2,503 Californians Petition Board of Ed to Rescind Offensive Ethnic Studies Curriculum

Governor Newsom stated, "We are united in our resolve to make sure the advisory committee draft is only that, a draft, that will be substantially amended... It will never see the light of day.”

Experts Warn Against Unethical Application of Triage Rules in Coronavirus Emergencies

"Just because triage is correct under some circumstances does not mean that it is correct under all circumstances."

Beachgoers Watch Out: Israel Experiencing Larger Than Normal Jellyfish, as Yearly Summer Bloom Approaches...

"We're trying to understand the ecology of the various jellyfish in our coastal waters — when do the blooms appear, why are they bigger or smaller in some years."

AFT’s Randi Weingarten: American Schools Won’t Be Able to Open ‘As Usual’ This Year

“There’s no way that you’re going to have full-time schools for all the kids and all the teachers the way we used to have it.”

Hebrew U Study’s New Tracking System Shows Sophisticated Navigation of Fruit Bats

The results present the most comprehensive evidence for a cognitive map from any wild animal studied.

Bar-Ilan Neuroscientists Win Michael J. Fox Foundation Parkinson’s Research Competition

A team of neuroscientists from Bar-Ilan University is one of four winners of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF).

Adopt a Neighbor Tutors Jewish Schoolchildren for Free, Parents Ecstatic

"Thank g-d they paired up both my son and daughter with amazing special tutors. "

Israel’s Education Ministry (Finally) Announces When 2019/20 Ends

Minister Galant also warned that "if the teachers' union persists in its resistance to the plan, steps will be taken to enforce the decision – we will use the tools at our disposal."

When You Take Down ‘Gone with the Wind’ You Usher in ‘Fahrenheit 451’

The inmates have taken over the institution and the first thing they did was burn down the library.

Israeli Ecologists Create Plan to Save Endangered Mountain Gazelle

Israel and the Palestinian Authority are currently the last strongholds of the mountain gazelle and are home to just 5,000 individuals.

Hebrew U Archaeologists Map 458 Miles of Great Wall of China

Despite the apparent importance of The Northern Line, its construction is not mentioned in any contemporary documents.

Israel Cancels Students’ Visits to Death Camps in Poland over Coronavirus

They will provide an alternative trip around Israel, dubbed "Holocaust and Resurrection."

Technion Researchers Create Unique Quantum Microscope That Records Flow of Light

“This is the first time we can actually see the dynamics of light while it is trapped in nano materials."

Israeli Scientists Develop Self-Disinfecting Reusable Protective Face Mask

A patent was submitted in the US on March 31 and the research group is discussing commercialization with industrial companies.

Hebrew U to Host Online Open House for International Students May 24

"We’re thrilled to see an increase in top-notch students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities who are choosing to study at Hebrew University."

Sunday at NYU: First-Ever Virtual International Conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls

More than three dozen scholars from around the world will gather online to share new research and discoveries on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Ukraine Police Collecting Names, Phone Numbers of Jewish Students

Regional police official Myhaylo Bank was asking for those personal details on behalf of investigations into "ethnic" and "transnational crime groups."

Global Survey of 4,000 Coronavirus Patients Shows Link to Loss of Smell and Taste

These findings will eventually help distinguish COVID-19 patients from those with common viral infections.

Hebrew U Study: Israel Could Control Covid-19 Without Lockdown

The lockdown was unnecessary and could be stopped and replaced with a responsible policy of hygienic behavior in public places.

Hebrew U Researchers Develop 10x Faster COVID-19 Test

The test uses materials commonly found in labs

Bar-Ilan Researchers Offer Exit Strategy for Coronavirus Lockdown

Alternating lockdown strategy involves splitting the population into two groups that alternate between lockdown and routine activity in weekly succession.

Haifa U Psychologist Warns of the Perils of Self-Isolation

“When everything changes, we want to keep some things constant, especially when we don’t have control over the situation.”

Bar-Ilan Engineering Student’s Algorithm Predicts Coronavirus Spread

In South Korea, the model accurately predicted significant improvement on March 2, 2020.

Hebrew U Professor Shares World’s Top Math Prize

The original Abel Prize award ceremony, scheduled for May 19, has been postponed due to the corona outbreak.

Israeli Scientist Discovers SIRT6 Protein is ‘First Responder’ to DNA Damage

Dr. Deborah Toiber's previous research found that SIRT6 was linked to the prevention of dementia in the elderly.

NJ Orthodox Schools to Share in $5 Million Grant to Teach Math, Science

When the match is made, the teacher, the private school, and the district superintendent work out schedule that does not interfere with the teacher’s public school classes.

Report: As NY State School Enrollment Declines, Yeshivas Are Up 62.2%

"Jewish schools have grown by 46.3% in the city and 106.7% in the rest of the state."


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