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? Thursday, February 21, 2019

Defending Against Surprises, PM Limits New Faces on Likud Knesset List

The relatively low reserved spot on the Likud's list means that the PM is not planning to attract a new, big name to his party's Knesset delegation.

Terrorists Attack Border Police HQ

No injuries or property damage resulted from the attack, according to police.

Tax Evasion Indictment Against Supermodel Bar Refaeli

According to suspicions, Rafaeli established companies abroad and opened accounts around the world where her considerable revenues were channeled.

3 Jerusalem Arabs Arrested for Shooting, Assault

Using a detection dog, the police uncovered the improvised weapon that was hidden nearby.

Police Use Extreme Violence in Evacuating Youths from Amona

"Whenever, for lack of evidence on the part of the Shin Bet, there is a need to excuse the torture of minors in the Shin Bet dungeons, the Shin Bet starts spreading fake news."

Border Fence Works: Not One Illegal Migrant Entered from Africa in 2018

Construction of the same border fence between the US and Mexico, would be $5.785 billion, no need for a wall or steel slats.

Court Throws Out Teen’s Confession of Hate Crimes Citing Torture by Clandestine Police

The same ruling could set free Yinon Reuveni, who was convicted on the basis of Z's confessions in a number of incidents, and the trial of the minor accused in the murder of the Dawabsheh family in the village of Duma,

Knesset Passes Bills Punishing Prostitution Clients, Compelling Security Cameras in Old Age Homes

The bill's authors did not consider the option of permitting prostitutes to work in secure environments, where they are examined for venereal diseases and where their income is taxable.

Prosecution Demands 18-Year Sentence for Killer of British Exchange Student in Jerusalem

The Prosecution argued that the killer was mentally unstable and didn't murder Hannah Bladon out of Nationalistic reasons.

UK Counter-Terrorism Unit Quells Anti-Semitic Vegans

The "militant vegans" would like to turn the UK into a meat-free society.

Nature & Parks Authority, Police, Raid Home of Israeli Arab Lawbreaking Hunter

The Border Police and the Nature and Parks Authority this week signed a joint operations agreement to fight crime in the areas of mutual interest to both organizations.

A Sign of Ugly Politics to Come: AG’s Father’s Grave Desecrated

A long list of political leaders immediately pointed out that the destruction of the tombstone (which according to pictures may or may not have been an accident) was a deliberate attack on them.

Bedouin Squatters Block Negev Highway, Police Recommend Israelis Curb their Travel Plans

According to Regavim, MK Talab Abu Arar (Joint Arab List) led the blocking of the junction and the riot that ensued.

Echoes of Gush Katif: Netanyahu’s Lawyer Evokes Sharon Escape from Prosecution

Netanyahu's attorney's note on the recent history of Israel's settlements enterprise should give pause to Israeli right-wingers.

Knesset Committee Chair: Arab on Arab Crime ‘Intolerable’

"How do we deal with uncontrolled gangs? It's intolerable and cannot continue."

Suspicious Packages Delivered to 2 Baltimore Synagogues

Two adults were examined by emergency medical personnel for mild symptoms, but reportedly refused to go to a hospital.

Police: Sudanese, Eritreans, Commit 50% of All Foreigners’ Crimes

The police refused to provide data on murders committed by the same two groups.

Jewish Charity to Shut Down Facility Embroiled in Sex Trade

Only six children remain on the grounds of Hawthorne, and they are expected to be moved to a new location by Tuesday.

Parks Authority, Police, Arrest Druze Who Slaughtered 44 Protected Partridges for Meat

Border Police forces and inspectors of the Israel Nature and National Parks Authority conducted a search of the home of the suspect in Yarka, and found 44 protected partridges slaughtered and packed in a freezer.

Terror Attack Foiled at Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv

They discovered the suspect had hidden the knife in a very creative way, in his belt buckle.

CNN Offices in NYC Evacuated Due to Bomb Threats

By 11:51 pm, a preliminary search of the building by the NYPD bomb squad had turned up nothing.

ISA Thwarts Attempt to Fly Cellphones to Security Prisoners Via Drone

Dozens of phones had already been smuggled to prisoners in exchange for money from the terrorist organizations, the investigation revealed.

Haifa U Survey: Trust in Israel Police in Significant Decline

Regarding the statement, "The police are extremely fair in their handling of crime and disorder," respondents expressed moderate to low approval (an average of 2.75).

40 Arab Doctors, Interns, Pharmacists Arrested over Forged Diplomas

Using these fraudulent documents to apply to the Israeli health ministry, the suspects received licenses to engage in the medical professions in Israel, police said.


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