All groups have a mix of both good and bad people; it's the ratio that differentiates us.

    Reality Check: the 1/4 Million Man March

    Those who live lives of no sports, entertainment, or outdoor activities take what they can get.

    Top 10 Sayings by R. Shteinman That’ll Make You Fall in Love with Him

    Here is why opponents of R Shteinman think you should oppose him too.

    In Which I Tell Ramaz What to Do

    Bring the professor and tell him off in a way the students can respect and understand.

    Something New that Makes Me Blue: Ruach Halacha

    This reduces the halachic process to an entirely ad hoc system.

    Union Jacked

    Saul is neither the first nor the last of the wolf pack to unite the tribes.

    You Never Forget your First

    Hundreds of thousands of Jews participate in Daf Yomi at some point.

    The Sinai Lie

    Sinai is not history, Sinai is a happening.

    He Might Possibly Maybe Have Said What?? I’m Outraged!!

    I wish there were a publication and verification process for gedolim.

    Does Frumkeit Poison Everything?

    Critical thinking just isn't kosher

    Not How You Do Hasbarah

    I think the apartheid analogy is badly flawed.

    The Forward Newspaper Reveals They Side with the Greeks

    The Forward resents the hegemony of the Hasmoneans.

    Leah Aharoni Hearts Apocryphal Heroines

    Yehudis and Chana are not part of our holy Mesorah!

    Bullish on Hanukkah

    We should view the Hillel and Shammai schools' dispute in the context of their founders.

    1,2,3,4, Let’s Have a Twitter War

    I am the crybaby, when he's the one who threw the original hissyfit

    Boycott Google!

    Imagine a Google ad that brings together a Jew and an Arab who were separated due to the Nakba.

    Lost in Targum?

    Chief Rabbi Lau the Younger is not going to be big on reinterpreting traditional Jewish sources to meet contemporary problems.

    BMG’s Money Bin

    Does anyone out there know where it all goes?

    Why Do We Say the Angels Cried into Isaac’s Eyes?

    This post will attempt to explain how the idea of the crying angels developed.

    Open-Ended Orthodoxy

    The question that I always have for those who are not invested in the revelation at Sinai is, why keep these 613 mitzvot?

    Timeless Torah values

    A competent preacher can make the Torah seem to support any cause he desires.

    Shafranian Evolution

    See what you've done, YCT? You've made R. Shafran legitimize RIETS!


    The desire to have contact with the dead, especially one's own relatives, is apparently universal.

    Everything I Need to Know in Life, I Learned from Parshas Vayerah

    The absolute worst things you can do is mistreat the powerless and to behave selfishly #GOP...

    Shutdown Post

    Arguing and fighting is good for America.

    God’s Difficult Six Days

    The beast's tremendous bulk makes its continued existence impractical.

    Objective Morality

    Human beings are not objective. We're highly subjective creatures.

    New Square Redux

    I was never so disgusted at a display of honor before or after.

    A few Questions to Lover of Pope Pius XII

    Why did the Pope excommunicate every single Communist in the world, but never excommunicate a single Nazi?

    Why Did Kayin Kill Hevel? (Rabbi Goldin Gets It Wrong)

    The Rabbis are not sharing Big Ideas, they're arguing about nothing more than the plain meaning of the verse.


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