Cardiac Arrest Patient Reunited with EMTs Who Saved Him, Cared for his Wife

In the whirlwind of urgent medical intervention, Joelle's attention was drawn to the wife, who suffered emotional shock.

Bedridden Elderly Woman Makes a Wish, Volunteer EMTs Take Her to the Kinneret

United Hatzalah’s Ten Kavod (Heb. Give Respect) project monitors the health of elderly Israeli and combating their loneliness.

Disabled EMT Responds to Emergencies Using Wheelchair

A few weeks ago, a woman in her 50s suffered chest pains in her home in the city of Akko, and her relatives alerted...

United Hatzalah Conducts Mass Casualty Incident Drill for Women

The drill deployed 75 ambucycles and 75 electric bicycles in honor of Israel’s 75th birthday.

Lucy Dee’s Organs Donated and Saves 5 People

Five Israelis have already received organs donated from Lucy (Leah) Dee, who died on Monday of injuries from an Arab terror attack.

TAU’s Cell-Size Robot Can Capture Damaged Body Cells

Innovative technology only 10 microns across the size of a biological cell.

175 Runners Race to Save Lives in Jerusalem Marathon

Combined, Team Avraham and Team United Hatzalah raised more than $100K in support of lifesaving efforts.

Nefesh B’Nefesh ‘MedEx’ Streamlines Aliyah Logistics for Medical Professionals

On March 19-20, Medical professionals can take major steps toward transferring their licenses before making Aliyah.

Keep your Children Safe this Purim

You are the grownup, so don't let your children do on Purim things you won't let them do any other day of the year.

Israeli Physician Recalls Dramatic Rescue of Young Woman in Kahrmanmaras, Turkey

“Our job was to make sure she stayed alive after having suffered so much."

Husband and Wife EMTs Perform CPR On Electrocuted Construction Worker

David and Atara immediately attached a defibrillator and administered one electrical shock and provided the man with chest compressions.

United Hatzalah Delegation Rescues Ukrainian Jewish Man from Christian Burial

"Most of our emergencies are usually focused on saving lives, but we help wherever and whenever we can.”

Wounded Parakeet Brings Comfort to Recuperating IDF Soldier

Shuri nearly lost his life in battle, and close to a decade later, he’s still recuperating from the emotional trauma.

UAE Senior Royal Figure in Israel: ‘This is the Best Medical Treatment I Have...

The sheikh’s stay may lead to more Emiratis getting medical treatment in Israel.

Several Little Israelis Claim First Newborn of 2023 Title

Perhaps we should keep track of them over the years and see what they’ve achieved by 2053?

2 Sufganiyah-Related Choking Incidents on First Day of Hanukkah

A short while after the senior citizen choked on a sufganiyah in Netanya, another man choked on one in Ofakim.

EMTs Get Shot At while Treating Stabbing Victims on Highway 6

“Suddenly, a man stood behind me and started shooting at point-blank range."

The Combined Lifesaving Power of Prayer and a Good EMT

Givon man suffers cardiac arrest, regains full consciousness after EMTs resuscitate him.

40 Week Pregnant EMT Delivers another Woman’s Baby

“It was the woman’s sixth child and everything went almost effortlessly."

TAU Ultrasound and Nanobubbles Helping Destroy Cancerous Tumors without Invasive Treatments

The nanobubbles and ultrasound waves cause the bubbles concentrated in the cancerous tumor to explode.

Hebrew U Announces Breakthrough in Fighting Antibiotic-Resistant Infection

The chip emulates normal human physiology, producing far more accurate behavior than do small animals.

Hebrew U Research Shows Philip Morris Targets Most Israeli Ads at Haredi Consumers

Despite a partial ban on smoking ads in Israel, tobacco companies continue to spend big to attract new target audiences.

Savyon Woman with Basic First Aid Training Saves Toddler Who Choked on a Pretzel

Sara used Using the techniques she had recently learned in a 4-hour family safety course taught by United Hatzalah.

MDA Shares AI Dispatch Software with US Hatzalah Groups

“The technology is too good not to share with other lifesaving organizations."

United Hatzalah Teams Up with 2 Groups to Bring Bed-Ridden Child to the Kotel

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, the Kotel Rabbi, came to bless Yosef Yitzchak on his birthday and gave him a Book of Psalms as a gift.

Chief Rabbi Lau: Newborn IVF Girl Belongs to Birth Mother

Rabbi Lau acknowledged that there are contrary halakhic opinions.

EMTs Zoom-Guided by Physicians & Midwives to Save Premature Breech Baby

A breech birth is when a baby is born bottom first instead of head first.


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