Hanover, Virginia Public Schools Apologize for Swastika-ish Logo

The swastika, which was used by the Nazis to depict their Teutonic heritage, did not stand before that era for antisemitism or Nazism.

Breakthrough: Hebrew U Drug May Prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Increase Life Expectancy

The study identified a group of molecules that enable cells to repair damaged components.

Education Is Everything: Park Hotel Mass Murderer Earns Master’s Degree behind Bars

His wife said he got top marks and plans to get his doctorate as soon as he is released from prison.

PA to Deliver Saturday’s Matriculation Results on Friday to Shabbat Observers

The Palestinian Authority decided to honor the Samaritans’ demand and respect their Shabbat.

TAU Study Introduces Effective Oxygen Treatment for Millions of Long-Covid Sufferers

The treatments involve MRI imaging of patients' brains, identifying COVID-19 damage, and correlating the images with clinical findings.

Could Georgia School Be Going Full-Nazi?

We must have zero tolerance for things Nazi.

Spaceship Gaia Led by TAU Researchers Detects 2 New Planets

Gaia has discovered 1 billion astronomical objects, mainly stars, but also planets, comets, asteroids, and quasars.

Hebrew U Startup’s Viroblock Effective Against Covid Variants, Influenza, Zika, West Nile, Hepatitis

ViroBlock’s new technology platform demonstrated the potential to rapidly provide solutions for treating current and emerging viral threats.

Gush Etzion 19-Year-Old Completes Shas for Second Time

Nadav intends to continue setting aside time for Torah every single day, despite the demanding upcoming military service.

Bar Ilan U. Researchers Link Elderly Who Give Away Money to Early Alzheimer’s Disease

Study participants who gave away more money scored significantly lower on Alzheimer’s cognitive tests than those who gave less.

TAU Study Discovers Where COVID-19 Variants Come From

Immunocompromised patients tend to develop chronic coronavirus infections, leading to highly mutated variants that bear multiple antibody-resistant mutations.

Canadian Asper Foundation, TAU, Launch Innovative Clean Water Project

At least 2 billion people around the world use water from contaminated sources.

Meet 9th Grader Aries Wickham, First Harlem Athlete Representing US at Maccabiah Games

Aries said that her Judaism has played a significant role in her remaining focused through the hardship she endured.

TAU to Compensate Religious Student Kept Out of Non-Kosher Networking Events

The lawsuit may have been the tip of an iceberg with lots of secular vs. religious wars just below the surface.

TAU Researchers Offer Future 1-Shot AIDS Treatment

The scientists, for the first time ever, engineered type B white blood cells in the patient's body to secrete HIV antibodies.

Jewish Father Suing LA Private School over Antisemitism in Wake of George Floyd’s Death

When Jewish parents tried to establish a Jewish affinity group, they were blocked.

Hebrew U Researchers Solve Age Old First Date Conundrum

"We still don’t know whether synchrony raises attraction or does the feeling of attraction generate the motivation to synchronize."

Brandeis Center Urging Feds to Tighten Grip on NYU following Latest Antisemitic Scandal

In 2020, NYU signed an agreement to resolve “without further investigation” a complaint filed with DOE over “a hostile environment” for Jewish students on campus.

I Might Forget Thee, Jerusalem: Hebrew U Grows Cannabis with 20% More Psychoactive THC

Findings will help develop new strains for medical cannabis users and increase crop yields.

Bennett Admits to Seminary Women Regretting Promises He Broke in Forging Government

Bennett stressed repeatedly that social divides within Israel and the Jewish people were more dangerous to the country’s future than even external security threats.

TAU Researchers Find Common Gene Mutation Mechanism in Autism, Schizophrenia

An experimental drug developed at a TAU lab may be suitable for treating a range of rare syndromes that impair brain functions.

Bar-Ilan U Study Proves Origin of Herod’s Alabaster Bathtubs

Where were Herod the Great's royal alabaster bathtubs quarried?

Shin Bet, Education Ministry to Collaborate in Exposing Terrorist Teachers

In November, the defense establishment reportedly recommended that Arab teachers from eastern Jerusalem who apply to work in state schools must undergo a security probe.

Hebrew U. Study Improves Our Understanding of Human Infertility

The study of zebrafish ovaries discovers new structure vital for normal egg development.

Bar-Ilan U’s Medical School Turns into Teddy Bear Hospital for a Day

The event provided children with the opportunity to ask questions related to illness, injury, and medical treatment.

Bar Ilan U 3D Printing Method to Curb Coral Reef Devastation

"We introduce a novel customizable 3D interface for producing scalable structures, utilizing real data collected from coral ecosystems."

Cornell Finds Girls with Jewish Parents 23% More Likely to Graduate College

“Girls raised by non-Jewish parents tend to prioritize motherhood and have humbler employment aims."

TAU Researchers Found ‘Healthy Weapon’ Against Corona in Cashews, Pumpkins, Peas, Beets

Safe dietary supplements developed at Tel Aviv University might help protect the body against Covid-19 and a range of winter illnesses.

Only 2.9% of Israeli Haredim Work in Hi-Tech But New Initiative Aims to Push...

34% of the Haredim who are interested in working in the field drop out of the preparatory programs.


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