Brandeis: Harvard Must Take Action Against Prof. Marshall Ganz under the Civil Rights Act

Ganz was accused of discrimination and harassment of three Jewish Israeli students.

NYU Hillel Students Launch 24-hour Service and Learning Fundraiser in Response to 10/7

I believe that these funds are going to supporting our previously demoralized campus community as well as providing what we can to Israel.

ADL, Brandeis, AJC Sue to Stop Antisemitic Content in Santa Ana Public Schools

“The Santa Ana School Board has allowed ethnic studies courses with substantial antisemitic content to slide through the approval process."

Principal of Oldest Israeli High School Resigns over Ban on Anti-Draft Rally

"The executive committee of the gymnasium folded before the anti-democratic attack that tries to silence our voice."

Princeton Course Includes Book Accusing Israel of Deliberately Maiming PA Arabs

In this course, healing is seen as a process of politicizing personal trauma as part of the atrocities of the Man.

This Summer, 28 Diaspora STEM Students Put Down Roots in Bar Ilan

"This is a tremendous opportunity for students from abroad to participate in research in Bar-Ilan's state-of-the-art labs."

Civic Studies Teachers Offer to Explain Democracy to IAF Pilots

We, veteran civic studies teachers, volunteer to teach an introductory course on the fundamental principles of Democracy.

First Time Ever: TAU Researchers Using RNA Therapy Destroyed Most Bone Marrow Cancer Cells

The researchers developed targeted lipid-based nanoparticles, similar to those used in the COVID-19 vaccine, containing RNA molecules.

Go Figure: TAU Finds Stress Boosts Antibody Quantity & Quality but Reduces Immune Protection

"We found dramatic impact of this stress – on both the vaccine's effectiveness and its mode of operation."

In Critical Breakthrough, TAU Researchers Produce Efficient, Low-Cost ‘Green’ Hydrogen

The hydrogen is produced without air pollution, with a high level of efficiency, utilizing a biocatalyst.

Incense from Sheba for Solomon’s Temple: JJAR Posts 4 Fascinating Articles on Judean Kingdom’s...

The Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology has published Volume 4 on the archaeology of Jerusalem.

U. of Haifa Researchers Predict Few Jellyfish this Summer

"We say this carefully, and the reality can still change, but if you look at the past cases, this is the reasonable assessment as of this moment."

Haredi Leaders Reevaluate Academic Studies as Belz Again Weighs Core Curriculum

“There is more than one way to be a Haredi who is deeply committed to religious excellence.”

Tel Aviv University Drops Sackler Family Name from Medical School in Wake of Opioid...

As part of their settlement in US Court, the Sackler family was made to get their name removed from buildings and scholarships.

Haifa U Study Identifies Large Scarlet Production Center that Likely Supplied Solomon’s Sanctuary

Tel Shiqmona is the Largest known factory producing purple dye in the Iron Age.

TAU Researchers’ Discovery May Lead to Melanoma Vaccine

Understanding the mechanism of the metastases' spread via the lymphatic and blood systems may contribute to developing a vaccine to fight it.

Connecticut College Replaces Anti-LGBTQ President with Alleged Antisemite

In 2019 the university reversed its anti-Israel policy, and Wong apologized: "Zionists are welcome on our campus."

Bar-Ilan U International Conference Deciphering, Mapping and Exposing Rapidly Rising Antisemitism

The internet is a utilitarian and radicalizing tool used by extremists to spread antisemitism, xenophobia, and terrorism.

Feds Launch Investigation of Antisemitism at SUNY New Paltz

The Biden Administration is signaling with this investigation that it is not sufficient to protect Jews solely based on their religious practice.

TAU, UCLA Researchers Develop Deep-Brain Stimulation in Sleep to Improve Memory Consolidation

Direct proof that our brain strengthens memories via coordination between the hippocampus and frontal cortex during sleep.

Monitoring Agency: Saudi School System Toned Down Antisemitic Content in Textbooks

Three years later, the monitors have seen some and even significant improvements.

Bar-Ilan U: The Intellectually Disabled Benefit from Postsecondary University Education

Next month six adults with ID will become the first in Israel to complete all academic requirements for a bachelor's degree.

Economic Competition Czar: Banks Supervision in Israel Is Regulatory Spaghetti

"The supervision of the non-banking entities should be reduced and adapted to international standards.”

TAU, Google, Launch Multidisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Research

”We have great opportunities to use AI to make a significant positive impact in many areas."

Israeli Researchers Support Professor Who Declared Poles Falsify Holocaust History

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said, “What happened yesterday in the TVN program was a grand obliteration of the truth."

TAU Study Reveals Plants Make Sounds

Apparently, an idyllic field of flowers can be a rather noisy place. It's just that we can't hear the sounds...

Bar Ilan Professor Solves Age Old Issue: How Big Was the Talmudic Egg?

Bar-Ilan U. Prof. Zohar Amar discovered ancient eggs were smaller than previously believed.

TAU’s Cell-Size Robot Can Capture Damaged Body Cells

Innovative technology only 10 microns across the size of a biological cell.

Marva Program Changing Young Jewish Lives with a Pinch of IDF

The program inducts these young people as soldiers and takes them through a shortened enlistment process.


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