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    Why Do People Leave Orthodox Judaism? Why Do People Stay?

    People act not because they think it’s right; they do what they do because it’s what they want to do

    What Do I Tell My Children (About the Boys)?

    What do we do when we want to be mad at God but we also want God to make it all better? Indeed, what do we do?

    The Morality of Accepting Charity from Immoral People

    Rambam would also allow charity from a mumar as long as the person maintains basic belief in God and Judaism.

    A Song of Love, a Song of Life

    There is no song that tells the story of freedom like Shir HaShirim.

    Mozilla: ‘Judge Not Your Fellow Until You Have Stood In His Place’

    It is unfair to judge a 52 year old man with the glasses of a person who lives in a different world.

    The Insidiousness and Laziness of Guilt by Association

    Adegbile was not making a moral statement by representing a man convicted of killing a cop.

    Two Different Tracks: Women and Tefillin vs. Women and Torah

    Women learning Torah is becoming increasingly permissive, but women wearing tefillin is becoming increasingly stringent.

    Life is in Its Struggles: Dealing with the Tough Questions

    When the "offensive" statements in our Talmud were stated, no one thought they were offensive.

    Lessons Orthodox Judaism Can Learn from Mormons

    Both communities value using books to study their texts, and digital devices are a less preferable way for younger people to study.

    Defenders and Benders of Roles for Genders

    Boys can play with dolls. Men can embrace their feminine side. Girls can play sports.

    Women Wearing Tefillin Is Really Not Such a Big Deal

    Some people are assuming the intentions of these women are less than perfect, but that’s complete conjecture.

    We Are Not Under Attack By the LGBT Community

    Orthodox Jews are free to teach Leviticus and we are free to deny any religious rights and privileges to anyone we so choose.

    The Proper Response to the ASA Boycott of Israel

    What data was the ASA using to justify its boycott?

    Creative License When Interpreting the Bible

    When we are dealing in non-legal matters, we are no longer concerned with precedent.

    My Favorite Nelson Mandela Quote

    The world lost a great man last week.

    Was Assimilation the True Enemy of the Maccabees?

    If the Syrian-Greeks were not pushed out of the land, Judaism would have been lost.

    Rabbi Kelemen on Kids Leaving Orthodoxy (I Think He’s Wrong)

    Basically, the real problem is bad parenting. He calls it parental selfishness.

    Why Do We Celebrate Chanukah?

    Megilas Taanis simply proclaims the 25th of Kislev a holiday and it is forbidden to mourn for 8 days. The text does not give a reason for the celebration.

    How Far Will Gershonides Go to Avoid Mystical Interpretations?

    In short, he says the whole thing was a prophetic vision, a dream. There was no physical battle.

    A Call to End Anti-Chasid Bigotry

    People were literally saying that a chasid cannot write so well. It’s impossible they claimed.

    Answering the Most Difficult Question About the Agunah Crisis

    Ethical and moral laws in the Torah depend on the context. Kindness and virtue largely depend on the subjective expectations of one’s friends and community.

    The Difference Between Superstition and Ritual

    Much of what all religions teach is magical. If one does not believe in God, then we would rightly call it all superstition.

    Wisdom from a Venice Beach Vagabond

    He told me that according to a Muslim poet, children do not truly belong to their parents. Instead, parents are the vessel through which children flow into the world.

    Will the Real Haredi Feminists Please Stand Up?

    Ruth Colian is running as a Haredi woman for political office.

    What Should We Say On Billboards for God and Judaism?

    The Pope is saying that actions are far more important than faith. This is particularly ironic coming from Catholicism.

    The J-Blogs Are Like Politifact and They Make a Difference

    Fact checking leadership means asking tough questions.

    Can People Live Longer than 120 Years?

    The Talmud is making a general statement for which there are more exceptions that situations where the rule applies.

    Ami Magazine Forcing Gilgulim Down our Throats

    Trying to explain Holocaust deaths as tikkun and a way of cleansing a soul is offensive.

    The State of the Jew According to Pew

    Very few middle aged and older people consider themselves ultra-orthodox. It’s a youth movement.


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