58.3 F
Jerusalem, Israel
18 Adar I 5779 -
? Friday, February 22, 2019

Kinneret Reaches Best Water Levels in Two Years and Rising

A particularly rainy winter has raised its level by nearly 4.9 feet.

Netanyahu Congratulates Hungarian Prime Minister on Diplomatic Trade Rep in Jerusalem

"I have to commend you for taking on the effort, and your foreign minister, for confronting the lies that are put forward against Israel in places like the Human Rights Committee in EU forums and elsewhere."

Netanyahu Welcomes Czech Prime Minister on First Visit to Israel, Sees ‘Ample Room for...

The Czech Republic is seeking Israel's help in medical cannabis treatment, "which is very important. . . because you are also a leader in this field."

Israel Sets New Record in Using Renewable Energies

Israel's renewable energy innovation has received global recognition, with innovative ideas such as converting wind into electricity, technologies for clean water and other inventions.

Jordan Adds PA, PLO Members to Islamic Waqf, Fuel to Fire on Temple Mount

The small compound under discussion is located on the eastern part of the Temple Mount, and is called the Bab a-Rahema.

Netanyahu ‘Delighted’ by Slovakia’s Decision to Open Cultural & Innovation Center in Jerusalem

“It is my hope that this will be the first step towards opening a Slovak embassy in Jerusalem but we'll have time to talk about that."

80 Jewish Graves Vandalized in France

Local authorities issued a statement condemning "in the strongest possible terms this awful anti-Semitic act and sends his complete support to the Jewish community which has been targeted again."

Bernie Sanders Throws Hat in Presidential Ring

On November 15, 2015, Sanders responded to the ISIS murder of more than 100 civilians in Paris by cautioning against "Islamophobia."

14 French Political Parties to March Against Anti-Semitism Tonight

It could be said that France has finally reached its "J'Accuse...!" moment.

Bibi Unrestrained in Meddling with Right Wing Parties’ Campaigns

It's rewarding to see that MK Smotrich is adept at playing "I'm rubber you're glue."

Farrakhan to Rep. Omar: Sweetheart, Don’t Apologize to the Jews

On Sunday, Farrakhan unabashedly supported the old-time anti-Semitic cornerstone belief that the Jews control the world with their money.

Fetus Found on a Sidewalk in Brooklyn

"I don't know, it's crazy because stuff like this doesn't happen around here."

Qatar to Gazans: Sit in the Dark

The problem is that Hamas is not interested in diverting its efforts to positive channels, such as working to provide services to its population.

Giant Nazi Swastika Adorns Staircase in Kiev Mall, Latest in Ukraine Anti-Semitism

One has to wonder what Jews are still doing there, and what more it might take to convince them to leave.

Bank of Israel Research Shows More Jobs Are Accessible Via Private Transportation

It was found that convenient access to train service (both in terms of proximity to home locality and proximity to place of work) increases the use of trains among high income and private vehicle owners as well.

University of Sydney Fires Lecturer Over Image of Swastika on Israeli Flag

Tim Anderson, a a life-long radical and virulent hater of Jews, was placed under official investigation after he defended a former colleague for wearing a badge proclaiming “Death to Israel.”

Palestinian Authority Vows to Defend ‘Precious and Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque’

The incident was used by the Palestinian Authority and Jordan to launch a new campaign of feigned outrage over false claims that Israel is planning to turn the area adjacent to the gate into a prayer site for Jews.

$55 Million to be Invested in Jewish Quarter of Old City of Jerusalem

Projects include an elevator that will lead from the Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall plaza that is accessible for the disabled; a renovation of the Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue, which was destroyed in 1948; and improved shade and outdoor facilities.

Israel Launches World’s First Cyber Hotline for Victims of Hacker Attacks

“A cyber attack may not be limited only to property or financial damage. It can also threaten lives.”

7 UK Lawmakers Quit Labour Party Over Anti-Semitism

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is now due to decide whether to open a full statutory investigation into anti-Semitic discrimination and victimization within the Labour party.

Leading World Jewish Organizations Present EU with Joint Action Plan for Combating Anti-Semitism in...

“If our leaders are serious about combating anti-Semitism then . . . the battle against hate and intolerance needs to take place in the political, educational, legal, law enforcement, judicial and diplomatic arenas.”

Rivlin Turns to Bible for Lesson on Democracy, Political Culture

“There is nothing more Jewish than pointed disagreement. And there is nothing more democratic than pointed disagreement. It is possible, important and perhaps even crucial to discuss and to insist on a culture of disagreement."

Hebrew U., Cornell Researchers Discover Tiny Particles Can Switch Back and Forth Between Phases

The discovery could have uses relating to quantum computing or as a seed for the generation of larger nanoparticles.

Arab Rioters Arrested on Temple Mount

The arrests took place after a crowd of of Muslim worshipers tried to force their way into the Golden Gate area.

PLO Bigwig: Israel, US, Trying to Destroy the PA

Ahmad Majdalani, Secretary-General of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF) and a senior member of the PLO Executive Committee, on Sunday claimed that Israel...


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