Two Heartening Sukkot Notes from the Late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Here are two sober notes from the late Rabbi Sacks which are at the same time uplifting and heartwarming.

Haredi Lone Soldiers Receive Gift of 4 Species for Sukkot

Over the past few days, the Netzah association distributed 450 fancy four species sets to the Haredi soldiers.

Israel’s Diaspora Minister Tours Kfar Chabad Etrog Orchard, Honey Factory Ahead of Sukkot

During the visit, Chikli toured the etrog orchard of the Gorlik family, discovering the secrets of growing the unique fruit for Sukkot.

Preparations Underway for Sukkot 5784 at the Western Wall Plaza

Due to the high demand and the public's desire to participate in the traditional ceremony, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation will hold this year's Birkat Kohanim service twice.

It’s Getting Tougher to Be an Antisemite in Luxembourg

Security around both of Luxembourg's synagogues will be increased and antisemitic intentions will be considered aggravating factors in criminal cases.

What a Difference a Year Makes in Tel Aviv

You know, the Internet has a very long memory.

Canada’s House Speaker Apologizes for Praising Zelenskyy’s Nazi Companion

Speaker Anthony Rota pointed to the very elderly Hunka, urging the House to give him, too, a standing ovation.

Penn U Bans Roger Waters from Antisemitic Event

The festival’s website is gorged with lies about the rich history of “Palestine,” and the speakers list includes known antisemites.

Avreimel Fried Spends Quality Time with Haredi Troops Ahead of Yom Kippur

Hundreds of Haredi soldiers heard words of encouragement and sang along with the great Avreimel Fried.

53 Former Agunot Celebrate a New Year of Freedom

There's nothing like the joy shared by women who have finally gained their freedom after a long struggle."

UNESCO Names Massacre Area of 3,000 Jews in Erfurt a World Heritage Site

The Old Synagogue was used as a storehouse and then a restaurant and dance hall.

Rosh Hashana Shofar in the Park Program Is Back this Sunday in 250 Locations

These events attract tens of thousands of Israelis who come to hear the traditional shofar blasts and participate in singing and storytelling.

ADL, Brandeis, AJC Sue to Stop Antisemitic Content in Santa Ana Public Schools

“The Santa Ana School Board has allowed ethnic studies courses with substantial antisemitic content to slide through the approval process."

Activist Rebrands Highway 60 as ‘Biblical Highway’ in Project to Preserve Biblical Heritage

“The Biblical Highway is non-political, but it is there to make a stand that Biblical heritage is important and that ancient sites should not be destroyed."

Report: Bavaria’s Deputy PM Had a Hitler Thing in High School

The Germans were voted the world’s “least funny nationality.”

Liverpool Chabad Rabbi Pays Tribute to Elderly Jewish Couple Who Perished in a Flood

"They were due to celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary next week and our only comfort is knowing that they were together to the very end."

Poland to Celebrate New Holiday on September 10: National Day of Polish Children of...

In December 1942, a camp for Polish children and youth was established in a separate area within the confines of the Lodz ghetto.

Israel Seeking Annulment for Muslim Convert Suspected of Gaming the System

On the day of his declaration as a Jew, he approached the Islamic Sharia court and remarried his Muslim ex-wife.

Argentina’s Next President May Be a Right-Wing Libertarian and Jew Wannabe

Milei loves Jews and is a strong supporter of Israel. If elected, he plans to move his country's embassy to Jerusalem.

Hunter Biden Begged God for Help at Nephew’s Bar Mitzvah

What was a Catholic man with a rather shady past doing in a synagogue, reading aloud the Blessing for the wellbeing of the country?

WSJ Op-Ed Calls on Blacks to Embrace Passover’s Approach to Dealing with Slavery &...

Interestingly, an admired jurist such as Gerard Leval chooses to completely ignore General William Tecumseh Sherman’s Special Field Orders, No. 15.

Princeton Course Includes Book Accusing Israel of Deliberately Maiming PA Arabs

In this course, healing is seen as a process of politicizing personal trauma as part of the atrocities of the Man.

Watch: Haredi Soldier’s Recruitment Pitch

The unit was set ups to allow Haredi Jewish men to serve as combat soldiers in the proper atmosphere required by their religious upbringing.

Survey Shows Why Haredim Excel in High-Tech: Employers Prioritize Independent Learning, Problem-Solving

The survey’s findings support the claim that has been made repeatedly by Haredi educators and politicians.

AOC Slams AIPAC for Conspiracy to Run Non-Squad Candidate

Those pesky Jews don’t like the Squad Congressman so they dare to run someone else to replace him.

Haredi Newspaper Cartoon Rejects Netanyahu’s Reforms

The editorial cartoon should be a source of concern to the supporters of judicial reform on the right.

Tuesday United Hatzalah EMTs Took Homebound Holocaust Survivor to the Beach

She shared her longing to see the sea, having been stuck in her house for more than three years.

‘Pee-Wee Herman’ Dead at 70, Father Was IAF Pilot

Veteran WW2 pilot Milton Rubenfeld was approached by representatives of the Haganah in 1948.

Patriot’s Jewish Owner, Grammy-Nominated Rapper Tell NAACP Blacks & Jews Must Unite Against Hate

Mill described how he and Kraft visited Poland earlier this year and participated in the March of the Living at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp complex.

1700 Israelis Gather to Hear the Book of Lamentations on Mt. Herod

Herodion is an ancient Jewish fortress and town, the only site named after King Herod the Great.


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