Foreign Worker Killed, 7 Hurt in Lebanese Attack on Northern Galilee

The casualties were airlifted by MDA and Israel Air Force helicopters to Beilinson and Rambam Medical Centers, and by ambulance to Ziv Medical Center.

Gaza Factions Losing Patience Following Difficulties in Transferring Qatari Funds

PA Banks don't want to transfer the money to Hamas terrorists which opens them up to being shut down.

PM Netanyahu to Insist in Putin Meeting Thursday: Golan Heights Off Limits in Syrian...

'Victory over the terrorism of ISIS cannot lead to an upsurge in terrorism by Iran and its proxies. We will not exchange terrorism for terrorism.'

Iran Tests US Resolve, Forces Maersk Vessel to Coastal Waters

A Maersk ship flagged under the Marshall Islands is forced to sail to southern Iran by its Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Israel Retaliates for Missile Fired from Syria at Golan Heights

Israel Defense Forces responded to the source of the missile fire with artillery, shelling military sites in Dera'a.

Dead Gaza BDS Advocate Sought Israeli Medical Care

Yet another hypocrite who directed the world to sever ties with Israel until the moment he needed what Israel had to offer. And Israel provided even Sarraj with its best medical care. #BDSFail #ApartheidFail

Hamas in Turkey Targeted Nir Barkat for Assassination, Jerusalem’s Former Mayor Calls for US...

Turkey provides a home for Hamas and allows Hamas to plot terror attacks against Israel from its territory.

Update: Iran Says It Has Freed Maersk Ship

Maersk is to pay a fine, putting an end to another US-Iranian mini-crisis.

Lebanon Faces Regional Diplomacy Crisis After Angering Saudi Arabia

Ostracization of Lebanon by its sister Arab nations is certain to further exacerbate the country’s deepening struggles.

Jordanian Scholar Brags: ‘We’ll Liberate Palestine, Throw Jews Into the Sea’

Professor Ahmad Nofal: “When we liberate Palestine, we will uproot the synagogues and the Jews and throw them into the sea.”

Lebanese Blame Mossad for Hamas Agent Assassination Attempt

A Hamas spokesman said at the time that "Initial indications point to Zionist fingers behind this criminal act."

Israel Turns to Russia on ‘Sensitive’ Humanitarian Issue in Syria

It was expected that Prime Minister Netanyahu would address the nation on national television Tuesday night but the broadcast did not happen. No explanation was given.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Meets with NATO Deputy Secretary General

“I’m here to mark a new beginning in a very robust partnership between NATO and the State of Israel,” said Geoană.

WSJ: Israel Behind Overnight Drone Strike on Iranian Munitions Site

US sources said the drone strike was an operation by the United States and another country “other than Israel.” The US has denied the report.

Russia Bans Turkish Employees, Turkish Hackers Breach Moscow Instagram Acct

Russia bans firms from hiring Turkish citizens; Turkish hackers breach a Russian minister's Instagram account.

Former AP Reporter: I Didn’t Leave Journalism, It Left Me

Former AP correspondent exposes the shoddiness of modern journalism, especially about Israel.

Qatari Envoy Arrives in Gaza via Erez Crossing

For years, Qatar has been providing local Gaza families with stipends of $100 per month.

Israel-Egypt Pipeline to Bring Big Money to Both Countries

The deal, worth $518 million, provides a 39 percent stake and gives the partners exclusive rights to use and lease the pipeline that connects Israel with Egypt.

Pompeo Arriving in Middle East Ahead of April 9 Vote

There's little doubt regarding the effect of photo-ops featuring Pompeo and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Rouhani’s Iran Schooling West on Aggressive Diplomacy

It's 1938, the Munich Treaty signed, countdown to Sept. 1, 1939 has begun.

Iranian Press TV: Bennett and Sarah Netanyahu Were Army Buddies

Iranian Press TV have picked up this story and delivered it with a straight face.

United Nations Disinvites Iran from Syria Peace Talks

Iran proves once again it cannot be trusted, but is anyone listening?

On Israel’s Northern Border, Smoke but No (Gun) Fire – Yet

Lebanon claimed it exchanged smoke bombs with Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday for the second time in a week.

Muslim Brotherhood Representative in Southern Lebanon Assassinated

Lebanese sources say that Jarar was threatened by Hezbollah prior to his assassination over his pro-Syrian rebel stances.

John Kerry on the Iranian Presidential Election

A Press Statement from Secretary of State John Kerry: We have seen the announcement by Iran’s Interior Ministry that Hassan Rouhani has been declared...

Report: Israeli Hackers Target Iran’s National Fuel System

The hackers sent advance warning sent to Iran's emergency services, and leaving some of the fuel pumps active. Sixty percent of Iran's gas stations were disabled.

‘Iranian Pollard’ Gets 8 Years for Selling Military Secrets to Tehran

An Iranian spy convicted of giving the Islamic Republic classified US military information, was sentenced to only eight years in jail and a $50,000 fine.

Rioters in Lebanon Demand Resignation of Government

The riots broke out after a government plan was announced to tax use of the Whatsapp messaging app.

Democracy Today: Egypt’s El-Sisi Wins 90% Landslide with 40% Turnout

The low turnout defied a state law imposing a $28 fine on each eligible voter who fails to cast his ballot.


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