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For Israel, Failure is not an Option

Israel is ranked as the world’s eleventh most happy nation. It is also one of the most powerful and innovative countries in the world. When you know the Israeli People you know why

European Officials: Apologists for Arab-Islamic Repression, Terrorism

How is it possible that the world's highest Catholic authority does not feel any urgency to denounce the avalanche of anti-Semitism and hate coming from the Islamic authorities, but sent Iran a letter of support?

Azerbaijan ‘Pioneered’ Israeli Ties with Muslim World

Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to the United States Elin Suleymanov discusses Jerusalem, Iran and its strong ties with Israel

INTO THE FRAY: AIPAC & the Progressives’ “Uncompelling” Case

In pursuit of bipartisanship AIPAC should strive to persuade “progressives”, not pander to them”; to convert them, not co-opt them. Convince them not conform to their agenda.

Reframing the Middle Eastern and Palestinian Refugee Crises

There are two Middle Eastern refugee crises currently vying for resources and attention: Syria but in fact extends from Libya to Afghanistan and the Palestinian and has supposedly been going on since 1948. The former is legitimate.

Stephen Hawking and a Great Man’s Imperfections

Stephen Hawking’s death is the loss of a great man, but a man with great flaws.

Make the Iraqi Jewish Archive a gateway between Arabs and Jews

For Jews and non-Jews around the world, these materials could serve as a testament to good relations shared in the past and serve as an entry point in exploring how ties can become vibrant once again.

Two Pinocchio’s for Bibi

WaPo made an unequivocally intellectually honest attempt to examine the issue of Palestinian terror funding and Netanyahu was inaccurate.

Reborn Israel Has Settled the “Jewish Question”

Modern-day anti-Semites channel their Jew-hatred into the more politically correct avenue of so-called anti-Zionism. By conflating Zionism with racism and alleged human rights abuses, they attempt to delegitimize the very existence of the state of Israel.

Admor of Vizhnitz-Monsey ztz”l: The Elder of the Admorim

Rav Aviner's eulogy for the Admor of Viznitz-Monsey.

Jewish Groups Weigh in on Pompeo for Secretary of State

Contrasting Mike Pompeo with Rex Tillerson, who reportedly opposed U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Jews Have Also Been Holding Onto Their Keys

For Jews, keys have been no less a symbol of the desire to return home - in our case our indigenous, ancestral home where we have been living for over 3,000 years. We have returned home.

New Israel Fund: Stand With Israel, Not Hamas!

Terrorist organizations, many funded by the radical New Israel Fund, and their supporters plan to march to the borders of Israel with 100,000 people who intend to storm the borders of Israel as they proclaim that the Jewish state should seek to exist.

The New Palestinian Jihad to Obliterate Israel

Islamic Jihad's plan for "real peace" in the Middle East is achieved by eliminating Israel after "liberating Palestine, from the river to the sea, and after the original owners of the land return to their homes."

The Oscar Goes To…

With all due respect to Dorothy Parker, "Girls who wear glasses, SHOULD get passes"

Is Demanding Sovereignty Over Judea and Samaria is a Waste of Zionist Energy?

Reasons for NOT extending Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. (Suffice it to say, the views are the author's and not those of The Jewish Press Online)

Deadly Attack Follows Palestinian Factions’ Call for Violence

Palestinians will "never back down," a spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said, and promised that "rage" would continue in response to the new U.S. policy.

Washington Post Defends PA Martyrs Fund

The Washington Post attempts to portray the PA's Pay for Slay law as a social welfare program.

Understanding Israel’s Love Affair with Trump

If the U.S. president doesn’t do anything more than declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and move the embassy, the Israelis would deem it sufficient.

Israel Moves to Annexation as the Ultimate Solution

Without fanfare or public announcements, the Israeli government has been quietly using laws available to them to create a de facto change on the ground within communities beyond the “green line.”

Sweeten To Taste

In life, we have all sorts of rationalizations for our behaviors – they will make our life, our experience, our homes better, more inviting, larger… but they do not. The “sweetness” is a lure that diminishes our life.

Gain An Embassy, Lose A Capital

Zionism does not want the Old City of Jerusalem. Trump understands that and now we are beginning to hear hints of his Peace Plan. What does his plan include? The internationalization of Jerusalem--We get the embassy and we lose Jerusalem, G-d forbid. That is the danger.

Who Are The Luckiest Jews, Blacks, And Latinos?

Despite the existence of anti-Semites and anti-Semitism in America

I Met Nikki Haley At AIPAC

obvious takeaway from this week’s annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington D.C. is that Ambassador Nikki Haley is more of a superhero than Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

How the Embassy Move Signals Big Changes to the Iran Deal

The embassy issue shared an important structural similarity with the Iran deal: The president must sign periodic waivers to keep either deal alive. Consequently, moving the embassy to Jerusalem turned out to be the perfect issue to show that Trump really would defy the world and nix the Iran deal

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