict the Weather

Tel Aviv University researchers say data could be harnessed to forecast flash floods and other natural disasters.


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