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    Making a Case Against Those Pesky Settlers

    Where did Biden and Cameron get the idea that settlers are violent?

    An Innocent Gazan Civilian who Hates Hamas – Really!

    You hate Hamas and you hate Israel. I don’t need you to love Israel. You can hate Israel. But to accuse Israel of instigating war and occupying Gaza — that is just two lies in one sentence

    Kibbutz Nir Oz: What Happened in this House?

    1/4 of the people of Nir Oz were assassinated, kidnapped, or injured

    The Israel Medical Association and Formerly Sterile Environments

    I am left wondering if I will be brave enough to ask a doctor or nurse treating me to remove an anti-reform sticker or to close the white coat so I don’t have to see the red shirt.

    Lapid is RIGHT!

    The madness MUST stop

    Pres. Herzog’s Trip to Europe Must Share ‘Inconvenient Truths’ about PA

    Unlike the Europeans, who have no qualms about publicly delegitimizing Israel, we Israelis are so diplomatic that our leaders do not openly say anything that might hurt their feelings.

    Farha: Fiction Falsified as Fact

    Artistic license evidently includes "LYING."

    ‘Peace will start at the Temple Mount’

    Interview with tthe founder of ,Inon Dan Kehati:

    Ariel Danino: Arrested for Exiting Car while Jewish

    Ariel Danino lives in the outpost of Kumi Ori next to Yizhar. You may not agree with those setting up outposts across Judea-Samaria, but...

    Should the Israeli Innocence Project take up the case of Amiram Ben Uliel?

    Some people believe him innocent and just want him sent home. Others say that they do not know if he did it or not; however, since they do not trust the verdict because of the methods used to obtain his confession, they would like a retrial.

    Haredi Soldiers Kick PA Arabs: Questions Unasked, Unanswered

    Watch the video and think about what you are seeing. I ask you to wonder if you know enough from these 14 seconds to be so definitive as Kochavi is.

    WWJD: What Would JStreet Do if its Members Lived in Israel?

    Would JStreet members have remained unmoved by the clearly anti-Israel, not anti-war, tone of the demonstrations, at least the one in Haifa?

    Don’t Worry, Mr. President, No Surprises Here. Signed: Israel

    The Biden visit is over. We can go back to business as usual.

    Why Homesh? What is so Special About Homesh?

    This means that, based on a case from 1978 that seems to be unavailable for public scrutiny, the leftwing anti-Israel activists can claim that the land on which Chomesh was established is privately owned Arab land.

    Is an Israeli Flag an Act of Provocation on Nation’s Campus’?

    Rather than hiding our flag away from sight for fear that it might incite some to violence, we should be unabashedly flying it throughout this amazing country of Israel

    So, You Want the Coalition to Collapse. And THEN?

    So first we had “Just not Bibi” and now we have “Just not this coalition” or “Just not Bennett.”

    And Carry a BIG Stick

    Israel has to learn how to carry a big stick on both sides of the 'Green Line'; OUR enemies must be made to fear awakening the sleeping giant;

    Israelis Debate Israel: What Must Change?

    It is important to debate our presence in Judea-Samaria because not all Israelis believe we should be there

    Transportation Ministry: When a Road is NOT JUST a Road

    Apparently, half a million residents of Judea-Samaria do not constitute sufficient electoral power to induce the Transportation Minister (other than Smotrich and Regev in their short terms) to stop the discrimination against them.

    Hilltop Youth: True Moral Bankruptcy in Israel

    Most Israelis are familiar with the Hilltop Youth only through the mainstream media that stigmatizes them and that negative picture is stuck in their minds. Viewed as violent unruly young people, they are accused of regularly harassing Arabs just going about their daily lives, yet the opposite is closer to the truth, unless one considers that the mere presence of Jews in Judea-Samaria is harassment enough.

    Israel Diaries: 250 Jewish Trees Uprooted-No one Cares

    The response to the destruction of Jewish property and land rights? Nothing but the sound of crickets.

    Israel Diaries: Politics Making Strange Bedfellows in Judea-Samaria Real Estate Scam

    Contrary to the claims that Israel is taking over so-called Palestinian land by the resettlement of Jewish communities in YESHA, it is the Palestinian Authority (PA) with the help of European $ that is eating away at Area C


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