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Egyptian President Tells 60 Minutes He Collaborates with Israel Against ISIS, Then Begs to...

El-Sisi was blamed for the 2013 massacre of close to 1,000 Morsi supporters.

Home Front Command Ends Red Color Alerts Over False Alarms

Is HFC trying to reclaim the hits that are rightfully its own?

PA Rebuilding Terrorists’ Homes Demolished by IDF

The Palestinian Authority considers the terrorists who murder women and children to be heroes.

Palestinian Authority Terrorist Bombs IDF Forces

In response, IDF soldiers opened fire at the attacker, who fled the scene.
An apartment in Israel 's northern city of Kiryat Shmona, minutes after an Hezbollah rocket attack during the 2006 Second Lebanese War. IDF Intelligence has been reassessing the threat to Israel as political realities shift rapidly in the region.

US Citizens Sue Hezbollah in Brooklyn Court Over Trauma Resulting from 2006 Rocket Attacks

Hezbollah and the Iranian banks are being sued for a total of $50 million in compensatory damages, plus unspecified punitive damages.

Israel Doubles Down on New Restrictions for Terror Security Prisoners

The move is aimed at pressuring the Hamas terrorist organization into returning two living Israeli hostages and the bodies of two IDF soldiers who fell in 2014.

Manchester Terrorist Shouted ‘Allah’ During New Year’s Eve Attack in UK

“The guy, his exact words were, he said, ‘As long as you keep bombing other countries, this short of sh#$#t is going to keep happening,’"

Gaza Terrorists Fired 1000 Rockets and Mortars at Israel in 2018

The Iron Dome aerial defense system intercepted 250 of the missiles fired at Israel in 2018; 45 more rockets and missiles landed in urban areas.

In 2018, IDF Neutralized Terror Tunnel Threats on 2 Fronts, North and South

“It’s not hard to imagine what would have happened if hundreds of Hezbollah operatives had entered [Israel from Lebanon] through underground attack tunnels."

Baby’s Blanket Hides Deadly Arab Weapons in Judea

The weapons cache was artfully hidden in the colorful child’s blanket.

IDF Summarizes 2018 Terror in Judea, Samaria

A total of 16 Israeli citizens were murdered by Palestinian Authority terrorists in Judea and Samaria in 2018.

Prosecution Demands 18-Year Sentence for Killer of British Exchange Student in Jerusalem

The Prosecution argued that the killer was mentally unstable and didn't murder Hannah Bladon out of Nationalistic reasons.

Guardian Math: Counting Only in Arabic

The Guardian misrepresents shamelessly the realities of Arab violence in Judea and Samaria.

Rocket Launched from Gaza Strip after 6 Quiet Weeks

A week ago, Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders threatened to renew the fire after four Arab rioters had been killed during Friday demonstrations near the border fence.

It’s Friday: More Hamas Violence at Gaza Border with Israel

At least one rioter was killed and five more were injured during Friday's clashes at the Israeli-Gaza border.

Terror Returns: Incendiary Balloon Lands Next to Negev Kindergarten

This verbal escalation apparently stems from an increase in self-confidence among the terror groups inside the Gaza Strip, which perceive that Israel is not interested in a confrontation with Gaza.

Report: Liberman Crusading to Block Joint Arab List from Knesset

Arabs began to celebrate from the moment of terrorist Jabareen's release, in Umm al-Fahm as well as in the Palestinian Authority.

IDF Completes Destruction of Hezbollah Attack Tunnels Originating in S. Lebanese Village of Kafr...

The IDF holds the Lebanese government responsible for the digging of the tunnels and the ramifications of those activities.

Israel, Syria, Iran: It’s All About 50 Miles

Senior Russian commanders on the ground in Syria actually admire the IDF and its aggressive style – as long as the IDF does not shoot down Ilyushin planes, of course.

Stoning Attack in Samaria

No physical injuries were reported, but several vehicles reportedly sustained damage.

Knesset Rules: No Early Release for Convicted Terrorists

"A terrorist who comes to carry out an attack does not act against the individual victim, but against all of society."

Firebombing Attack on Highway 60

None of the passengers were physically injured in the attack. There was no information available about damage to the bus.

UNRWA Deletes Tweet Glorifying PFLP Terrorist, Says It Had Been ‘Hacked’

"We're concerned that today's tweet reflects systemic radicalism within UNRWA that adversely reflects on the agency's integrity, independence and impartiality," UN Watch said.

Minister Regev at Amona: I Support Restoring Barriers and Checks on PA Arabs

Avihai Braun, head of the Amona residents' campaign, urged the government ministers to regulate the settlement's land.

IDF Fired at Armed Infiltrators at Syrian Border

The buffer zone between Israel and Syria is about 50 miles long, and between 0.3 and 6 miles wide.


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