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Arab MKs Egg On Arabs Rioters in Shimon Hatzadik (Sheihk Jarrah)

Arab opposition MKs from the Joint MKs Ofer Cassif and Ahmed Tibi came to the neighborhood, which only seemed to make matters worse.

Arab MK Utilizes International Holocaust Day to Bash Israel

Member of Knesset Ahmed Tibi, of the Arab-majority Joint List, utilized his speech at the Knesset plenum ahead of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day to bash Israel.

Always Be Shopping: These Are the Coronavirus Relief Provisions in Israel Starting Sunday

If you tell the cop who stopped you that you're out shopping, you can go wherever you want, but if you say you just went out for air, you must stay within 500 meters of your home.

PA Sources: Abbas Encouraged Joint Arab List to Recommend Gantz

The Palestinian Authority put a lot of pressure on the Arab party to help Gantz oust Netanyahu.

Always an Agent of Chaos, Liberman Believes the End of Netanyahu’s Era Is Nigh

Should Blue&White build up a considerable gap ahead of the Likud, this would likely result in the Haredim and Yamina deserting Netanyahu.

High Court Allows Knesset Run for Arab Lawmaker Who Praised Child-Killing Terrorist Samir Kuntar

"We oppose killing and targeting civilian targets, including children. Obviously, this is our moral stance and we will never say or think otherwise."

Netanyahu in Emergency Shabbat Call: Gantz Going for Arab-Supported Minority Government

Using the Arab card is the only move left for Netanyahu, who realizes that allowing Blue&White take over—even for a very short while—would change the political scene radically.

Joint Arab List Recommending Gantz to President as Next PM

Sources in the Joint Arab List said on Saturday that a formal decision on the recommendation would only be made Sunday.

Joint Arab List MK Thanks Netanyahu for Getting Out Arab Vote

"Last week someone, a magician, set off alarm clocks at the entrances to every Arab community. That was Benjamin Netanyahu; it was the 'cameras bill.' "

Smotrich Under Fire from Left for Entering Netanyahu’s Security Cabinet

The left said about Smotrich's appointment: "Messianic war monger enters to the cabinet."

Voting Discrepancies in a Number of Rightwing Settlements

In the settlements of Itamar and Bat Ayin, the Election Committee reports indicate an unusually large number of votes for Arab parties.

Otzma Yehudit to AIPAC: Go Home

Otzma Yehudit told AIPAC members to come home to Israel to earn the right to participate in internal Israeli politics.

Despite Generals’ Union, Israel’s Right Wing Block Likely to Win

All the different polls are predicting a resounding win to the Gantz-Lapid union, yielding together a higher figure than they would have going it alone, the fact remains that there are more right- than left-wing Israeli Jews.

Latest Poll: Gantz-Lapid Merger Will Tie Netanyahu

The movement headed by Tzipi Livni, Gesher, led by Orly Levi Abekasis, Moshe Feiglin's Zehut (Identity), Gal Hirsch's Magen (Protector), Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben Gvir's Jewish Power, Eldad Yaniv's New Land do make the electoral threshold.

Survey: Indictments Would Cost Netanyahu 5 Seats

Should Netanyahu fail to cobble together a coalition government, then either Gantz or Lapid would have to invite Kahlon into their government.

MK Ahmad Tibi and Hamas Ismail Haniyeh Hold Telephone Chat

Heniyeh blessed Tibi in honor of the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Former Senior Shin Bet Official: Take Down the Metal Detectors, Arrest More Instigators

Warning the Netanyahu cabinet against reaching decisions based on strictly electoral reasons, Blum said that Israel now has 'another two-day window of opportunity to get off the metal detector issue which are important on the tactical level but stupid on the strategic level.'

Jerusalem Post Fake News: Five Arab Cities to Expand into Area C

In the actual story, they revealed the source of this frightening revelation – MK Ahmed Tibi (Joint Arab List), who spoke to Army Radio Thursday night.

Hunger Striking Jack Teitel’s Wife Pleading for Renewed Visits

'One thing is certain, his children should not have to pay an even heavier price than they are already paying.'

Meet Mohammed Zeidan, Israel’s Smartest Student

19-year-old achieves perfect score on Israel's college entrance exam.

Danon Helps Bereaved IDF Parents Lobby for MIA Soldiers at UN

The Goldins appealed to a US official at the UN to pressure Hamas into releasing their son's body.

Trump’s ‘Racist’ Entry Restriction Policy Not Novel, But Response Is

Trump's 'No Muslim' proposal is no more racist than similar established policies which raised no outcry by US or anyone else.

Netanyahu Source: ‘Kerry Is Replaced Soon, Let him Say What He Wants’

"Everyone is busy with a countdown to the election of a different US president."

MK Tibi: Nothing More Exalted than our Terrorists

This video just resurfaced of MK Ahmed Tibi praising the Arab Shahidim.

Arab MKs Reject Netanyahu’s Order Keeping Ministers, MKs, Off Temple Mount

Arab MK Jamal Zahalka, who on Thursday attempted to defy Netanyahu’s order, was blocked at the entrance to Temple Mount by police.

Islamic State Posts Photos of Beheaded of Arabs UNRWA Refugee Camp

ISIS has taken control of almost the entire Yarmouk camp near Damascus.

47.1% of Israeli-Arabs Prefer Ahmed Tibi

A poll of Israeli-Arabs showed that 47.1% want MK Ahmed Tibi as head of a united Arab list running for Knesset.

‘Israel Apartheid’ Lies Exposed

“Israel Apartheid” lies disseminated by Arab-Israeli MK Ahmed Tibi were recently exposed by Israeli think tank Regavim.

Arab MK Tibi Makes a Storm Out of Cup of Tea Thrown at Him

A Be’er Sheva area man threw a lukewarm cup of hot tea in the face of MK Ahmed Tibi on Thursday during the legislator’s...


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