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Moscow Does Not Believe in Shawarma

20 Nisan 5776 – April 27, 2016
Repeated checks carried out by Russia's consumer rights watchdog have revealed the absence of any desire of the owners to comply with sanitary regulations.

Report: Israel McDonalds Offering Passover Meals in Leavened Restaurants

The chain offers its year-round condiments, declaring that they are not kosher for Passover, and letting the customer decide whether or not to use them.

Singapore Prime Minister on Historic First Visit to Israel

10 Nisan 5776 – April 18, 2016
The prime minister of Singapore is in Israel for an historical first-ever four-day state visit.

Aeroflot Flight Delayed in Tel Aviv Because of ‘Rowdy’ Passengers

9 Nisan 5776 – April 17, 2016
According to TASS, some of the passengers had refused to fly Aeroflot.

Motorola Solutions Israel Launching ‘Innovation Center’

7 Nisan 5776 – April 14, 2016
Motorola is expanding its presence in Israel; the firm is opening an Innovation Center for cyber and other technology.

Google Grants $700K to Israeli Tech Consortium Helping Disabled

Google has given a $700,000 grant to an innovative Israeli startup to produce new technology for disabled people.

HSBC Bank Robbed During Sabbath in Borough Park

4 Nisan 5776 – April 12, 2016
The robber knew enough to wait until late into the night on the Sabbath before breaking into the neighborhood bank.

Israel to Tax Internet Giants

4 Nisan 5776 – April 11, 2016
Amazon, which doesn't set foot in Israel, but whose website sell goods to Israelis living in the Jewish State, will also be compelled to register and collect VAT for the ITA.

Israel’s Top Bankers Mull Jumping Ship over Salary Cap

2 Nisan 5776 – April 10, 2016
A CEO salary cannot be more than 35 times the pay for the lowest earning employee at the same corporation, including contract workers.

Can’t Buy Me Love? Chinese Buying Ahava for $76 Million

29 Adar II 5776 – April 8, 2016
Ahava's plant is located less than two miles on the "wrong" side of the "green line."

Report: Abbas’ Son Held $1 Million in Firm Tied to Panama Papers

A review of the millions of Mossack Fonseca & Co. documents exposed last week reveals the PA fortune club.

Russia Offers to Help Israel Develop Natural Gas Fields

29 Adar II 5776 – April 7, 2016
Russia is offering to invest billions of dollars in Israeli off-shore oil and gas development.

Israel’s 2015 Weapons Sales Reach $5.7 Billion, European Sales Double in 2 Years

28 Adar II 5776 – April 6, 2016
This marks an overall increase of about $100 million in 2015 over 2014.

Israel Approves 500 Jordanians to Overcome Eilat Manpower Shortage

26 Adar II 5776 – April 4, 2016
A second wave of 500 Jordanian workers will be joining Israel’s workforce in the southern vacation resort city of Eilat to work in the hotel industry.

Deadbeat PA to Suffer Daily Power Cuts for Two Weeks

An Arab power official said the power cuts constitute collective punishment, which is forbidden under the Geneva Convention.

‘Panama Papergate’ Exposes Global Offshore Havens, Israeli Names

A Panama-based law firm leaked millions of records exposing a global network of tax havens.

Israeli Taxpayers Renew Arab City’s Power Despite Unpaid $450 Million

25 Adar II 5776 – April 3, 2016
The Palestinian Authority is struggling financially and depends on foreign aid for the bulk of its budget.

Report: F-35 Engine Production Plagued With Recurring Quality Problems

The new F-35 fighter jet is supposed to arrive in Israel towards the end of 2016, but there are quality assurance issues.

Protest Zeppelin to Fly Over Google Israel Offices: ‘Kahlon, Google Must Pay Taxes’

24 Adar II 5776 – April 2, 2016
Rather than collect income tax on Israeli ads that appear on Google, Israel would like to collect the VAT on purchases Israelis make from, say, Amazon.

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