Report: TAU Scientists Developed Melanoma Nano-Vaccine

"We believe that our platform may also be suitable for other types of cancer and that our work is a solid foundation for the development of other cancer nano-vaccines."

Man with EpiPen Saves Woman with Anaphylactic Shock in Rosh Tzurim

“Anaphylaxis has a very simple, easy, and lifesaving treatment, but it can only be done if the responders carry EpiPens."

Jerusalem’s Hebrew U Moving to Online Courses, Postpones Semester by One Week due to...

The Hebrew University said it is well prepared for crisis events and has – aside from the online courses – arranged for some staff to be able to work from home.

Israeli, Emirati Companies Partner on Research to Combat COVID-19

Although Israel and the UAE don’t have formal diplomatic relations, the two nations have grown closer amid the Iranian threat.

Kim Jong Un Breaks Down During Apology for Pandemic Failures But Expert Suspects a...

Three different news outfits presented differently edited videos of the same event, stressing subtly different views of the story.

Israeli Researchers Say Carriers of 2 Genetic Mutations at Greater Risk for ‘Severe’ COVID-19

The researchers urged global decision-makers to "conduct population-wide screening for identifying mutation carriers and prioritize them for vaccination once COVID-19 vaccines have been approved."

Coronavirus Department Closes at Poriya Medical Center

The medical center treated a total of 93 patients who were ill with COVID-19, the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus.

WATCH: US COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promise in Phase 1 Trial

“We are investing to scale up manufacturing so we can ... help protect as many people as we can from SARS-CoV-2.”

Israel Prepares to ‘Close the Skies’ — Along with Saudi Arabia, Other Countries

"This mutation could also be Coronavirus II. I know this is a difficult decision but we have no choice. I understand the difficulty. . . nevertheless, we must safeguard your health & your lives."

Tips From United Hatzalah for a Happy and Safe Chanukah

"Every year on Chanukah United Hatzalah volunteers are dispatched to far too many incidents of fires and injuries."

El Al Begins Phased Refunds for Canceled Flights

El Al is offering a refund of the value of the ticket plus 30 gift points for frequent flyers, or a voucher at 25 percent higher value for a future flight.

Shamed by Victim, Israel Prisons Service Won’t Pay for Female Terrorist’s Nose Job

An inmate is entitled to medical care that’s required to maintain his or her health only, and not cosmetic treatments.

Tel Aviv Hospital Closes Last Corona Ward

The last 18 Corona patients hospitalized in Ichilov, the main hospital complex serving Tel Aviv and its metropolitan area, were moved to a designated compound.

Medical Staff Attacked at Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center

Nurses at the medical center held a mini-strike for several hours on Sunday morning to protest the violence.

Contaminated Tahina Recalled by Israeli Health Ministry

Tahina produced by RJM Food Industries on June 23 of this year has been recalled by Israel's Health Ministry.

COVID-19: Uganda Variant Identified in Israel

"At present, viruses from A.23 and A.23.1 are now found in 12 countries outside Uganda, from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.”

Deputy Health Minister Sees Last Corona Restrictions Lifted in Late May

“There are fateful decisions that are about to be made, such as the issue of vaccinating children."

Mass COVID-19 Antibody Testing of Israeli Population Begins in HMOs

Another project to test the entire population using saliva samples via the "pooling" method is also under consideration.

Cuomo to Meet Orthodox Leaders on Rapid Spread of Corona in their Communities

NY State’s worst "cluster" is in the mostly-Satmar town of Kiryas Joel in Orange County, where 19% of the tests Monday came back positive.

BREAKING NEWS: Bergen County Rabbis Cancel All Shuls, Forbid Minyanim, Shabbat Gatherings, Dining Out

This is an unprecedented American-Jewish leadership response to the spread of Coronavirus by the Bergen County Jewish leadership.

Novel Nanomedicine Inhibits Progression of Pancreatic Cancer

The study could serve as a basis for the development of an effective cocktail of drugs for this deadly disease and other cancers.

Corona Cabinet Clashing over Opening Schools While Haredi Yeshivas Operate Unmolested

"Education is important to all of us, but opening the education system as if there is no high morbidity will not be responsible."

Israeli Salt Maker to Push Sodium Reduction at Paris Food Ingredient Fare

Israeli manufacturer Salt of the Earth, a global industry leader in salt and salt-related products, launches Umamix, its new sodium reduction ingredient for hamburgers and processed meat at Fi Europe, Paris, December 1-3.

Israeli Geneticists Offer Exam to Presage Cancer 15 Years Prior to Earliest Symptoms

A genetic analysis laboratory in Katzrin, in the Golan Heights, has developed a unique genetic exam for early detection of predisposition to certain cancers--a full 10 to 15 years before any symptoms of early cancer are presented.

Kaplan Hospital Closes Coronavirus Ward, But Warns Against Complacency

"The disease is continuing to affect us . . . this wave is especially affecting young people."


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