Egypt Protects Ghana’s Israeli Football Coach

Egypt has extended protection to an Israeli football coach for Ghana, after receiving threats on his life from Egyptian "fans."

Getting a Grip on Guilt: It’s Not Always About the Jews

Some Israelis seem to have forgotten no one has yet tracked down the murderers of Ali Bawabsheh.

Neo-Nazi Pleads Guilty to Plotting to Blow Up Colorado Synagogue

Under the terms of his plea agreement, Holzer cannot receive more than 20 years in prison for his crime.

Military Prosecution Pulls Arab’s Indictment for 7-Year-Old’s Rape, Will Examine Failed Investigation

The lead prosecutor graduated from a course for military advocates in 2017. She was later joined by a prosecutor who graduated in 2016 but had no experience in this type of cases.

Hebron Shooter’s Buddies Say They’ll Go AWOL if He Is Convicted [video]

The report exposed the disappointment of the battalion's rank and file soldiers with the behavior of their commanders, who tried to bury Sgt. Azaria in court with their testimonies.

Terrorist Gets 16 Years in Prison for Stabbing Attack

A terrorist who tried to kill an Israeli in Jerusalem will spend 16 years in prison.

Microsoft Hires Obama’s AG to Investigate Israeli Hi Tech Outfit

A spokesman for AnyVision said that his company’s facial recognition systems at the green line crossings “work in the same way and for the same purposes as they do in airports, for example.

Hamas Confirm Assassinated Drone Expert Was One of Them

Engineer and 'Shahid' Mohammed Zawahri who was 'eliminated by the Zionists in Tunisia' was one of their commanders who was in charge of the Iranian-made UAV Ghods Ababil project.

Netanyahu Tells Knesset Inquiry of his Suspected Corruption ‘a Lot of Hot Air’ [video]

"I ask all those who are asking questions and those who may have hope in their hearts: don't hurry to have suits made. Stop the tailors."

US Charges Iranian Company, Executives with Wire Fraud, Money Laundering

Fees were charged to circumvent “American sanctions,” with the result of millions of dollars of foreign currency coming into Iran.

Poll: Over Half of Israelis Want Inquiry into Alleged Abuses in Netanyahu Investigations

68% of the survey respondents support the establishment of an independent audit mechanism for the judiciary.

Knesset Approves Corona Law Amendment Empowering Government to Ban Demonstrations

The revised law actually authorizes the government to restrict a person from leaving home to join a demonstration which is more than a thousand meters from his home during the lockdown.

AG Rejects Netanyahu’s Delay Request, Hints Indictments Inevitable

The AG's assistant hinted that Bibi's legal team can argue all it wants, these charges will go to indictments.

2 Cops Hurt, 1 Female Attacker Killed Outside Istanbul Police HQ

Two cops were hurt Wednesday and a female bomber was killed in a shootout outside Istanbul's police headquarters.

Days After Sweeping Right-Wing Election Victory, 100s of Policemen Demolish Binyamin Outpost

Local residents reported the demolition forces brought along porta-potties, which means they plan a long stay and much damage to Jewish homes in the entire area.

UK Anti-Terror Video Advises, ‘Run, Hide and Tell’ [video]

The UK has also dropped its advisory warning against travel to Belgium, but tells citizens to remain "vigilant."

Tens of Thousands Flock to Uman for Annual Breslov Pilgrimage to Celebrate Rosh Hashana

This year an estimated 37,000 Jews from Israel and around the world have boarded planes to head to the site so far.

Palestinian-American Owner of Cup Foods Called Cops on George Floyd over Counterfeit $20

Turns out there's an Arabic equivalent to the infamous "Shvartze" slur – it's "Abeed" and it means slaves. As in the slaves Arab merchants sold in the New World for several centuries.

Increased Security Ordered for Education Minister Naftali Bennett

The government has raised security around Minister Naftali Bennett in response to threats he received.

Zionist Activists Restore Defaced Memorial of Terror Victim

Shok, who was survived by his wife and five children, was murdered in a shooting attack while driving home.

Israelis Caught Illegally Selling Advanced Arms to Unnamed Asian Nation

“This case illustrates the potential damage to national security inherent in transactions carried out by Israeli citizens, vis-à-vis foreign parties."

Court Rejects Confessions Made Under Torture in Duma Arson Case

During the hearing, the judge said that "the use of the [excessive] means (the state's euphemism for torture) severely violated the rights of the defendants."

Terrorist who Firebombed Little Girl Gets 18 Years

Ayala suffered from third-degree burns in 50% of her body.

FBI Raids Upstate NY Yeshivas

The raids are part of an investigation of local yeshivas over money obtained through the federal government's E-Rate program.

Israel Gives Security Lessons to Airport Security Execs

Israel plays host to 40 airport executives next month who are coming to learn how to make their airports more secure.

Border Guard Officers Celebrate Police Dog’s 10th Birthday

Ogi has assisted Israel Police's fight against terrorism and crime throughout the Jerusalem district.

Border Guard Police Patrol Attacked in A-Tur

Arab terrorists firebombed Border Guard Police while on patrol in A-Tur on Wednesday night.

Islamist Terror Suspect Shot Dead by Boston Police, FBI Agent

An FBI agent and Boston Police officer shot and killed a 26-year-old terror suspect as he repeatedly lunged at them with a large knife.

Israeli Police Zeppelin Monitors Crime, Terrorism, in Arab City

"We are carrying out extensive intelligence activities, and the Zeppelin is part of a complete intelligence network."


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