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World’s Reaction to Trump’s Peace Plan Iffy to Outright Hostile

The fact is, the world is not interested in innovative peace plans, they don't want to read them and they certainly don't wish to appear as if they support it.

The Circus is Over: Bennett Orders IDF to Deal with the Violent Radical Leftwing...

Restraining orders will be issued, and the IDF has been ordered to use a firm hand against the violent riots by leftwing anarchists in Judea and Samaria.

Israel’s Bar Association Dis-Appoints Defender of Terrorists

Bereaved parents called the appointment "an unparalleled disgrace" and a "spit in the face of thousands of Israelis who have been murdered over the years."

2,370 Arab Terror Attacks Against Jews You Never Heard About in 2019

Some of these were fatal. And mainstream media do not report them.

Jerusalem’s Terror Village, Jabel Mukaber

The eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber has become a hotbed of terrorism since the second intifada.

Israeli Bulldozers Demolish Terrorist’s Home in Issawiya

The Shehab news agency on Tuesday tweeted a video of Israeli bulldozers demolishing the home of Hatem Abu Riala in the neighborhood of Issawiya in eastern Jerusalem.

World Jewry, Chabad-Lubavitch & India Mark 11 Years Since Mumbai Massacre

Today the sole Jewish survivor of the massacre is a yeshiva student, learning to become a rabbinic emissary and to follow in his parents’ footsteps.

Watch: Corbyn Flees Scottish Minister Asking Where’s his Islamic Jihad Scarf

According to shocking revelations, Reverend Richard Cameron also "shared a series of controversial views on Islam, describing terrorism as 'a problem Islam needs to deal with.'"

Schools and Work Places Closed in Tel Aviv as Islamic Jihad Declares WAR and...

The IDF is apparently expecting an attack on Tel Aviv today. Rocket Alerts at 7:59 AM.

UPDATED: Israel Assassinates Senior Islamic Jihad Leader

Baha Abu al-Ata normally surrounds himself with children as human shields, making it difficult to target him.

Disguised as Agricultural Work, French Pro-BDS Org also Supports Terrorism

Association France Palestine Solidarite (AFPS) helps fund the activities of an organization managed by PFLP terrorists.

Exposed: World Bank’s Palestinian Recovery and Development Program Funding Salaries for Terrorists

The lack of proper legal procedures and oversight enables the PA to use the funding to pay fund the terrorist’s stipends.

German Minister: Anti-Semitism Certainly One of Shooter’s Motives

185 Olim arrived from Germany in 2018. On the other hand, an estimated 20,000 Israelis have settled in Germany.

Look Out, Muhammad Tamimi’s Got his Gun

The photograph published by ‘Ad Kan’ demonstrates yet another level of the Tamimi family’s support for terrorism, as they are grooming of their 12-year-old to a life mired in weapons and murder.

Terror Victim Families Record Chilling Song

Together we will help in defeating terror, one day at a time!

IDF Releases Dramatic Recording of Special Forces’ Rescue in Gaza

In the recording, the pilot can be heard refusing to take off until all the soldiers are accounted for, despite heavy Hamas gunfire.

As UNRWA School Year Opens, Israeli School Children Race for Safety

Gaza's children are happily skipping off to school, and Israeli children are racing off to bomb shelters.
Cafe Hillel Bombing 2003

PA Raises Salaries of Terrorists Responsible for Murder of 16 Israelis in Cafe Hillel...

The two well-paid terrorists prepared the suicide belts used in the 2003 Tzrifin and Café Hillel terror attacks which killed 16 Israelis including Dr. David Applebaum and his daughter Nava.

Gaza Border Israeli Children Sing in Protest of Terror Threat

The clip is part of the Israeli Victory Project Campaign, which argues that Israel should move away from policies of appeasement toward Palestinian terror, and act to decisively defeat the terror organizations.

Smotrich: Israel Must Reinstall Check Posts in Judea and Samaria

"Maintaining the quality of life of the Arabs is not worth losing one Jew to murder."

Vile Woman Rejoices in the Massacre of 67 Hebron Jews

And so they fester, generations of Arab Jew-haters whose "Palestinian" identity begins and ends with murder, and with literally nothing else.

Arab Who Saved Israelis after Terror Attack Receives Israeli Residency

After helping the Jewish victims of a terror attack, the Palestinian Authority targeted the Arab hero.

Jewish Child Hurt by PA Terrorists in Samaria Stone-Throwing Attack

Stone-throwing by Palestinian Authority terrorists is one of the deadliest types of terror attacks used against Israeli motorists on the roads of Judea and Samaria.

PFPL Terrorist Khaled Barakat Welcomed to Podium at European Parliament

"The European Parliament must not be used as a platform for members of murderous terrorist organizations.”

‘Terror Didn’t Break Me’ – The Inspirational Story of Asael Shabo

"We respect each other more, we get into fights less. We Understand that we have to use the time to love each other and give each other. To appreciate what remained."

No One Hurts Palestinians Worse than the Palestinian Authority

The world should remove these gangs of criminals, by force if necessary, and replace them with men and women of business and industry who sincerely want to relieve the suffering of their people.

After Losing her Father and Brother, She Discovered Light Could Be Extracted from the...

"People tell me: Stop dealing with bereavement all the time," Orit says, "But I feel that there is where strength lies."


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