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    Regarding the Airbnb Decree

    You can rent an Airbnb place "human rights leaders" like Saudi Arabia, Yeman, Sudan but NOT in YESHA!

    The Sounds of Silence

    Do I think that we are headed towards another Holocaust? As far as the USA, I do not believe that for a moment. But what I do believe is that Jews, of any persuasion, are less and less safe every day in the USA. The attacks will continue and get more frequent and more aggressive.

    How Do You Get Past the Rage?

    {Originally posted to the author's blog} I have been asking some of my Facebook friends this questions today: How do you get past the rage?...

    The Antidote to All of the Israel Hatred in the World

    One thing does indeed overshadow all of the hate of the enemies of Israel: the LOVE of G-d for the Jewish People and the special Land given to them, the Land of Israel. What we read in the daily papers is nothing compared to what we read in our daily prayers

    How to Determine if Israel is Judged by a Double Standard

    Let’s take a little test and see how things add up. Is Israel judged by a double standard? You be the judge!

    A Magical Shabbat in Hevron

    The author, Rav Zev, joined thousands who flocked last Shabbat to Hevron for parshat Chaye Sara. Rav Zev, not sure what to expect, relates his experience.

    How to Succeed in the New School Year – For Parents AND Students

    Summer is coming to a close and that means, school is about to open. Some tips...

    The Immoral Moral-Equivalency of Donald Trump

    I could not have been more wrong in my hopes for Trump uniting the nation. It is more fractured than ever before. And while I dismissed many of the things that President Trump espoused as poor rhetoric, that too has now changed

    Why Apologize? Your Only Mistake is You Got Caught

    What? She made a mistake? That isn’t a mere slip. That is a malicious and planned use of the words. And why did she take it down? Because a Jewish guest) wrote an email asking her to take it down

    Tears of Happiness / Tears of Sadness

    Last week the country mourned along side the Salomon family. Today the country stood shoulder-to-shoulder to celebrate the entry into the Covenant of the Jewish people of the son born just the day before the tragedy

    Dear World…

    Dear world: I hate to break it to you but each week the Palestinian people come up with another reason for their blood lust.

    A Letter to King Abdullah of Jordan

    The murder of two Israeli policemen on the Temple Mount is a violation of the status quo! Not the installation of metal detectors!

    The Moral and Ethical Bankruptcy of the Haredi Leadership in Bet Shemesh

    I simply sit in utter frustration, watching Bet Shemesh from the sidelines, as Jews act in ways that are similar to the pre-Churban days. Part of an ongoing series...


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