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11 Tevet 5779 -
? Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Netanyahu to Deliver Remarks Prior to UN Security Council Meeting on Hezbollah

"The time has come for the Security Council to act using all means against the Hezbollah terror infrastructure."

Sderot Residents Say They Hear Sounds of Hammers and Tools Underground

The Israel Defense Force responded immediately to the concerns expressed by the residents.

9-Month-Old Baby Injured in Highway 60 Terror Attack

Palestinian Authority terrorists tried to kill Israeli motorists as they passed Halhul.

A First: Anti-Israel NGO Faces Criminal Charges Filed by Pro-Zionist Group

Ad Kan said it intends to exhaust the legal process until the criminal conviction of the defendants.

Report: Israel Asking US to Pressure Lebanese Army for Help in Detecting Hezbollah Tunnels

Israel demands that both UNIFIL and the Lebanese government respond to the fact that Hezbollah violated Resolution 1701 with its tunnels.

Dozens of Marching Youths in Jerusalem Call for Assassination of Abbas

A few days ago, Derech Chaim launched a campaign calling for the assassination of Chairman Abbas over his funding of terrorism.

Arab Report: 6 Injured as IDF Demolishes Home of Barkan Murderer

On Sunday evening, dozens of Arabs barricaded themselves inside the Na'alwa building in an attempt to prevent the IDF from demolishing it after the issued deadline.

Watch: Hamas Urges Palestinian Authority Citizens to Prepare for Guerrilla War Against Israel

"The West Bank spans over 5,600 square kilometers and has mountains and valleys. I'm from there -- I know the landscape. It has everything necessary for guerrilla warfare."

Update: IDF Terror Victim Still Fighting for Life, Another Slowly Improving

Doctors aren't giving up, but they've placed the soldier in a medically-induced coma and he's on a respirator.

Israeli Forces Recover Weapons Used in Terror Attack at Givat Assaf Junction

One of the weapons belonged to an IDF soldier who was wounded in the attack.

Netanyahu Quotes MLK at Cabinet Meeting on Arab Terrorism

"I commend my friend Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, under whose leadership the EU has called for the adoption of this definition of Martin Luther King – anti-Zionism is an expression of anti-Semitism."

Who Left the Gap Open in the Beit El Security Wall?

The terrorist used the gap in the wall to sneak in and attack a soldier.

Home Demolition Order Issued for Terrorist Who Murdered Ari Fuld

The terrorist's family has been given 2 days to appeal the decision with the Israeli High Court of Justice.

Fourth Hezbollah Terror Tunnel Exposed Near Lebanese Border

The tunnel, like the first three, has been booby-trapped by the IDF and anyone entering it on the Lebanese side risks his life.

EU Court Rejects Hamas Appeal, Endorses Assets Freeze

The EU labeled Hamas a terrorist organization shortly after 9/11.

IDF: Only 16 Terrorist Homes Demolished Since 2015

This figure is exceptionally low, given the fact that 77 Israelis were killed in terror attacks during that period.

IDF Arrests Barghouti Clan Member, Behind Terror Activities

Also on Saturday, the terrorist who on Friday severely wounded an IDF soldier in a military post in Beit El surrendered to Israeli security forces.

Terrorist from Beit El Attack Turns Himself in

The Arab terrorist smashed a soldier in the head with a stone slab.

IDF Demolishes Home of Killer of Duvdevan Soldier

Arab sources report that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has already ordered the home rebuilt.

Terrorist Batters IDF Soldier in the Head with a Stone Slab in Beit El

It should be noted that both the murders in Givat Asaf this week and Friday's attack in Beit El were committed by terrorists against IDF soldiers whose specific job was to protect against Arab terrorists.

Netanyahu to Hamas: There Won’t Be Ceasefire in Gaza While There’s Fire in Judea...

The security apparatus fears a new wave of terror attacks following the success of the two shooting attacks this week.

Strasbourg Terrorist Suspect Shot and Killed in France

Five people are currently in custody in connection with the attack, according to the Paris prosecutor's office.

Sharp Escalation in Stoning, Firebombing Terror Attacks in Judea & Samaria

Several stoning attacks targeted Israeli public buses; miraculously, none of the passengers were physically injured.

Mahmoud Abbas Offers Faint Condemnation of ‘Violence’ While Hamas Calls for ‘Day of Rage’...

Abbas has underscored -- loudly and often -- his deep and passionate commitment to continuing his "pay to slay policy."


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