Get Your Coronavirus Test in Only 15 Minutes at Drive & Test

The tests are forwarded to the Health Ministry where they will be evaluated to determine whether the new technology produces reliable results.

Rothschild Foundation Donates $4.2 Million to Hebrew U. Coronavirus Research

The donation will fund 60 research teams at HU that are working to find a vaccine, produce faster and cheaper testing methods, and develop targeted treatments.

Five More Cases of Coronavirus in Palestinian Authority

The new cases bring the total number to 25 people who are ill with the virus in the Palestinian Authority.

Beilinson Launches Teen and Young Adult Cancer Clinic

Adolescents and young adults going through cancer treatment have unique challenges as they go through their treatment journey.

3rd Israeli Dies of Coronavirus, 2nd in a Day

An 87-year-old Israeli man has become the third Israeli to die of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), according to the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

Dow Drops Nearly 3,000 Points, Deepest Dive Since 1987

Last Friday, the Dow leaped back from the brink to rise 1,985 points after its previous drop.

High School Students Back in Class as Covid Infection Rate Rises

According to the Ministry of Education’s outline, the students will learn in half classes for at least two days a week, and the rest of their schooling will continue online.

Muslim EMT Volunteer Brings Holiday Light to Quarantined Elderly Coronavirus Patient

She called her family in Bnei Brak for help, but Bnei Brak was under a lockdown, and no one would have been to leave town, much less enter the quarantine hotel.

No Lockdown for Rosh Hashana, Shaked Says

"We'll spend Rosh Hashana together with the whole family."

Israeli Scientists: Aquaculture Tech Can Help Ease Global Food Crisis

The technology makes the “enriched seaweed” -- a natural superfood with extremely high nutritional value.

Military Intelligence Reports the Decline in Corona Morbidity Has Stopped

The Health Ministry's working assumption is that as soon as the coefficient rises above 0.8, the opening of the economy will slow down and Israel would return to a lockdown.

Macron Tests Positive for COVID-19, Will Work ‘Remotely’

A commitment by Macron to visit Lebanon on December 22 as part of his effort to help rehabilitate its failing economy has been canceled.

Bennett Leads Improvised 5K Race in Memory of the Victims

"In the last few days I've heard that residents are afraid to leave the house and that's exactly what the Terror wants: that we'll be afraid, that we won't leave the house, that we'll lose our normal lives.

German Anti-Semitism Czar Wants Ban on Yellow Stars of David in Corona Vaccine Protests

The city of Munich, which had banned wearing a yellow star as a condition in dispensing rally permits.

Former Pres. George H.W. Bush in ICU, Wife Barbara Also Hospitalized

Former President George HW Bush is in the ICU with pneumonia; his wife Barbara is hospitalized with bronchitis. Both are in their 90s.

Israel to Tax Soft Drinks including Diet and Juice

Children in Israel take in even more sugary drinks than American children.

TAU Study of 10,000 Israeli Men: If They Believe They’re in a Bad Marriage...

According to the findings, the risk is higher among relatively young men, aged 50 and under.

Report: Dysentery Outbreak in Northern Negev City of Arad

“The mayor’s office says the vendor’s contract has been terminated . . . but at the end of the day, the parents don't trust the food at this point."

Israel Sends Team of Psychiatrists to Underwater Houston

Miriam Ballin, a native of Houston and the Director of United Hatzalah’s Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit leads the mission.

Israel Allocates NIS 10 B. to Head Off Corona-Generated Financial Crisis

The government announced Sunday that anyone arriving in Israel from abroad will have to self-quarantine, and only foreigners who can prove they have a place to self-quarantine will be admitted into the country.

3 Infants Hospitalized with COVID-19 in Ashkelon

Two of the infants are one month old. The third is just 16 days old.

Israeli Scientists Reach Breakthrough on Breast Cancer

The new treatment may significantly improve breast cancer treatment; it increased the efficacy of chemotherapy and prevented metastasis in animal models.

Hebrew U Study: Worms May Hold Key to Extending Fertility

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Genetic Department have discovered the switch that may do this – in worms.

Possible Carriers of Coronavirus Quarantined in Israel

Israel's health ministry expects that in the coming days there will be many suspected cases of Coronavirus in arrivals from China, most of which will likely turn out to be other diseases.

Israeli Team Summoned by WHO to Respond to Measles Epidemic in Samoa

"Because the Samoan healthcare system has been simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of cases, we have been asked to bring hands and heads to the affected areas."

Coronavirus Committee Chairman: Closing Military Cemeteries on Memorial Day Inflicts Needless Pain

A solution needs to be found also for those who observe the upsherin haircutting ceremony in Meron.

Hillary Clinton Taken from 9/11 Ceremony for Medical Reasons [video]

Clinton "stumbled off the curb," her "knees buckled" and she lost a shoe, as she was being helped away from the ceremony.

Israeli Scientists Testing New Treatment to Prevent Brain Metastases in Cancer Patients

Tel Aviv University researchers say injection of synthetic DNA material found to activate brain's immune cells and kill invading tumor cells.

‘Driving’ Cancer Away with a Smile and a Cup of Joe

It’s an emotionally grinding drill that was all too familiar to Arele and David Weingarten, when their mother, Miriam succumbed to the disease after prolonged cancer treatment.


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