Anti-Israel Activists Protest Israel Real Estate Expo in New Jersey

Still, despite the noise and roadblocking outside, Israeli exhibitors told that the event was a success.

Update: Following Silence, Adidas Cuts Ties with Kanye West’s over Antisemitism

“It’s been 14 days since Kanye started spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric and adidas has remained quiet."

Justice Ginsburg’s Gavel Sold for $20,400, Collar for $176,775 at Auction

Justice Ginsburg is remembered not only for her trailblazing time on the Supreme Court but also for her fashion statements.

Motorists Start the Week with Sinkhole Across Tel Aviv’s Major Highway

It was a miracle this happened on Shabbat when traffic in Israel is relatively tame.

Liberman’s Agriculture Minister Wants More Pig Slaughterhouses

Agriculture Minister Oded Forer from Avigdor Liberman’s Israel Beitenu is working on removing the restrictions on the slaughter of pigs in Israel, to allow...

Report: More Haredi Men Employed in ‘Non-Haredi’ Jobs

The proportion of Haredi men in typical Haredi world jobs decreased from 28% in 2012 to about 24% in 2019.

Afula Pushing Ban on Shabbat Driving Lessons to Keep Area Arabs Out

Student drivers flock to Afula from nearby Iksal, Shibli-Umm al-Ghanam, and Na’ura, because the road tests for the region are given in the city.

Hebrew U Startup’s Viroblock Effective Against Covid Variants, Influenza, Zika, West Nile, Hepatitis

ViroBlock’s new technology platform demonstrated the potential to rapidly provide solutions for treating current and emerging viral threats.

Original Gerber Baby Ann Turner Cook Dead at 95

The family's neighbor, the artist Dorothy Hope Smith, did a charcoal drawing of Ann when she was a baby.

IMF Report: PA, Gaza Economy in Dire Condition as Political & Security Situation ‘Remains...

Unemployment remains very high in Gaza, at 45%, reflecting the May 2021 conflict with Israel and restrictions on the movement of people and goods.

Russian-Israeli Billionaire Yuri Milner Pledges $100 Million to Aid Ukrainian Refugees

On March 24, 2020, Milner published a statement that he is an Israeli citizen and has never met Vladimir Putin.

Israel to Subsidize Gluten-Free Flour for Celiac Sufferers

As many as 1.5% of Israelis suffer from Celiac disease and require a special gluten-free diet.

Study Shows 70% Drop in New Israeli Startups Since 2016

The findings could not can validate the claim of increased investor sophistication in identifying early-stage success.

Zionism Today: Mikhail Prokhorov (Worth $11.4 Billion) Makes Aliyah

"Kremlin leaders gave him what amounts to an insiders’ opportunity to buy one of the state's most valuable assets."

Watch: Israeli Natural Honey Making without the Bees

By isolating the properties of real honey and producing it without the bees, there are more bees left to pollinate plants to their little hearts’ content.

Russian Film Production Forced to Leave Israel Due to Sanctions

The banks in Russia are unable to transfer money to banks in Israel, and the producers can’t shoot the film without cash flow.

Israel Collected $92 Million from a Single Taxpayer on Crypto Profits

That taxpayer apparently recorded profits of about NIS 1.2 billion ($366 million) from the sale of digital coins, since these sales are taxed at 25% of the profit.

Finance Minister Liberman (Finally) Authorizes Aid Package for Businesses Hurt by COVID

Businesses that prove annual revenue losses of at least 35% in January-February 2022 compared to the same months in 2019 will be eligible to receive up to $185,000.

El Al Testing Organized Prayers on TA-NY Flights

In late January, an El Al flight attendant was documented clashing with Haredi passengers who had assembled for the evening prayer.

Bennett Surprises Liberman, Joins Finance Ministry Discussion – a Feat Never Attempted by any...

"In the end, what lowers prices and facilitates service is always the same thing – competition, competition, competition."

Inflation Hits 10-Year High in Israel as CPI, Housing Prices Edge Up

The Consumer Price Index rose 0.3% in December, while housing prices added 10.6% over the past 12 months. At 2.8%, inflation is edging closer to the 3% projection set by the Bank of Israel.

Israel’s Smart Shooter Unveils SMASH Dragon Killer Drone

SMASH Dragon is an armed drone system that provides precise target elimination.

Israel’s Import Reform Frees Thousands of Products from Bureaucratic Red Tape

If you're not familiar with the Cuban-style centralized system in Israel, you won't appreciate just how revolutionary this move is.

Meet the 2021 Antisemite of the Year – Ben and Jerry’s Anuradha Mittal on Tuesday announced its 2021 Antisemite of the Year, Ben & Jerry's Anuradha Mittal. As you may recall, Mittal spearheaded the antisemitic boycott...

2 Kosher Hotels Come to Florida’s Gambling Venue

The Wyndham Dolce Kosher House Hotel will also have a Shabbos elevator that automatically stops on every floor.

Friday the NY Times Attacks ‘Pegasus,’ Monday Israel Tightens Spyware Export Rules

So Pegasus is equal-opportunity spyware and, needless to say, Israel's greatest friend in the world (America) was not amused.

Following Weekend’s 10 Traffic Fatalities Knesset Forms Road Safety Subcommittee

The subcommittee will promote outside the box ideas in search of creative solutions.


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