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Prenuptials And The 44 Rabbis

26 Tammuz 5777 – July 19, 2017
Jewish law stipulates that a Jewish divorce can only be initiated by the husband in an exercise of his free will.

A Modern Lehrhaus, Rav Soloveitchik, And Open Orthodoxy: An interview with Rabbi Dr. Zev...

Lehrhaus emerged as the brainchild of young scholars and writers who sought to fill a void in contemporary Orthodox discourse.

Baruch Marzel’s Letter to the Mufti of Jerusalem

Marzel congratulated the Mufti on his principled stance on the metal detectors, and asks that he expand his religious ruling.

Rachel, Leah, And The New Israeli Banknotes

Even during the renaissance of modern Hebrew poetry, virtually none of it was written by women.

Abbas: Shut Up or I will Arrest You!

This latest dictatorial move by the PA should tell the world the current readiness of the Palestinian leadership for statehood, and what such statehood would look like. It would resemble its brutal Arab neighbors.

What the Labor Party Primary Says about Israel’s Consensus

Since the primary electorate consisted solely of Labor Party members, one would have expected the candidates to veer left both candidates considered several ideas popular among left-wing journalists and activists toxic

How Can We Broker a Deal When We Don’t Understand One of the Parties?

Condemning the murder of the Druse policemen does not inflame his base and helps Abbas with an important minority group in the region. Had those guarding the Temple Mount been Jews, Abbas would almost certainly never have called.

So Now American Zionists Want to Boycott Israel

24 Tammuz 5777 – July 18, 2017
Boycotting a troubled nation which has become a pariah among the hard-left is not the appropriate response to the Israeli government's recent decisions regarding religion. The answer is not disengagement, but rather greater engagement

Obstacles to Peace: A Politically-INCORRECT Diagnosis

Contrary to political-correctness, the Palestinian issue has never been the crux of the Arab-Israeli conflict, a crown-jewel of Arab policy-makers, nor a core-cause of regional turbulence

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for “Intifada” Against Israel

The Muslim Brotherhood called for an "Islamic Intifada" – a violent uprising – against Israel Friday following the day's deadly Palestinian terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

Mike Pence and Trent Franks Lead Thousands of Christians at CUFI’s Pro-Israel Event

23 Tammuz 5777 – July 17, 2017
The domestic political importance of CUFI’s zealous members is not lost on anyone in Washington.

The Conversion-Assimilation Seesaw

Why should the Rabbinate be involved in conversion? Because of the Law of Return, the foundation upon which the State was established. It is impossible to circumvent the interface between the determination of religion by an official religious body and Israeli citizenship

INTO THE FRAY – A Port in Gaza: Preposterous & Perilous Proposal

Hamas are not burrowing tunnels because Gaza has no port. They are burrowing them despite the fact it does not have one.

Rescuing Hadassah

The debt-ridden medical center is on the road to financial recovery and renewed medical excellence under the leadership of its tough and trailblazing director, Prof. Zeev Rotstein.

Syrian Kurdish Dissident: “Iranian Backed Groups are Encircling Israel’s Borders”

23 Tammuz 5777 – July 16, 2017
Iran will never abandon its desire for a Shia Crescent from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea because it is needed in order to keep their regime alive

An Unhinged Linda Sarsour Lashes Out at the “Zionist Media”

Sarsour is a fraud. She claims to be a civil rights activist but is an anti-Semite. She preaches non-violence but encourages violence against Israelis.

The Left’s Inversion of Anti-Semitism

Targeting people for being Jewish is no longer anti-Semitic, but targeting people for being progressive activists is. Thus instead of being a shield to protect Jews, charges of anti-Semitism have become a shield to protect leftists.

The Present Rests Upon The Past. The Future Upon The Present

20 Tammuz 5777 – July 14, 2017
A closer and deeper reading will show that what is important is not gender; rather, when it comes to Eretz Israel, the important variable, the fundamental thing, is what makes something “mine.”

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