Given Its $10,000 Take from Every Crossing Gazan, It’s Unsurprising Egypt Won’t Open Rafah’s...

It's not too late for Israel to start offering the same service as the Egyptians, only for free and via ships that offer reasonable rates.

US Pushing Normalization with Saudis in Exchange for Israel Pulling Out of Gaza

All the Jewish State has to agree to is erect two terrorist enclaves on its borders.

Egyptian FM Reaffirms Commitment to ‘Reciprocal’ Peace Treaty with Israel

Having peace treaty with Egypt is better than not having a peace treaty with Egypt.

Egypt Fears Gazan Immigration Wave But Knows Israel Must Control Philadelphi Corridor to Stop...

"If even one Palestinian refugee crosses over – the peace agreement will be nullified."

Eureka! Blinken in Wake of Iran’s Lethal Attack: The Middle East Is ‘Incredibly Volatile’

A volley of Tomahawks would interject a sense of reality into this charade. 

Its Economy Damaged by Houthi Attacks, China Leans on Iran to Stop them

This may be a good time to bid on really cheap Iranian crude.

US Working on Grand Regional Deal to Create ‘Palestinian’ State and End Israel-Hamas War

The plan also envisions normalization between Israel and the Arab world, the release of captives and a new regime in Gaza.

Iranian FM Threatens Biden: Don’t Tie your Destiny to Netanyahu

"The full-scale cooperation of Biden and the White House with thugs like Netanyahu in Israel is the root of insecurity in the region."

Al Akhbar: Israel Ready to Block Hamas Attempts to Smuggle Hostages via the Rafah...

Al Akhbar reports that a Gaza-Cyprus crossing will replace all the existing crossings, under British supervision.

Biden Pulling Back US Navy’s Largest Carrier from the Middle East

Along with the carrier, the group includes the cruiser Normandy, and the destroyers Ramage, Carney, Roosevelt, and Thomas Hudner.

IDF Document Warns the Next Major Attack Will Come from Jordan and Syria

Hakol Hayehudi on Sunday revealed a new document issued by the Home Front Command detailing the dangers facing the State of Israel on the...

Mousavi’s Assassination Marks a Shift in Israel’s Tolerance of Iran’s Warmongering

Israel's cautious approach may have been discarded with the assassination and the multi-front war may be around the corner.

Iran Protests Russian-Arab Resolution Denying Its Sovereignty over 3 Gulf Islands

Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday summoned the Russian embassy in Tehran’s charge d’affaires to protest “Russia’s repeated support for claims on Iran’s trio Persian...

Liberman: Give Gaza to Egypt, the PA to Jordan, and Teach the Air Force...

Asked what he sees as requiring a change in the IDF, Liberman answered, “Everything.”

Trapped in Conceptzia: IDF Apologizes for Killing Lebanese Soldier inside Hezbollah Compound

This is not a show of strength, as some would have us believe, but of sickness.

Minister Cameron: Winston Churchill Who Fought Hitlerism Had No Illusions about Islam

Churchill witnessed a fervent zeal in the Muslims' approach to warfare.

Iron Swords Day 44: IDF Fighting in Gaza and South Lebanon

A Nahal Brigade combat team directed a warplane from a distance to eliminate terrorists who tried to fire on them from a rooftop.

Disappointed Arab World Ridicules Nasrallah’s ‘What Me Worry’ Speech

Needless to say, most Arabs reacted with disappointment mixed with ridicule to Nasrallah's show of belligerent standoffishness.

Iran Claims It Merged Drone with 4.5-mile Range Heat Seeking Missile

The new weapon, primitive and limited as it may be, can be extremely effective if it succeeds in hovering above civilian centers deep inside Israel.

Abu Ali Express: Hezbollah, Iran, Have Natural Enemies – Israel Should Align with Them

"They too are waiting for the day when Hezbollah can be exterminated."

General Brik Who Warned about the Hamas Invasion: the IDF Cannot Fight on 2...

“Just do what’s necessary immediately: establish a national guard of 100 thousand people. Give them weapons so they can defend themselves."

Iran Boasts of Its Attack in Lebanon that Killed 241 US Soldiers

Someone should include this interview in President Joe Biden’s next briefing on removing sanctions from Iran.

Channel 14 Reporter Exposes Protest Leader’s Tweet to Sink Saudi Invite

Let’s hope the Saudis read her old tweet with great interest.

Providing Medical Relief in Morocco While Praying for Inclusion in the Book of Life

"We pray to be written in the Book of Life, and that is exactly what we are here helping to do."

NY Times’ Tom Friedman: Don’t Let Bibi Make Peace with the Saudis

Every time Tom Friedman writes a column, an angel gets his tricycle.

IDF, Lebanese, Meet to Ease Tensions, Hezbollah Demanding Village that Wants to Remain in...

Needless to say, the folks in Ghajar village would much rather stay under Israeli rule than Hezbollah’s.

From Frying Pan to Fire: Israeli Doctors Flee Israel’s ‘Dictatorship’ to the Gulf Emirates

Is it possible that these democracy lovers haven’t heard of the state of freedom and civil rights in the Gulf States?


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