Watch: IAF Completes ‘Star’ UAV Absorption

Elbit has been very successful in selling the Hermes 900 abroad, including 6 units to replace Switzerland's 15 Ruag Rangers by 2019.

Israeli Government Recruits Retired Medical Doctors, Issues Mandatory Call for Private Medical Doctors

The ministry underlined that those who agree to return to the hospitals will be sent primarily to non-coronavirus departments.

Rabbi Elisha Vishlitzky, Prominent National Religious Figure, Hospitalized in ICU

The public is asked to please pray for the full recovery and good health of Elisha ben Bella Bertha.

Israel Extends COVID-19 State of Emergency Until Jan 3

The measure was approved Thursday via conference call and will take effect upon approval by the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.

As Scheduled: Corona Cabinet Decided School Year Will Start Sept. 1

The cabinet approved vaccinating schoolchildren on school grounds during school hours, subject to parental approval.

Jewish Factory Manager Rescues Electrocuted Arab Worker

“We worked together for a few minutes, and during the entire time, the defibrillator kept instructing us to continue CPR but did not advise a shock.”

Thousands of Arriving Passengers Line Up for COVID-19 Tests at BGI Airport

“The responsibility for everything that happens at Ben Gurion Airport must be transferred to the management of Ben Gurion Airport."

Genetics Company, Amazon, Offering Online Ashkenazi Jewish Carrier Screening Test

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), nearly one in five people of Ashkenazi Jewish descent are carriers of a Jewish genetic disorder.

Rehovot Man Collapsed Mid-Tennis Game Successfully Resuscitated

“Performing CPR on patients who are sick or elderly is very different from performing resuscitation on a person who collapsed unexpectedly."

Parents of Russian-Jewish Star Trek Actor Sue Fiat Chrysler for Son’s Death

The parents of Russian-Jewish actor Anton Yelchin sue Fiat Chrysler over their son's death.

Eilat Soup Kitchen Facing More Hungry Guests, Tougher Times

“For a month now I’ve been getting almost no food from the hotels, and I have hundreds of people I cannot leave hungry.”

TAU: COVID-19 Vaccine Much Less Effective Against South African Variant

The South African variant is significantly more likely to break through the protective effect of two doses of the vaccine compared to the British COVID-19 variant.

Health, Education Ministries Disagree on COVID-19 Guidelines, Morbidity Still Skyrocketing

"There is a dramatic rise in the number of confirmed cases among those returning from abroad. Almost 80 percent are vaccinated."

Direct Link Found Between Heavy Diet of Dairy & Meat Products, and Colorectal Cancer

"As with anything in life, the consumption of dairy and meat products should be done in moderation."

Ukraine Bans All Foreign Nationals from Entering its Territory in September

The rabbis in the meeting said they understand the situation and will try to convey the president's message to their communities.

Muslim Protests & Prayers on Temple Mount Criticized as COVID-19 Spreads Among Israel’s Arabs

The Muslim Waqf makes sure worshippers wear masks and maintain social distancing, but on Friday the weekly prayers turned into a crowded demonstration against French President Emmanuel Macron.

3 Israeli Diplomatic Missions Closed (Temporarily) By COVID-19

Israel’s embassies in the Philippines and in Angola, as well as the consulate in San Francisco, were all shut down due to coronavirus infections and quarantine among staffers.

Raw Sewage from Palestinian Authority Villages Flows Near Highway in Samaria

The environmental problems include foul odors, mosquito infestation, severe ecological damage, and a staggering array of health hazards.

Israeli Pain Monitoring Startup Medasense Raises $18M

The company's NOL technology is currently utilized in operating rooms and critical care settings where patients are under anaesthesia and unable to communicate.

Kotel Rabbi Asks for Trump’s Recovery on Day of Priestly Blessing

The event was attended by the Chief Rabbis Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef and Rabbi David Lau, Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon, and US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.

President Herzog Awards Genesis Prize to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla

"He believed in the vaccine and invested every ounce of himself in realizing what seemed at the time a far-fetched fantasy."

Israeli Researchers Develop Blood Test to Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

Alpha-synuclein levels in the blood have been evaluated as a biomarker for Parkinson’s.

Introducing United Hatzalah Lionesses

"This is the daily heroism that is shown by these women, who I am proud to call my fellow EMS responders, my associates, and my friends."

Hatzalah EMT Saves Toddler Who Choked on a Candy

After a quick check that the child’s condition was fine, and that no pieces of candy were left behind inside the child's throat, Shalom handed him to his frantic mother.

Time to Turn the Clock Back, One Hour at 2 AM Sat-Sun

And if you're in Israel, don't forget to add "V'Ten Tal U'Matar L'bracha" to your Shemoneh Esrei prayers.

Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Sick with COVID-19 Coronavirus

"We will definitely be victorious against this virus in the next few weeks. But be careful; coronavirus does not discriminate."

Israeli Consumer Hummus Alert

The Shufersal supermarket chain is recalling its 1-kilo house brand tubs of hummus due to contamination.

Shabbat Overview: Gaza Rocket; NY, NJ, CT May Be Quarantined; Land Day Riots Cancelled

In Israel, 425 new patients have been identified by Shabbat morning, bringing the total number of infected Israelis to 3,460, with 12 dead and 89 recovered.

Bar-Ilan, Ziv Hospital Study: 2nd Dose Optimal Protection to Patients Infected Between Doses

"Our study suggests that two doses of vaccine are needed in those who were infected shortly after the first dose."


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