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Egyptian Spymaster in Tel Aviv to Negotiate ‘Semi-Final’ Gaza Deal

A source close to the delegations told Al Hayat that the truce agreement would be announced on Friday in the presence of all the terror factions in Cairo.

8 Wanted Terrorists Arrested in Judea and Samaria Overnight

The IDF Spokesperson stated that the suspects were transferred to security forces for questioning.

Shin Bet Denies Reza Aslan Allegations

"The claims ... were thoroughly investigated and were found to be lacking any basis in reality," the Shin Bet said.

Israeli Defense Budget Set for Massive Increase

“The combination of our strong defense capabilities and our strong economy will increase Israel’s equity."

IDF Closes Probe Into ‘Black Friday’ Battle During 2014 Gaza War

"The forces did not act out of a desire for revenge but to try and foil [Goldin's] kidnapping."

Belgian Citizen Arrested at Jordanian Border, Said to Be Member of PFLP, Has Ties...

In 2015, the suspect traveled to Lebanon where he received military training with Hezbollah.

No ‘Real Deal’ with Hamas, Without Captives Returned from Gaza

The family of fallen IDF officer Hadar Goldin hopes to block the interim ceasefire with Hamas.

Israeli Forces Foil Bombing, Arrest Terror Suspects in Judea & in Samaria

Attention to detail and an alert stance saved lives in Samaria, where pipe bombs threatened Jews.

Doctors Beyond Borders: Israel’s Secret Fight to Save Syrian Lives

On February 16th, 2013, an IDF squad was carrying out a routine patrol on the Syrian border, when suddenly the patrol commander noticed something very strange...

Lebanese Troops Approach Border, IDF Throws Smoke Grenades

IDF troops spotted a group of suspects who approached the border fence.

Jerusalem Court Rules Eritrean Defectors May Be Deported

The court cited a recent Swiss ruling ,which decreed that deporting Eritrean asylum seekers evading military service was “both lawful and reasonable.”

239 North American Olim Land in Israel

The group includes 27 medical professionals, 13 Jewish community professionals, and 57 lone soldiers.

Israel Gets NIS 17.6 Trillion Valuation

TASE conducted an initial estimate of the valuation the State of Israel would achieve if it were floated on the exchange.

Tiberias Surgeons Endoscopically Remove 2 Inch Nail from 8-Year-Old Girl’s Intestine

"Moving slowly, we managed to use the endoscope to grab the nail, transfer it to the stomach and then pull it out through the esophagus," Dr. On related.

Bolton to Stop in Israel Ahead of Meeting with Russians

Bolton will visit Israel as the first leg of his trip, according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Leptospirosis Scare: National Water Bottler Reports ‘Deviations’ in Golan Samples

Reports of an outbreak of Leptospirosis are receiving a growing support, as four students ages 14 and 15 were hospitalized on suspicion of contracting the disease on a trip to the Jordan River.

Gaza Expulsion Day – What Did Israeli Pols Predict 13 Years Ago?

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz: "We will be in of control of the envelope around the fence, and the level of terror will drop in the Gaza Strip, as pragmatic forces will rise."

Bennett Attacks Liberman’s Relief for Gaza, Liberman Tells Bennett to Focus on School Violence

So, which will it be? Peace in our time, or a secret sauce? Time will tell, and by time we mean today.

Report: Netanyahu Met Secretly in Egypt with El-Sisi Over Gaza

The two leaders also discussed the possible return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza, and the issue of whether to disarm Hamas or not.

Israeli Security Cabinet to Meet on Long-Term Hamas Ceasefire

Since Sunday, there has been only one known arson attack launched from Gaza towards Israel.

Report: Israel Advised Egypt is Best Option for Gas Exports to Europe

Israel was advised not to export natural gas through Turkey, which was labeled a "dangerous and volatile" player in the region.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah: ‘We’re Now Stronger Than IDF’

"Since 2007 the Israelis have threatened to go to war, but at the same time Hezbollah has become immensely stronger."

Arab Stoning Attacks on Roads of Samaria

Security forces opened investigations into both incidents.

New Bill Would Force Parents to Vaccinate Children

"Every parent knows perfectly well how viruses jump from one child to the next in kindergarten."

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