Catch a Virus by the Tail: Weizmann Institute Making Strides in Investigating Bacterial Immunity

A bacterial immune system that alters the tails of phages might help clarify an immunity mechanism in humans.

New Hope for Paralyzed Patients as Israeli Researchers Achieve Thought-Driven Speech

“In the future, it will be possible to train a computer for an ALS patient in the early stages of the disease while they can still speak."

Rosh Pina Kosher Meat Restaurant Charged with Death of Dairy-Allergic Patron

The Health Ministry’s report shows failures on the part of the hospital and Osher’s Leumit HMO.

Israeli Findings on a Hidden Brain Hub Open Path for New ADHD Treatment

The findings open a new door to potential new treatments for disorders characterized by impaired impulse control, such as ADHD, drug addiction and schizophrenia.

U of Haifa Study: Two-Thirds of Israelis Abroad Suffer PTSD Since October 7

According to the study, 91% of Israelis living abroad were exposed to anti-Israel and antisemitic sentiment in the first two months of the war.

Sweet New MRI Method ‘Lights Up’ Pancreatic Cancer

The method could lead to earlier detection, better treatment and a more hopeful outcome for pancreatic cancer patients, the researchers said.

United Hatzalah Mourns the Death of Its Volunteer EMT, Hamas Hostage Dolev Yehoud

The entire United Hatzalah family bows its head in sorrow and grief upon receiving the bitter news that our dedicated volunteer EMT, Dolev Yehoud...

Man Indicted for Threatening Michigan Jewish Officials Is Too Crazy to Stand Trial

Carpenter claimed to have established a new sovereign nation called "New Israel."

Israeli Scientist Forces Brain Tumor Cells to ‘Burn Out’

When you disable the brakes on a race car, it quickly crashes. Dr. Barak Rotblat wants to do something similar to brain cancer cells.

Israeli Study Shows Increased Risk of Cancer in Patients with Heart Disease

The discovery may improve the protocols for treating heart disease so clinicians also consider the increased risk of cancer.

Israeli Scientists Create New Treatment for Colorectal Cancer

The developed technology was recently licensed to a biomedical company (Vaxil Biotherapeutics) for further clinical development.

Israeli Study: Sephardic Jews at Greater Risk for Early Onset Alzheimer’s

The researchers found 64 percent of those who were diagnosed were from Sephardic Jewish backgrounds while 36 percent were from Ashkenazi backgrounds.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Launches Medical Aliyah Program to Remedy Israel’s Physician Shortages

The objective of the International Medical Aliyah Program is to facilitate the Aliyah of 2,000 physicians over the next five years.

TAU Researchers Prevent Memory Deterioration in Animal Model of Alzheimer’s

The researchers discovered the potential for early detection of Alzheimer’s during sleep or anesthesia between 10-20 years before the onset of dementia symptoms.

Flying to Visit Rebbe’s Tomb, EMT Saves Passenger from Seizure

With remarkable composure, he directed the flight attendant to halt takeoff procedures and swiftly accessed the onboard medical kit.

Absorption Ministry: 494 Physicians and 83 Nurses Made Aliyah in 2023

The average age of physicians who immigrate to Israel is 41.4, and the median age is 37.

Researchers: Israelis Endure Steep Mental Stress, Move Less, Sleep Less after October 7

The researchers examined the relationship between media use in the week after October 7 and the prevalence of PTSD.

Bar-Ilan U Announces Breakthrough in Fighting Sleeping Sickness

A novel way to prevent the parasite from producing essential proteins, thus impairing its ability to survive.

United Hatzalah Issues Hanukkah Safety Tips

Keep children at a distance from menorahs, lighters, and matches.

MDA CEO Eli Bin Condemns the Red Cross: ‘You Are Not Neutral’

While giving MDA the cold shoulder on the hostages, CRC delegation head Menegon advocated for PA Arab terrorists in Israeli prisons.

Fenethylline Was Found on the Bodies of Dead Hamas Murderers

ISIS fighters were known to ingest fenethylline to suppress their fear before going to battle.

MDA, UH, Saving Lives under Dense Rocket Fire Across Israel

A UH logistics division truck transported some of the deceased to the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in Tel Aviv.

Israeli Hospital Completes Study Using AI to Detect Cardiovascular Issues

“Given the global prominence of cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of mortality . . . leveraging such technologies for general population screening and early detection is absolutely imperative,"

Providing Medical Relief in Morocco While Praying for Inclusion in the Book of Life

"We pray to be written in the Book of Life, and that is exactly what we are here helping to do."

Israel’s Beloved Star Yehoram Gaon: Ehud Barak Suffers from Munchausen Syndrome

Gaon’s analysis determines that Barak actually suffers from “Munchausen syndrome by proxy.”

United Hatzalah EMTs Save 3-Year-Old who Suffered Cardiac Arrest

"I’m so glad I got there as quickly as I did,” shared United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Raphael Alima after the incident.

From Frying Pan to Fire: Israeli Doctors Flee Israel’s ‘Dictatorship’ to the Gulf Emirates

Is it possible that these democracy lovers haven’t heard of the state of freedom and civil rights in the Gulf States?

Tuesday United Hatzalah EMTs Took Homebound Holocaust Survivor to the Beach

She shared her longing to see the sea, having been stuck in her house for more than three years.

MDA & Shamir Hospital Save Man Who Died Twice

Innovations like the ECMO ambulance could make survival rates for cardiac events appreciably higher.

First Time Ever: TAU Researchers Using RNA Therapy Destroyed Most Bone Marrow Cancer Cells

The researchers developed targeted lipid-based nanoparticles, similar to those used in the COVID-19 vaccine, containing RNA molecules.


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