DOT Investigating El Al for Discrimination Against ‘Palestinian-American’ Passenger

You should know that this was not Noor Wazwaz’s first visit to Israel.

Rabbi Leo Dee on Bathsheva Nigri’s Murder: This Lunacy Has to Stop, and It...

When will Israel and the world see that they are the authors of our own nightmare?

Netanyahu Plans Boosting the Palestinian Authority to the Tune of Billions

Also: PA VIPs will once again be able to roam undisturbed inside green line Israel.

Did an AI Write UN Sec-Gen Guterres’ Attack on Israel?

 “Israel’s airstrikes and ground operations in a crowded refugee camp were the worst violence in the West Bank in many years,” said António Guterres.

IDF Used Kamikaze Drones in Jenin Operation

In the future, the IDF will not hesitate to use FIREFLY to attack and eliminate terrorists.

Pregnant Woman in Tel Aviv Terror Attack Loses Baby, Other Victims Improving

The terrorist was shot and killed by an armed civilian before he could harm more people.

A Delusional Hamas Chief: Israel Failed and Was Defeated in Jenin

It makes you wonder if he and we share the same planet.

Left v. Right Fight Rages On Despite Jenin Operation

On Monday, it appeared the word “traditionally” was no longer in style.

Tom Nides Spews Moral Equivalency in Response to Eli Terror Attack

Nides is deeply concerned about the civilian deaths and injuries that have occurred in the West Bank these past 48 hours, including that of minors.

US Promises Saudi-Israeli Peace which Netanyahu Is Eager for and Iran Tries to Sabotage

To be exact, bin Farhan did not mention a Palestinian State or the two-state solution.

Ben Gvir Blamed Protesters, Police Say Foreign Country Exposed Officers’ Personal Info

“From the first moment of coalition negotiations, I said: the police blanket is too short."

The Long Goodbye: Israeli Sbarro Terror Victim Dies After 22 Years in Vegetative State

"My mother didn't die, but I lost her forever," Chana Nachenberg's only child, Sarah, said at age 14 at a 2013 OneFamily Foundation event.

Watch Out: Islamic Jihad Hacks Israeli Social Networks

Always be suspicious of links from strangers, even if they list 100 mutual friends.

Watch: Terrorists’ Live Video Tweet Captures their Death

The live feed on Twitter shows two terrorists removing rifles from a stash before they are hit.

Zhytomyr Orphans Escape from Rocket Shelled Ashkelon

100 Ukrainian orphans living in Israel escaped the terror of war for the second time.

Terrorist Gets 10.5 Years for Trying to Stone Jewish Girl to Death

Ata was also ordered to pay the family NIS 35,000 ($10,000) in compensation.

Gen. Yadlin: Hamas Deterred by Israel’s Latest Strategy, Hesitating to Join Jihad

Israel’s reactive strategy has led to a huge drop in the fear it was inflicting on the enemy.

Who Are the Islamic Jihad Commanders Who Were Eliminated?

Three leaders of the Islamic Jihad were killed simultaneously in their homes in separate areas of the Gaza Strip.

Ted Cruz Trying to Torpedo Yael Lempert’s Nomination to Jordan, Demands Extradition of Sbarro...

Jordan is 80% Palestinian, and Israel has been protecting its kings from assassination attempts before and after the peace treaty.

Microsoft: Iran Accelerating Its Worldwide Cyber Attacks

The future threat of increasingly destructive Iranian cyberattacks remains against Israel and the United States.

Israel Mourns Its First Terror Victim, Haredi Man Shot 12 Times by Arabs 150...

Aharon, who was at his post by the windmill, chased the Arabs away .

Cyber Attack on Tel Aviv Smart Homes: ‘You Have No Security on this Land’

"All the blinds in the house were running up and down nonstop."

J’accuse: General Brik Names Those Responsible for the IDF’s Perilous Vulnerabilities

Ministers and MKs are ignorant of the real state of the military and are often fed fictitious presentations by the High Command.

Lucy Dee’s Organs Donated and Saves 5 People

Five Israelis have already received organs donated from Lucy (Leah) Dee, who died on Monday of injuries from an Arab terror attack.

Ron Dermer Reviews the Holiday’s Violence for SkyNews

Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer tweeted his SkyNews interview.

New Report Exposes Grip of Protection Extortion on Jews and Arabs in Israel

Personal security was a significant factor in citizens' voting decisions in the November 1 election, with 79% saying that it influenced their vote.


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