Brandeis Under Fire for ‘Anything but Orthodox’ Ad

"In this ad, 'Orthodox' clearly means rigid, antiquated, monolithic and unevolving. Since Orthodox Jews would reject these adjectives in their self-definition, this line is problematic," said scholar Malka Simkovich.

Education, Health Minister Issue Final Plan for School Year’s September 1 Opening

The outline ensures the health of students and education staff through 6 layers of protective actions.

Orthodox Manhattan High School Kills Khalidi Appearance

The statement from Ramaz said, “Our question was: ‘Is this the appropriate program?’”

36 Advocacy Groups Demand Action at UC Irvine after Anti-Semitic Protest

They call on UCI chancellor to implement recently passed regents statement on anti-Semitism.

Bar-Ilan University Study Analyzes Preschoolers’ Speech

The Bar-Ilan study is the first to analyze reference to characters by bilingual children with Developmental Language Disorder in both their languages.

Exposé: Rejected by Camp Ramah, IfNotNow Tries the Back Way to Spread Anti-Israel Message

An inside look at 'IfNotNow' trying to influence the younger generation of American Jewry and bring 'the end of the occupation.'

Albany Judge Strikes Down SED Guidelines Hostile to Yeshivas

The guidelines also order the parents in these schools to send their children to an alternative institution or face charges of truancy.

TAU Researcher Uses Existing Wireless Communication to Monitor Meteorological Phenomena

"The technology we developed enables processing and analyzing the big data collected by these existing communication networks for other purposes."

Nefesh B’Nefesh Founders Get YU Honorary Doctorates

“We have been taught to open our eyes and see the myriad number of concerns that need to be addressed and repaired in our community."

Higher Education Council Reverses Ariel Med School Vote, Bennett Vows to ‘Fight the Cartel’

"The time has come for Israeli physicians, too, to come out of Ariel University's medical school and contribute to the health of Israeli citizens."

Tel Aviv U Research: Enzyme Treatment of Gene May Reverse Effects of Alzheimer’s

In the course of treatment, researchers found that mice which exhibited disoriented behavior became able to locate a submerged island in the middle of an artificial pond.

NY Ultra-Orthodox Schools to Go Under Magnifying Glass over Secular Subjects — Or Norman...

Former New York Civil Liberties Union executive director Norman Siegel has joined the ranks of advocates for better secular studies for Haredi children, and he now represents YAFFED, threatening to sue the city if its current investigation does not yield reliable results.

Russian Scientists Predicted Increased Unrest in the United States Back in 2010

It turned out that in full accordance with the forecasts for 2010-2012 in the United States over the past 10 years, the number of anti-government demonstrations and street riots has increased significantly.

PA to Deliver Saturday’s Matriculation Results on Friday to Shabbat Observers

The Palestinian Authority decided to honor the Samaritans’ demand and respect their Shabbat.

At Christians United For IsraeI’s ‘Night to Honor Israel,’ Exuberance Abounds

David Brog, CUFI's executive director, shared with the audience recent data that found 71% of all Americans say that they are pro-Israel, but noted that the figure drops to just 32% among college students. This statistic was repeated throughout the night to draw attention to the need for action on college campuses.

Canaanite Ritual Stone Discovered in Northern Israel

Researchers were able to establish that this was later a place of Jewish dwellers.

Lower East Side Synagogue Cautioning Next Door Art Center on Inviting Linda Sarsour

She has tweeted that a young Palestinian boy going to throw stones at Israeli soldiers is the 'definition of courage.'

Star Trek ‘Tractor Beam’ Used in First-Ever Random Reset Experiment

“Optical tweezers, which are the instrument we use to translate the particle back to the origin each time it is been reset, are similar to tractor beams.”

Washington State Synagogue Statue Defaced with Swastika

"A swastika is not mere vandalism — it is a symbol of hatred," said the synagogue rabbi. In Brooklyn, a man punched a college student in the face because he is white and Jewish.

Bar-Ilan, Ziv Hospital Study: 2nd Dose Optimal Protection to Patients Infected Between Doses

"Our study suggests that two doses of vaccine are needed in those who were infected shortly after the first dose."

Terror Victims Sue Biden Administration for Funding Palestinian Authority

The U.S. government is in violation of the 2018 Taylor Force Act, the plaintiffs contend.

Northeastern U. Reinstates Students for Justice in Palestine Group

Northeastern University has provisionally reinstated the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter on campus. The SJP chapter will remain on probation through January 2015, according...

Coalition Kills Core Curriculum Prerequisite for Haredi Schools

The elimination of the obligation to teach core curriculum subjects will not result in reducing the budgets of Haredi yeshivas who pass on the extra material.

After BDS Endorsement, Harvard Crimson Notified Their Office Is On ‘Stolen’ Land

Or Hikry, project manager of Shurat Hadin, and one of the students who signed and assisted with drafting the SJA letter, explained, People are always forgetting that the Jewish people are the indigenous people of the land of Israel. It’s really not the same example...

Anti-Semitism Awareness Act Reintroduced by Senators

Sens. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) and Bob Casey (D-Pa.) reintroduced the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, which would require the Department of Education to adopt the State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism in evaluating incidents on college campuses.

Israeli Court Okays Ban on Unvaccinated Teaching Assistant Who Refused COVID Test

The Court has called for lawmakers to create legislation to clarify and address the issue.

127 Israeli, Jewish Academics Want France to Kill ‘Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism’ Resolution

Le Monde published an open letter from a group of 127 Israeli and Jewish intellectuals who claimed that "cette résolution est hautement problématique," this resolution is highly problematic.

Israel’s 10th University to be Established in Tzfat (Safed)

Tzfat currently has more than 2,000 students in the Faculty of Medicine, the Tzfat Academic College and the School of Nursing.


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