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Top 5 Reasons Why the non-Deal Agreement with Iran is Bad

Iran has not agreed to give up anything needed to acquire a bomb or cease any aggressive behavior

The Daily Effects of Palestinian Privilege

It is the Palestinians who should be considered “privileged” because lesser standards apply to them

The Iran Challenge: Was There Another Way?

ANY agreement with Iran should have been predicated upon the drastic transformation of the regime

Will ‘BRICS’ Declaration Stop Islamist terror ?

BRICS members will strengthen "cooperation in preventing and countering international terrorism.”

Beware of ‘Stage 1’ Thinking Policy Makers

Unlike USSR, Ayatollahs driven by martyrdom & apocalypse NOT MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) theory

Amnesty’s Blood Libel Against the IDF

To Amnesty International bashing Israel's far more important than small details like truth&accuracy

Nuke talks: Iran Keeps Holding Out for a More Complete Surrender From the West

Dear Pres. Obama, A “deal” in which one side makes all the concessions is, of course, a “surrender.”

Iran Deal: Bleak Prospects for Serious Breakthrough

Sources say seemingly irreconcilable differences between the 2 main parties, Washington and Tehran.

Obama Trying to Make US Leftist Jews “Mainstream’

Instead of accepting reality, the President is trying to hold on to an illusion.

Who Is Damaging Relations Between Arabs and Jews?

Few Arab Israelis found anything positive in the decision of its MKS to join any Gaza flotilla.

Analysis: ISIS Will Go Down to Defeat in Egypt

Israel, like the non-radical Islamic world. will be happy see the ISIS beheaded for once.

Israeli Supreme Court Control Over the IDF

Wonder why Israel has the world's most insane rules of engagement imposed on its military? Read on..

Prime Minister Hasina Fights the World’s War on Terror

Bangladesh PM Hasina is fighting terror not only for her nation but for the entire civilized world.

Where is Hamas in the UN’s Commission of Inquiry’s report?

"Palestinian armed groups" & "local authorities" are named in the report; Hamas' absence stands out

A Tale of Two Professors in the Age of Obama (Part One)

The treatment of the profs. reflects the ideology of US academia concerning the Arab/Israel conflict

How Michael Oren’s Book May Tilt the 2016 Election

The impact of ALLY on Hillary's campaign may be huge. She can't win without both Jewish money&votes

The Nature of the Mahmoud Abbas Regime

Abbas' regime is defined by corruption, kleptomania, nepotism, hate-education, incitement, terrorism

German-Financed Brochure for Arab Refugees Right of Return

The brochure justifies claims of descendants of Arab refugees from 1948 to return to Arab villages

A Guide to the Perplexed on Obama and Iran

Congress sees the folly of the negotiations, as do most Arab nations who are too familiar with Iran

Tax Tips: The Gift Tax

Regarding the gift tax, the donor and NOT the recipient is responsible if the tax is indeed imposed.

To The Victor Belong the Spoils: The Status of Jerusalem

Supreme Ct ruled on power of Executive vs Legislative branches NOT on Jerusalem as Israel's capital

The Israel-Saudi Labyrinth

Could the enemy (Saudi Arabia) of Israel's enemy (Iran) become Israel's friend? It's highly doubtful

Israeli-Azeri Economic Partnership: Shifting Balance of Power Away From Iran, ISIS, and Al Qaida

Azerbaijan is Israel's largest trade partner from the now-independent, former Soviet Union countries

Global Kudos to Israel’s Long Term Viability

Increased foreign investments in Israel constitute an accurate measure of Israel's global standing

Iran’s School Textbooks: Can Congress Ignore Them?

School textbooks of tyrannies are the most authentic reflection of a regime's nature and mission

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