Photo Credit: Screenshot of an ISI tweet
Damage inflicted on Syrian chemical site

Satellite images released Saturday by Digital Globe and ImageSat International show the damage inflicted on three targets that had been bombed in the combined Allied attack in Syria. The satellite images a research site at Barzeh, north of Damascus, and two chemical weapons storage facilities in Homs. Other targets were bombed in Damascus, Aleppo and Homs, including military airports and bases used by Iran and Hezbollah.


These images refute the Russian claim that most of the Allied missiles in the combined attack had been shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft fire. Obviously, there were plenty of missiles left over to do some serious damage.

According to CNN, five different fighter aircraft took part in the attack, and 69 missiles were launched from US and French vessels. Two US B-1 bombers took part in the attack, the British flew Tornado and Typhoon fighter planes. The French used the Rafael and the Mirage.

Allied naval vessels were deployed in the Sea of Reeds, the Mediterranean, and the Persian Gulf. 37 Tomahawks were launched from the Sea of Reeds; a US vessel shot 23 Tomahawks from the northern Persian Gulf; an American submarine launched six Tomahawks from the eastern Mediterranean. A French destroyer fired three missiles.

The Russian Permanent Representative to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Alexander Lukashevich said on Saturday that the attack has undermined negotiations on settlement of the situation in Syria.

Lukashevich insisted that “the US, the UK and France have conducted an armed and unprovoked attack, not giving any chance to diplomacy and undermining work of negotiations formats on the settlement of the situation in Syria.”

The Russian diplomat actually accused the Allied forces of hampering the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) investigation of the bombed sites, by obliterating potential evidence of illegal chemicals.

Who said the Russians are no longer good at writing good fiction?


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