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    The West No Longer Can Identify Evil

    This should have been obvious long ago, but better late than never.

    Israelis Should be Proud

    So, the war will continue. The worst of the war may not even yet be over. But while the resolve of Israelis is being tested every day, their will is not broken.

    With Oct. 7, We Arabs Reached a New Low

    Arab antisemitism is not new. It is much older than modern Israel, but despite that checkered history, October 7 was a new low that can never be forgotten or forgiven.

    Take a Hint: Palestinians DON’T Want a State

    Once we recognize this obvious reality, let’s look at solutions other than a two-state solution

    Endless Whining About the Nakba

    Ultimate Sign of Pathetic Palestinian Immaturity

    Arab Israelis Can Help End Israel-Arab Wars

    If they just would tell the truth about history

    Right and Left Must Fight Palestinian Threat TOGETHER

    Israel’s friends and partners must be made to understand that Israel cannot indefinitely allow its future to depend on the whims of a Palestinian public that is no closer to accepting Israel today than it was 75 years ago when Israel declared its independence.

    Guilty Until Proven Innocent–and then STILL Guilty

    Convict, and only then hold the trial and look at the evidence
    Rejuvenation: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Partition

    Nakba Day: Annual Reminder that Palestinians Learned Nothing from History

    The Jews accepted the Partition Plan whereas the Arabs rejected it. In other words, the Jews chose compromise, and the Arabs gambled on war-and lost.

    Where Respectful Prayer is a Crime and Fanatical Violence is a Virtue

    In other words, mere Jewish presence on the holiest Jewish site constitutes “defiling” in the eyes of even Israel’s Arab peace partners, and violent opposition to that presence is seen as virtue.

    As an Arab, I am Disgusted by Jews–Who Oppose Google’s Israel Contract

    As an Arab, I wish that the Google Jewish employees would learn the history of the people that they claim to belong to.

    Palestinians are Prisoners of their Own Narrative

    The world is going from wanting to help the Palestinians, but not knowing how, to giving up on the Palestinians.

    Palestinian–and others–Should Learn from Jews about Anger Management

    This Jewish trait is perhaps the explanation behind the Jewish people’s longevity despite having faced discrimination, rejection, resentment, and violence throughout their long history

    What the Heck Happened to American Jews?

    A substantial percentage of Jews refuse to stand up with their fellow Jews against antisemitism at a time when antisemitism is particularly virulent

    The Hypocrisy of Expecting PERFECTION from Israel

    Despite its faults, Israel is still far more democratic, far more just, and far more respectful of life and human rights than its enemies (which include my native country Lebanon).

    We SHOULD Talk about Systemic Antisemitism

    Without systemic antisemitism, it would be impossible to explain why the United Nations condemned Israel 17 times in 2020 while the UN’s combined condemnations of ALL OTHER COUNTRIES ON THE PLANET, including China which is engaged in a genocide of Uighur Muslims, amounted to only 6.

    Hamas Played the WORLD

    Just like those who did not stand with Israel in previous Israel-Gaza wars, those who did not stand with Israel this time will have blood on their hands.

    Let the Statues Fall!

    An alternative perspective on the toppling of legends.

    What is Israel?

    Israel: Something for everyone

    Why the World Cares about 1982 Sabra and Shatila Massacre

    I am ashamed that the loss of Arab lives seems to matter to the world only if Israel can be blamed, even indirectly. Mostly, I am ashamed of what this event, like so many others in the history of the Israel-Arab conflict, says about the world’s bias against the only Jewish state.

    Pragmatism, Maximalism, and Religionism in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

    Arab states who had a central role in starting the conflict, may end up being the catalyst that finally infuses the pragmatism that is needed for a solution.

    The Palestinian Refugee Problem Can be Solved

    It does not make sense to assume that all Palestinian refugees would move to a new Palestinian state. There are several possibilities for these refugees:

    Time for Israel to End the Occupation

    West Bank annexation means losing the country's Jewish majority or imposing apartheid; inaction is simply too costly

    Israel’s Ambiguity in Judea and Samaria Comes at a High Cost

    Israel is still losing the battle for public opinion because Israel’s own government is not doing its part. To regain the upper hand in the battle, Israel needs a clear policy in Judea and Samaria,

    Jews Should Live Wherever they Wish

    Jews should be able to live wherever they choose to live, period, including France, including Judea and Samaria, and even including the Arab world. Anyone who says otherwise is excusing and reinforcing anti-Semitism,

    The Fictional Abbas is an Excuse to Look the Other Way

    Everybody knows that Abbas is lying, but almost everybody pretends to believe it because it allows them to maintain some cherished myths

    Fight anti-Semitism at Home, not at your Neighbor’s

    There is no sign that anti-Semitism will decline anytime soon, so there is every reason to increase our efforts in fighting it. And for each of us, that means attacking it at home, not at the neighbor’s home.


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